How to maximise the American Express ‘£10 for £20 Amazon spend’ offer

If you have a British Airways American Express card (or, looking at the comments, some other cards as well) you may have received an email from American Express yesterday offering you £10 cashback when you spend £20 at

If you did not receive the offer, there does not appear to be any way of opting in.  It is not appearing on online accounts and it is not on the Amex Network or websites.

The Amazon promotion has very few rules:

You MUST register using the link in the email

You must be in the first 30,000 people to register

You must spend before 3rd December

I expect this offer to be hugely popular and there is a risk that the 30,000 person cap will be reached.  My recommendation is that you register immediately and then buy a £20 Amazon gift certificate and add it to your Amazon account.


This is how you do it:

Step 1Click here to visit the gift cards page on

Step 2:  Select ‘Send a gift card now: e-mail’

Step 3:  Select a random gift card design, select £20 as the value of the voucher and enter your own email address as recipient.  It does not matter if this is the same email address as you use for your Amazon account.

Step 4:  Pay using the American Express card which you registered

Step 5:  Wait a few minutes for the gift certificate to appear in your inbox

Step 6:  Visit this page on the Amazon website and redeem the gift certificate

The £20 credit now sits in your Amazon account.  It will be used automatically next time you place an order.  It doesn’t matter whether a product comes from Amazon directly or a Marketplace merchant – the credit is still accepted.  The certificate is valid for 10 years so there is little risk of you not using it.

If you have two Amex cardholders in your household who both received the email, there is no problem with ordering two £20 gift certificates using both cards and adding both certificates to the same Amazon account.  The gift vouchers are fully transferable.

(The link to the Amazon website above is our affiliate link and we earn a small commission when you purchase a gift certificate.  Thank you for your support.  If you want to make any other Amazon purchase, you can also click here to shop via our link or click on the Amazon logo in the right-hand margin.)

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  1. The Tripadvisor offer for a 50 GBP statement credit for spending 150GBP is now live…

    Probably worth a post tomorrow, Raffles??

    • Do you have a link to it? Can’t see anything on my account or on 🙁

      • sandgrounder says:

        I’ve just noticed this as well. Spent £1000 with them on flights on Friday- I guess I will have to go somewhere else as well now! 🙂

        If you go to the front page of the card member offers site
        you will see Tripadvisor third down on the right. Click on it, you will see a green panel in the middle of the page, it rotates between details of the £5 for linking and a review and £50 back on £150.

        • Ah, thanks – I had ignored the £5 TripAdvisor offer as I had already received it but clicking through I can now see the £150 Amex travel offer. Hmm will need to consider using it!

        • It can also be found on your Tripadvisor account.

          After logging in, choose “More” from the bar at the top of the screen, then choose “Amex Traveller Hub” from the dropdown list.

          On the next page click “Get Offers” and a selection of offers will appear, including the £50 back on £150 spend offer (plus various other travel offers you have probably already seen via the regular Amex Offers page).

  2. I stupidly did the process in this article even though I neither received the offer nor registered my card…

    I would never use Amazon for the next 10 years, I just wasted the £20…

    • Even if you were registered for the offer why would you buy a £20 gift card that you know you’ll never use in return for a £10 statement credit? Bizarre!

      • Ah, I normally don’t do online shopping without any discounts/deals (why would you?). I want to check items physically before purchasing them, otherwise it’s a bit risky.

  3. florian says:

    Don’t forget to use the code giftcard20 on checkout to get 5 pounds added to your account when getting a 20 pounds gift card!!

  4. What's the Point says:

    Both £10 Amazon credits have appeared today for the two BA cards we have in the household. Purchase of 2 x £20 Amazon vouchers.

    The TFL, Morrisons and Esso credits have also appeared!

  5. just got my credit back! didn’t receive a confirmation email so was slightly worried! but now all at ease that it has appared 2 or 3 days later at most!

  6. £20 transactions processed on 8 but I have not yet received the credit. I would be annoyed if I do not qualify as I was number 30,001 or later, and would probably consider whether it is worth spending money in such promotions in the future as there is a risk involved. I think this type of marketing is not very fair.

    • To add: I am pretty sure that I registered on the 5th but completed the transaction on the 8th.