Get £50 cashback when you spend £150 at American Express Travel!

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This very generous offer – £50 cashback – has just been launched as part of the American Express partnership with TripAdvisor.

The Amex / TripAdvisor arrangement is an odd one.  Once you have linked your American Express account to your TripAdvisor account, a little mark will appear next to any review you write saying that it is an “Amex Cardmember Review”.  Does this add to the sum of human happiness?  Probably not.

However, £50 off a £150 travel spend is a different matter!

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This is a slightly complex promotion and you need to make sure you follow all the steps.

You MUST connect your Amex card to TripAdvisor using the link on this page. Once logged in to TripAdvisor you must go to ‘Get Offers’ and save the offer to your Amex card.

You need to spend £150 on pre-paid flights, hotels, experiences or car hire at

Non pre-paid products do NOT count

You need to make your booking by December 18th but there are no limits on when you fly or stay

Only one statement credit per card (supplementary cards may or may not count separately)

Apart from that, you can book anything you like.

This promotion would work best when booking a flight because you will still earn airline miles and status credits for flights however they are booked.  It also works fine for car hire and non-chain hotels.

Remember that any chain hotel booked by Amex Travel may not count for points, status benefits or stay credit.  That said, as Amex is a major corporate travel agent I would expect that you have a pretty good chance of getting credit for your stay.   You certainly have more chance than you would if you booked via Expedia.

Full details, promotion rules and the link to connect your card to TripAdvisor can be found here.

ALL American Express personal cards are eligible, even those issued by Lloyds, Barclays and MBNA.  The exact wording is:

Only consumer cards issued in the UK by American Express Services Europe Limited or a licensed third party issuer are eligible for registration (eligible card). The following cards are not eligible: prepaid cards, gift cards and corporate cards.

American Express is also still giving away £5 statement credit when you connect your card and post your first Tripadvisor review.  Details are via the same link.

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  1. In case anyone else had this problem…

    I linked my Amex some time ago. When I log in to Tripadvisor, I don’t have a “Get Offers” link on main screen, but I found it by going to “More” on the top menu and then selecting “Amex Traveller Hub”.

    All I need to find out now is which Amex i linked. I can’t find anything that says…

    • James67 says:

      Check your email. Unless you deleted it at the time of receipt you will still have an email from tripadvisorconfirming the last 4 digits of card you linked.

  2. Ben Randall says:

    Anyone know why doesn’t show flights from Asiana Airlines whereas (the US site) does? Frustrating as the Ts + Cs of this offer say it must be booked via the UK link.

  3. urgent urgent: is a cumulative expense fine?
    i need to book a £100 and a £60 on two different tickets!
    need to book now, and amex site is also down. otherwise i book on airliners’ websites!

    • We don’t know. Cumulative spend usually does NOT count but for the TFL promo it clearly is (and it did for the Hailo offer although that was stated as being cumulative).

      One option is to book anyway and then complain to Amex later that you didn’t know it wasn’t cumulative … 90% chance they will pay (and fair enough as they have had £150 of business from you).

      • thanks Raffles, i will try it. i will write a reply tomorow. can not now

        • Iskilots says:

          Looking back some dude said cumulative spend was fine for WHSmiths, he bought £3 sandwiches over several days

          • yes i remember.

            By the way I booked through AMEX Travel just now, i screen printed the T&C so to challenge if discount is not applied. The very nice customer service rep i spoke to knew about the Tripadvisor promo, confirmed you can use it per each card you hold, did not know about cumulative but in anycase AMEX offered the best price and even beated the official airliners’ ones by £15 on one of the tickets and exactly the same price on the Iberia’s one.

            Will see when the discount is applied! thanks all again and a nice weekend.

            Tomorrow’s job will be checking out the Avios/Iberia promos…i now need to concentrate on my birthday’s trip!!

            By the way, just for you who hold an Amex Plat: check out the ClubCarlsons 241 442 offers, i got a very nice price offer for Stockholm! so far! beating all the rest!

          • Hehe, yep that was me 😀 It does seem to vary a bit by offer, sometimes it states things explicitly but it hasn’t here so you’d have a reasonable case to put to Amex if it doesn’t post. Hopefully we should know soon from folk that have made separate transactions.

          • The First Great Western offer was cumulative as well, I made 2 bookings a couple of weeks apart which came to over £50 and got £10 back.

          • do you really need to travel by 19/11? how can they now? in my opinion this would work by buying any ticket just issued by FGW

  4. Akhil Gupta says:


    Does anyone know about the cancellation policies for Amex Travel? I want to book the Doubletree Hilton Tower of London. I usually book this hotel via and the cheapest rate is fully refundable. Can’t find anything about cancellation policies on the amex travel site.


      • Akhil Gupta says:

        Thanks for the reply. I have read this before – it seems quite vague

        Bookings may be amended or cancelled in accordance with the relevant supplier’s terms and conditions and subject to the supplier’s amendment and cancellation charges. In many cases our flight suppliers may impose charges of up to 100% of the cost of the travel arrangements and these will be passed onto you. Please refer to Section D7 for more details on changing your booking.

        Most hotel website clearly state the cancellation policy for that specific rate?

        • Try calling the hotel or amex travel can not help otherwise sorry

        • Yeah it’s a pretty poor website TBH – it doesn’t state things like this nearly as clearly as it should.

  5. Mark Cleverly says:

    Does anyone know if you can use this in conjunction with the Thistle and Guoman £50 back against a £100 spend offer?

    • I assume Amex will charge your card as Amex for a prepaid Thistle room so it would not trigger the Thistle bonus. However, if you spent £100 in the hotel on food etc the bonus would trigger then so you would be getting £100 back on £250 spend.

  6. Flieduk says:

    Further to Raffles’ comment in the main article, does anyone know for sure if (and in respect of which brands) Amex Travel is a “corporate” travel agent and able, therefore, to award stay credit for.

    I have got some Hilton stays lined up and it would be a no-brainer to use this offer for them if I was going to get stay credit for it. Alternatively, I would stay at another chain through this offer if I could credit it to the relevant rewards program.

  7. More complicated bookings are outsourced to an agency and are not processed by Amex.

  8. Re whether the £150 is cumulative or a single transaction, this is what Amex had to say when I asked them:

    “I confirm that this offer is eligible on a single charge of £150 or above. It will not be eligible on charges which are less than £150”.

    Slightly annoying as there is not a lot of flexibility to add additional items to the basket before checking out, but it’s a great offer nonetheless.

  9. I can not check my account yet but i will challenge them in case. This is not clearly stated on T&C and i will fight for it

  10. Not yet. I paid for some flights for 2 people which came to over £150 on the 9 Nov. When amex billed them on the statement they appear as 2 separate transactions (1 per person) and therefore below the £150. I feel I’m going to have to contact them for this. Annoying as I have enough bookings to make use of this on all 8 of my cards, not sure I can fight for all of the credits!

    • Is this standard? I notice BA did 2 x transactions for a flight of mine too. I don’t fly much so not seen this before.

      • Yes I had exactly the same thing last month. Booked 2 of us to fly @ the same time (1 a minor so couldn’t fly on his own or book flights independently in any case) – paid with one payment my end – but BA split it into 2 transactions.

  11. If anyone is thinking about renting a car double check prices direct on the rental company website.

    I just checked a few cars at Hertz and they were all more than £50 cheaper than on Amex and in one example £122 cheaper!

    • Ignore my comment, I entered different pick up time of day which gave higher quote on Amex!

      Prices are identical to the rental firms.

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