Lots more info on IHG’s ‘Into The Nights’ promotion

The new IHG Rewards Club (Holiday Inn, InterContinental etc) promotion “Into The Nights” caused a lot of excitement yesterday.  You can read my main article here.

I wanted to add three new pieces of information which have emerged over the last 24 hours.

‘Free Night Vouchers’ seem to be valid for one year, valid on any reward room

One caveat I had in my article yesterday was that IHG had not revealed the terms of the free night vouchers.  I speculated that they would be the same as the vouchers that come with the UK credit card – ie:

  • Valid for 12 months from the date they are deposited in your account
  • Valid for any hotel room at any brand which is showing as bookable for points
  • Bookable online

Two American blogs are stating that they have been told that the same terms will apply to these free night vouchers.  It is worth noting that one person got their information from the IHG call centre which is not necessarily worth much.  The other claimed it was from ‘an IHG contact’ – make of that what you will.

However, I am willing to give IHG the benefit of the doubt now and assume that the vouchers will be valid at all properties.

This sets up some exceptional deals.  If you are planning a trip to Sydney, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Washington etc in the next 12 months – all places with very nice, very plush, very expensive InterContinental hotels – you should be seriously looking at “Into The Nights“.

IHG Rewards Club

Don’t forget your other half

If you usually travel with a partner, get them signed up.  They will have a super-easy target as I outline in the next section.

Here is a word of warning.  Actually, a few words of warning:

Do NOT open accounts in the names of other people who will not be travelling with you.  In the UK, hotels are very lax about comparing the name of the person on the booking to the name of the person turns up.  This is NOT the case in most countries.  Even if you are named as a second guest, you will have serious trouble in a lot of countries if you redeem a free night voucher in the name of someone else and then arrive yourself.

(I found this out myself in Spain last year when, trying to hit my Mum’s ‘Big Win’ target, I had serious difficulty checking into a Holiday Inn Express even though I was named as the 2nd guest.  And, of course, I share a surname with my Mum.)

Do NOT open multiple IHG accounts in your own name.  IHG is frighteningly good at spotting duplicate accounts.  If any bits of personal data match up, even down to the credit cards you use to pay for your stays, they will spot it and they will close your account.  This has happened to me, albeit at least five years ago.

Do NOT get too carried away with the value of the free nights.  You can book the InterContinental Bora Bora using these free night vouchers, where a basic room costs over $1,000 per night.  However, no room in the IHG system costs more than 50,000 points per night and you can buy 50,000 points for $350 if you know how.  The maximum value of your two free nights is therefore capped at $700 (£428).

(I know that I quoted £500 yesterday as the value of the 2 free nights.  You see, even I get carried away.  I had forgotten how weak the US$ has been recently.)

There is a very generous offer for new IHG Rewards Club members

If you sign up for IHG Rewards Club as a new member – the link is here – it is highly likely that your ‘Into The Nights’ offer will look like this:

  • 500 points for downloading the IHG app
  • 1,000 points for staying 3 nights
  • 1,000 points for booking 2 stays with the IHG website or app
  • 1,000 points for staying 2 Saturday nights
  • 1,000 points for staying at 2 Holiday Inn hotels
  • Bonus of 50,000 points or 2 free nights for completing all 5 tasks

This means that you can earn 2 free nights (worth £428 if you are smart) plus 4,500 additional points plus the base points for the stays just for booking:

  • 1 x Holiday Inn hotel for a Saturday night, and
  • 1 x different Holiday Inn hotel for a Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun night

That is it.  The total cost could be as low as £150 depending on where you live.

A Holiday Inn Express is not a Holiday Inn

This came up a couple of times yesterday in the comments.  For the purposes of this promotion, Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn are different brands.  If you need to do two Holiday Inn stays, you cannot book a Holiday Inn Express (and vice versa).

Be careful on what is a qualifying rate

Stays will only count for this promotion if the rate is ‘qualifying’.  ANY rate which shows on the IHG website without entering any special codes will be OK.


  • Reward nights do not count
  • ‘Cash and points’ rates do not count
  • Any corporate discount or other promotion which takes your room price to less than 70% of the Best Flexible Rate for the same night will potentially be non-qualifying
  • ‘Friends & Family’ rates do not count
  • Rooms booked on Ambassador 2-4-1 voucher should technically give you one qualifying night.  Some hotels post it as two but you should only get one.  If you get none, complain.

