Tesco galore – even more giftcard points, 2880 Avios on wine, 360 Avios on DVDs

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Tesco has launched a number of generous Clubcard promotions.  All of these will give you bonus Clubcard points which can be converted into Avios points or Virgin Flying Club miles.

Gift cards

Deal 1:  100 Clubcard points on a £20 gift card purchase

Page 120 of the new Tesco magazine (the Christmas edition) contains a coupon for 100 bonus Clubcard points when you spend £20 on any gift card (Tesco giftcards excluded).

This will work on top of the standard promotion of 150 Clubcard points for spending £50 on gift cards!

250 Clubcard points (600 Avios) is an excellent deal for buying £50 of gift cards.  You may even get 350 points for a £50 purchase if you can persuade the cashier to scan two coupons.  If you are a regular visitor to Pizza Express, New Look, Debenhams or the many other retailers whose gift cards are sold by Tesco, it would make sense to stock up.

Tesco Finest wine

Deal 2:  1200 Clubcard points for £120 wine spend or 500 points for six bottle purchase (targeted)

These codes offer a great return if you are stocking up for Christmas drinking with a visit to the Tesco online wine store.

Code XXPL7G gets you 1,200 points (2,880 Avios) for a £120 spend.  This code will NOT work for everyone.

Codes are XX4MJH and XXLLG4 offer 500 bonus points when used for a six bottle purchase.  This code came with the Tesco Wine magazine so may be easier to redeem.

The £120 code should work on the price before any discounts – such as the current ‘25% off 12 bottles’ deal – are taken off so your actual spend needed may be lower.

Inbetweeners 2

Deal 3:  150 bonus points when you pre-order a DVD

Over at Tesco Direct, the following DVDs are available to pre-order.  You will receive 150 Clubcard points (360 Avios, 375 Virgin miles) with each one.  This offer should double up with any bonus points DVD coupon you may have received in the post recently.

Prices start at £10.

Seven titles are shown via this link (expire 23 November)

Three more titles are here including Inbetweeners 2 (expires 30 November)

Two more are here including the latest Expendables (expires 7 December)

And finally Into The Storm is here (expires 14 December)

There are also five Blu-Ray disks offering 200 bonus points (480 Avios) which you can find here.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Bonus Avios offer

    Collect 1,000 bonus Avios when booking 3 or more days and Group C or above. Book and travel by 14 December 2014.


  2. Pardon my ignorance

    I can see people are buying the 3v cards but unless there is something I’m missing, it seems I’m paying a fee of £3.95 to receive £250/£3.50 in cc points. Not to mention the £5 off the next £40 spend does not work with the purchase of gift cards according to the cashier.

    Any feedback?

    • You are confusing 3V cards with the silver cards which have a fee. 3V cards have no charge unless you want to amalgamate them.
      The £5 voucher does work; I have used many of them and have two to use this week and hope to find some magazines too. The £15/10 off when you spend £100 work as well.
      Get the cashier to scan them; the gift card exception refers to Tesco gift cards.

    • There is no fee on a 3v (but is on a visa). The 5 pound off 40 will often work if you ask the cashier to scan the coupon

    • As others have said the £5 off will work, providing the cashier is willing to scan it. And there’s no fee for buying 3V. So providing you have a way to spend the 3V (or a sneaky means to turn it straight back into cash), you get a free £5 cash, 150 tesco pts, bonus points from the magazine coupon, and credit card points for the spend.

      • Just got a £6 off £40 spend coupon taken by cashier for 3x£20 Pizza Express cards along with 3×100 point vouchers. Just a shame the 20 per cent discount on PE gift cards is over.

        Still huge piles of mags at Earls Court, one pallet by front door and another behind the tills.

        • Thanks for the tip off, Raffles. Mission accomplished at Earls Court; £50 of gift cards, with the cashier accepting 2 bonus point vouchers from their stack of magazines.

      • Not forgetting the 2p off per litre of fuel for each £50 spent. I noticed that petrol was down to 120.9 when I just called at Tesco Evesham.
        They had no magazines and I button-holed the deputy manager who said that they would just appear with no notice to him, or not.
        To contradict my previous comment about Helping Hands vouchers they refused to take them for 3V, so I just bought £18 of groceries. To my surprise I was awarded a £15 off £100 voucher which I was told I could use, but all the cards failed the activation so I retired hurt to fight another day.

  3. No magazines last week in St Neots, asked via twitter, they confirmed no more expected, but lo and behold stack of em in there today, many of which are now in my car.
    Question: if buying £50 vouchers to get normal 150cc points can I use 2 vouchers ie one per £20 spend?
    Question: has anyone had any luck using self scan for gift vouchers? Went horribly wrong last time I tried and ended up getting manually added cc points

  4. I find it terribly wasteful to take all the mags just for a coupon. I managed to use 50 coupons I just copied and printed thanks to a friendly FTer. No waste and staff were happy to take them. I cannot see the harm. I do live in a small town though and I’ve met the contractor who brings in the 3V’s and she leaves extra ones just for me. I’m the only one who seems to buy them anyway. The benefits of being hours away from an airport!

  5. Sadly no magazines in my local Tesco although plenty of 3V, so had to put up with just buying 4 of them for the 300pt bonus (plus fuel save and use of a £6 helping hand coupon)

  6. I purchased a £50 visa gift card in Tesco this morning using the magazine voucher and was expecting 250 points (150 for spending £50 on gift cards + 100 from the voucher), however, it only went through with 150, I queried this at the customer service desk and the lady there said the extra 100 wouldn’t show on the receipt, but would show on my next statement (the voucher states the points will be shown on the next cc statement), but I don’t believe her and have emailed Tesco. Are the £50 visa gift cards excluded from the voucher offer?

    • Andy – both showed on my receipt; under the “includes” section there are two entries – “Gift Card 150 Points per £50” and “Clubcard points coupon”. Be interested to hear the outcome to your follow-up since I was tempted to buy a £50 Visa…

      • Surprised you got the 150.

        I thought you only get 150 Tesco points when you buy 2 x £25 giftcards? That’s what we all do with the 3Vs.

        But you SHOULD have got the 100 points if the voucher was applied correctly, it’s instant.

        Any excuse about end of month is pretty much always a Tesco lie to get rid of the problem, ie pls go away 😉

      • I bought the £50 visa one yesterday with 1×100 coupon. I can confirm the voucher works fine for it.
        Just like Paul mentioned both showed on my receipt; under the “includes” section
        “Gift Card 150 Points per £50″ and “Clubcard points coupon”

        Depends how you value the points, I think someone did a math last year that it may work out better to purchase 2x £25 visa gift card with 2 x100 coupons despite the fees.

  7. Finally found a load of cake magazines but no 3V; boo hoo!

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