Update on ‘what happens to your Avios points when you die?’

On Thursday I ran an article on how British Airways treats your Avios points when you die.  This was prompted by a reader who had found his fathers account closed when he reported his death.  The comments section brought up similar cases.

It was not surprising that BA did this as they are only following their own terms and conditions.

After the article ran, I was contacted by a solicitor who is also a ‘miles and points’ enthusiast.  He has dealt with a number of estates where the deceased had an Avios balance as one of their ‘assets’.

Embraer British Airways

In each case, he has written to British Airways Executive Club with a copy of the Grant of Probate.  He advised BAEC that one of the residiuary beneficiaries had their own BA account and included the details.  Without fail, BA has agreed to transfer the Avios and tier points.

It appears that, when approached formally by a solicitor with the correct documentation, BA is willing to bend their published rules.

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  1. Like many companies, they are pragmatic when given a tough choice.

    I see this all the time. It’s not so different to phoning up disconnections (etc), threatening to leave and agreeing a new deal.

    Did it yesterday with our 2 x 23p a month T Mobile phones which are out of contract in December. Rather than lose us, T Mobile just renewed for another year.

    A lot of oldies/ fuddies would just be worried about the potential for unpleasantness but in reality you find the person down the other end of the line is just as nice as you 😉

  2. Erico1875 says:

    Can you explain this 23p a month phone contract?

    • Yep it was a deal T Mobile put up last year, very generous with minutes & data per month, just 1p a month.

      We guessed they were doing it because not much variable cost to them (network is already paid for) & they wanted another 25-40,000 customers that month. They didn’t take it down for 24 hrs!

      They put in a RPI increase to 23p/ month LY plus I can expect the same this coming year ie 45p/ month.

      But it’s basically a nearly free contract, historic.

      We’ve got 2 😉

  3. Which tier points, annual or lifetime?

    • I’d assume annual as, by definition, “lifetime” accumulation would end with the accumulator’s life.

      As TPs couldn’t be transferred under normal circumstances, I’d assume this was a goodwill gesture and goodwill only goes so far.

    • I wasn’t told but almost certainly annual.

  4. flyforfun says:

    I wonder how other airline schemes would react to seeing a will.

  5. Try that one with Air France………