For safety, if using a discount code, take a screenshot of the last page in the booking process which states “You will earn x,xxxx IHG Rewards Club points from this stay”.  You can fall back on this as proof that you thought the rate was a qualifying one in case of any issues.

A little plug ….!

None of the IHG Rewards Club brands are on Quidco or TopCashback.  However, Head for Points has an IHG affiliate link which you will find in the right hand margin (click on the logos) or activates via this link.

If you book your stays via our link, we earn a very tiny commission on each sale.  Very tiny commissions all add up, though!

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I signed my wife up and she got the easy path. She downloaded and booked one Saturday night via the app on an “Advance saver rate”, (pay up front for the stay) now looking at the qualifying rates that rate isn’t actually excluded but then again it isn’t specifically included either. There is nothing anywhere on the conformation saying that she will earn any points. Does anyone know if this rate will be qualifying or not?

    • Should be fine, I’ve had three 21 day advance savers post this week as qualifying. Go onto IHG.com (not the app but the desktop site) and click on my reservations and then click on the actual reservation. When that pops up look towards the right hand corner and there will be a box that gives your current points balance and a points to be earned estimate. If this is anything other than zero it’s qualifying.

      Take a screenshot of this page (and every reservation you make) that way if you need to query it or submit a missing points you have the back info to hand when dealing with IHGCare

  2. Rich Spencer says:

    Has anyone who had the “blank offers” spoken to IHG about it?

    • I emailed their customer service team and they first of all sent me a list of instructions, detailing how to take part in the offer (not very helpful!), and when pushed admitted that they were experiencing IT problems and i should try again later.

      Not much use as the 120 days tick by – still not sure what offers i need to hit to earn the free nights.

      • Twobfair says:

        Just had an email stating they are working around the clock to sort out the registration issues and confirmed I had registered on the 4th Sept. Waiting on a reply specifically relating to having zero offers in my account.

        • Russell G says:

          I phoned IHG Rewards centre and the response was just naff. First they tried to claim that its not available to new members to which I responded saying that I’ve been a member for nine years (if you include when it was called Priority Club). Then they suggested that I will have received an email telling me my rewards. When I explained I hadn’t they ignored me and said twice more that I will have received an email. Finally when I said I’m looking at all the emails from IHG right now and I have no emails regarding Into the Nights promotion whatsoever, they said “Well, we are experiencing some IT issues around this promotion, but please just keep checking your emails”. I asked when I could expect an email, they didn’t know. I asked when it would be fixed on the website they didn’t know. They didn’t even know if it would be fixed and their response changed multiple times during the conversation as to where and when I should check.

          Maybe I’ve been spoilt with the customer service you get from companies like Amex and BA. However, when your first response is to lie, your second response is to blame the customer and only finally when backed in to a corner do you admit that you have IT problems yet still refuse to admit you have no idea or do anything about it, customers like me start to question the reliability of the whole rewards programme and brand in general.

          If they can’t rectify something like this, I really don’t want to trust that they’ll rectify problems after I’ve sunk money in to staying in hotels in order to build up points based on this offer.


    • I’ve filled in their awful online contact form and will await a response. There are plenty of people on FB who are having the same issue.

  3. > 1 x Holiday Inn hotel for a Saturday night, and
    > 1 x different Holiday Inn hotel for a Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun night

    So total 2 or free nights? Thanks

  4. Richard B says:

    HI, is it worth taking the points between 50,000 points and two nights, if they have discounts on the costs of promotion nights? would they not go further? or is it outright better to take the nights?

    • It depends how you redeem. 2 nights at an InterCon would be 100,000 points so the vouchers are better. However, 2 nights at Holiday Inn Sheffield would be 30,000 points so you’d be better off with the points.

      The points also will not expire whilst the vouchers will have a 12 month life.

      If you are keen booker of the 5,000 point PointsBreak special offers then definitely take points.

    • Lady London says:

      My plan for the two nights would be to try to get my parents a couple of nights in a very nice InterContinental. They’ve worked all their lives and it would be nice to give them the experience that I don’t really need right now.

      My taste in hotels is either the best 5 star or preferably better, or the Youth Hostel and nothing in between. So if my parents can’t use the InterContinental nights then based on no expiry, it would probably make sense for me to hoard the points for Points Breaks instead. If Points Breaks turned out to be unusable or, worse, if they are ever withdrawn then taking this amount of points instead of the 2 free nights would be a very poor deal.

