Maximise your Avios, air miles and hotel points

Add someone to your Amex account for 1000 Membership Rewards points or 500 Avios

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American Express has two on-going bonus schemes to encourage cardholders to add supplementary cardholders to their accounts.  After all, the more people who are carrying a card, the more spend they can accumulate!

There are two offers, one for American Express Platinum and one for the British Airways American Express card.

The Platinum offer gives 1,000 Membership Rewards points for every supplementary cardholder you add.

Amex Platinum

Your first supplementary cardholder gets a Platinum card and can apply for all of the Platinum benefits including the Carlson Gold, Starwood Gold and Accor Platinum hotel statuses.  They also receive their own Priority Pass giving them access to 600 airport lounges, together with a guest.

Four other people can be give Gold supplementary cards on your account.  These do not qualify for the perks above apart from the travel insurance benefits.

In all cases, the charges for the spending on the supplementary cards appear on your statement.  You are legally responsible for their payment!

The British Airways American Express offer is worth 500 Avios points for every supplementary cardholder you add.

This is applicable to either the free BA Amex card or the fee-paying Premium Plus version.  It is not clear how many supplementary cards you can add to a British Airways American Express account but I know people with 3-4.

Note that it can take American Express a while to process applications for supplementary cards – it is not unusual for it to take six weeks.

PS.  One of the most common questions I am asked is ‘does having a supplementary card on my partners account stop me signing up for my own Platinum / Gold / BA Amex later?’.  The answer is No.  You can still apply in your own right and receive a sign-up bonus.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (36)

  • Frenske says:

    Oddly there is a charge to get supplementary Gold Reward cards. If I remember correctly it is £24. Although I heard people saying you can get it for free if yoi contact them over the phone.

  • JQ says:

    Any chance of getting this retrospectively if you got the supplementary card as part of the original application?

  • Brian says:

    Is the supplementary Platinum card free? Thanks.

    • Raffles says:

      Yes, as are the 4 supplementary Gold cards

      • Col A-B says:

        How odd. I was charged for my 2nd supplementary platinum card, so cancelled it & they very graciously pro-rata refunded the fee. Then refunded it again!

        Slightly OT – just had a letter & cheque for £170 from AMEX. It turns out that I’d requested 34k membership reward points be transferred to BA exec club in Aug 2013. The transfer never happened. I’m amazed I didn’t spot it, so clearly have too many Avios! I do feel they’re putting an awfully low monetary value on those MR. I have emailed/complained & await the outcome.

        • Brian says:

          If the transfer never happened, then you must still have (or been able to use for something else) the MR points. In which case, you’ve received 170GBP compensation for the ‘inconvenience’. What’s to complain about????

          • Col A-B says:

            When I wrote the transfer never happened I meant they transferred the 34000 MR out of my MR account, but they never got to my BA Exec Club account. And they didn’t bounce back to my MR account either.

            • Brian says:

              Ah, okay.

            • Alan says:

              That’s very poor show by Amex, although their MR IT does seem a bit dodgy at times! They should put the MR points back and give you some additional points/cash as compensation IMO. The cash on offer is nowhere near enough for 34k MR points, they’re obviously forgetting that there are more valuable redemption options than through their catalogue of gift vouchers and items, where they are only worth around ha’penny..

  • martin says:

    The Platinum account gives you the option of a green card rather than a gold one as a supplementary – which can be useful if the person you’re applying for already has a gold Amex in their wallet and needs a way of telling the two apart 🙂

  • Yorica says:

    Slightly off topic – but was it a year ago this month that the last Avios bonus conversion took place? Any sign of another one?

    I have to convert my MR before my first yr is up in Nov’14 for my amex gold preferred card.

    Before the one year is up I will be cancelling the card so there is only a few weeks to go before I have to convert.

  • Lissa says:

    Does the supplementary card holder have to be UK resident?

    • Brian says:

      I believe he/she has to share the same address, but I may be wrong…

    • Louie-m says:

      No. I added my aunt in Australia when she came for a long visit. Amex did require a witnessed copy of her passport and documents confirming her address though.

  • Teece says:

    The headline for this article makes it sound like you have to pay the MR/Avios to get the additional cardholder… Replace the ‘for’ with ‘and earn’?

    • Rob says:

      Fair point. The headline was a LOT longer but I cropped it due to Twitter and other social media feeds who can’t cope with something too long. I can change it now the feeds have gone out.

  • Hemz says:

    After signing up to the Amex Gold Card (thanks for the extra points Raffles!), I now have about 29,000 MR points. Should I transfer them straight away to my BA / Avios account or does it not matter? Anyone know if either do transfer bonuses? I don’t need to use the points for at least the next 6 months

    • What's The Point says:

      No harm in waiting to see if a bonus comes along. Although I would maybe do a transfer of 1,000 just to make sure that you set the link up correctly. As this might take a day or two in the first instance to get the points into your BA account.
      Future transfers happen a lot quicker.