      • The thing with PointBreaks is that, unless you are willing to arrange your holidays around their rather wacky selections, you may never get what you want. If you have decided to give your parents a special trip then I would do that and take the free nights. If nothing else, having the vouchers ticking away to expiry in your account will ensure that you do get the trip arranged.

  5. Just to check Rob, the Palazzo in Vegas next April is $780 for two nights and it is showing Points availability at 50,000 points per night – your belief is that these vouchers will get those rooms?

    • It should be OK. There is a teeny tiny chance that Palazzo is excluded because it is an IC Alliance property (as is Venetian) but, if it is showing standard reward nights, I am pretty darn sure it will be OK.

  6. Forgive me for being from the school of the hard of understanding, but I cannot follow what I am being offered.

    My e-mail header reads “D, earn 2 free nights or 61,000 bonus points”. The banner above my individual targets reads “31,000 points or 2 free nights” and then “Complete 6 of 6 offers and earn 31,000 bonus points or 2 free nights”

    If I complete all 6, can I choose
    either 61,000 bonus points,
    or 4 free nights
    or only 2 free nights and 31,000 points

    I have not seen any other mention of bonus free nights.

  7. This is what I got when I signed up as a new member:
    500 points for downloading the IHG app
    2,000 points for staying 3 nights
    2,000 points for booking 2 stays with the IHG website or app
    4,000 points for staying 2 Saturday nights
    2,000 points for staying at 2 Holiday Inn hotels

    1. This is almost similar to Raffles example but you said that needs only 2 bookings? doesn’t this need 3 nights? Am I right in thinking there is no rate restriction, i can book cheapest holiday inn? I am in leeds and hope I can do it for less…

    2. If I sign up my husband, and assuming he gets similar offers, can he get the bonuses to trigger on the same booking if we are both listed as guests?

    • It does need only two bookings – a two-night stay including a Saturday, and a separate one-night Saturday stay. Any standard rate you find on ihg.com should be OK.

      Holiday Inn Wakefield is £46 for Saturdays later in the year (or for a longer drive, Haydock £35, Nottingham £37, Runcorn £38). Bear in mind you need two different HIs.

      Your husband would have to make his own separate bookings to qualify.

  8. So which IHG properties would people recommend in cities I could get to with a RFS. Am thinking somewhere warm/hot, pref a band 3 or 4 flight (might as well get some hot food out of it!)

    • Andrew S says:

      I stayed in Skopje earlier this year… Proabably better as a redemption at 10,000 points

  9. Janeyferr says:

    Will HI Garden Court locations count as a holiday inn for this promo? The website search would suggest so, but I’d like to be sure.

  10. Hi

    Being a novice to hotel schemes, I’m assuming that signing my wife up to this as well is only beneficial if;
    1. Her target may be easier than mine (unlikely as I have the 3 nights, 2 stays in a HI)
    2. We will do enough stays between us this year to meet both targets (also unlikely)

    Like I say I’m a novice at hotels schemes but as I am about to book the HI Runcorn for a £31 Fri night, I’m contemplating trying to do something (potentially a mattress run) to hit the target and get my 2 free nights to use in a much nicer hotel!

    • Yes. However, it may well be worthwhile if your 2015 travel plans mean you could redeem her free nights for an excellent deal.

      • Hi Rob

        I’ve decided to give it a go for the pair of us! Do you know if there are any restrictions on using the free nights together? E.g. If there is availability, could we use for 4 nights at the IC Times Sq? & potentially also consider ‘joining’ ambassador and tacking that on too?!

  11. Are there any sign up bonuses (other than via “Into the nights”) for joining IHG rewards with a particular link?

  12. My offers are also showing up in a strange format:

    “25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s) Complete 3 offer and earn 25,000 bonus points or 1 free night”
    0 of 3 complete.
    “25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s) Complete all of your bonus offers and earn another 25,000 points or 1 free night”
    0 of 5 complete.

    The second offer list is the same as the one listed in the article above, i.e. 3 nights at Holiday Inn, 2 stays both inc. Sat. However, as others have reported, the first free night – with 3 offers – is a mystery for the time being as the offers are not showing! I also hadn’t realised that the minimum 2 free nights could be split into two offer lists as appears to have happened here.

    I’m wondering if the reason the offers are not showing correctly for me is because I have only just signed up for an IHG rewards club account??

    Re. the free nights, the only T&Cs I can find are as follows: “Members will have the ability to choose their respective award from those offered at time of completing the Promotion and must claim their reward by 60 days from the end of the campaign promotional period.”

    I personally take this to mean that you need to have selected the free nights rather than the points within 60 days, not that you must have booked the free nights in that time. The “about” page of the promotion site states that the free nights can be spent “at any of the more than 4,700 IHG properties worldwide” but I would like to see it written somewhere if there are any other terms which apply to the free nights before I consider making bookings with IHG for this promotion.

    Hopefully the website will be fixed in the coming days.

  13. New IHG member and I got:
    500 points – Download and sign in to the IHG App and book a stay.
    2,000 points – Stay 3 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide
    2,000 points – Book 2 stays directly on the ihg.com web/mobile sites or IHG App
    4,000 points – Stay 2 Saturdays at any of our IHG hotel brands
    2,000 points – Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotel(s)

    Stacks up quite nicely as we were planning to go see some family who live 30 minutes from a Holiday inn which will do as a Friday/Saturday and then do a Saturday either in York for the Christmas market or a cheap night here in Nottingham for the redemption.

    Does anybody know if you can go through BA.com and get Avios (or any other website and reward route) as well and still qualify?

  14. I registered for the promo and got a fairly standard target to complete 4 different tasks. I also signed up Mrs sprout and registered her for the promo. However, we didn’t see any offers coming thru’. Now it appears as though the wording on her offer page has changed and I’m confused as to whether it’s actually an offer or not.! (I can’t see any terms attached in the way that they were shown against each of my offers).

    Details of the “offers” as follows:

    25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s)
    Stay twice and get a free night or 25,000 points or 10,000 miles (1,250 AIR MILES or 160 Airpoints). Must book direct.

    25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s)
    Stay twice again and get a 2nd free night or 25000 bonus points or 10,000 miles. Must book direct.

    If this is an offer – could we stay 2 consecutive nights in the same hotel and this would meet the criteria?
    Any help would be much appreciated!!

    • This is the same as I now see. I’m assuming when it says “stay twice”, it means two separate bookings and probably not for two consecutive nights.

      I am still less than whelmed by the overall offers, but I’ll have a shufty to see if I can find anywhere nearby cheap enough to warrant a couple of nights away.

  15. Sign up my partner at the weekend as recommend to get an easier target, but Into the Night offer page still shows as below no real targets to meet. I hoped it was an IT issue and would resolve itself but its still the same 4 days on. Anyone had the same issue?

    25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s) Stay twice and get a free night or 25,000 points or 10,000 miles (1,250 AIR MILES or 160 Airpoints). Must book direct.
    complete 25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s) Stay twice again and get a 2nd free night or 25000 bonus points or 10,000 miles. Must book direct.

  16. Just signed up Mrs and also got above “targets”.

  17. I notice that John on loyaltylobby is advising people to take the points rather than the nights. Any take on this?

    • I’m planning to take the points as we have a one year old so won’t be staying in top end hotels with her for a long time.

      If it were just me and my wife I’d probably take the nights but with a young family, we will get more value from points I think.

    • See tomorrow. The leaked rules he has been given do NOT look good – the free nights will be more tightly restricted than normal reward nights.

  18. Anyone suffering from the Bug that did not show the detail of the offer – its now fixed for me.

    Very impressed
    Stay twice – 1 free night or 25k points
    Stay twice again – 1 free night of 25k points!

    Now can anyone help me understand what stay twice means?

    • Stay twice = two separate bookings of one night or more. Can’t be consecutive nights at the same hotel on different bookings

    • Are you sure that’s the offer, I have the same on my wife’s account? My account as with other people have offers which include additional points applied to them for downloading the app, booking, etc.

  19. The survey for 100 points was available for me to complete today. The points posted straightaway upon completion.

  20. It’s a little more than 2 weeks ago that I downloaded the app, made a reservation and completed a stay – the points have posted to my IHG account but the Into The Nights website hasn’t updated yet.

    Has anyone registered for the promo, completed any of the actions and had their progress updated on the Into The Nights website?

    • I contacted CS because I hadn’t received the 500 points for booking a stay via the app, and I was told that the “into the night” promo points would take up to 8 weeks to post!!
      My last qualifying stay is the 27th of December so it could be the middle of January before I get my 2 free nights voucher, by which time a lot of the redemption nights will have gone.