Win $100 of free UK airport lounge access with LoungeBuddy!

(EDIT:  Thank you to everyone who entered this competition.  The two winners were Matthew S and Nathaniel M.  Loungebuddy should have been in touch by now with your $100 codes.)

Today and tomorrow, I am giving two Head for Points readers $100 of free UK airport lounge access with LoungeBuddy!  This will be enough to get 2-3 people into a lounge at one of the 19 participating UK airports – or one person into a lounge 2-3 times.

You need to have an iOS or Android phone to enter.  You can enter whatever country you are in – this competition has no restrictions.

About LoungeBuddy

I wrote about LoungeBuddy on Friday.  It is a FREE app which is available for both iOS and Android phones.

It is the most comprehensive guide available to airport lounges, covering over 500 airports.  It lists every lounge along with user ratings, reviews, photographs and access requirements.  If you tell LoungeBuddy what airline status cards you hold or details of your flights, it will tell you all of the lounges you can use.

Last week LoungeBuddy launched a new feature for their iOS app – selling day passes to 20 pay-as-you-go airport lounges in the UK.

When you look at LoungeBuddy listings for a particular airport on an iPhone, lounges where you can use the app to purchase a day pass are highlighted with a large ‘Buy’ button. You can then use a pre-stored credit card number to buy an entrance pass for yourself and any number of guests. You simply show your LoungeBuddy confirmation code at the lounge entrance and you will be allowed in.


Where can I spend my $100 LoungeBuddy credit if I win?

Here are the 20 UK airport lounges which allow you to buy a day pass via the LoungeBuddy app:

  • Aberdeen – Servisair
  • Belfast City – Aspire
  • Bristol – Aspire
  • Birmingham – Aspire
  • East Midlands – Servisair
  • Edinburgh – Aspire
  • Humberside – Servisair
  • Inverness – Servisair
  • Gatwick North – Aspire
  • Gatwick South – Aspire
  • Heathrow T1 – Servisair
  • Heathrow T2 – Plaza Premium (photo below)
  • Heathrow T2 Arrivals – Plaza Premium
  • Heathrow T3 – Servisair
  • Liverpool – Aspire
  • Luton – Aspire
  • Manchester T1 – Aspire
  • Manchester T2 – Servisair
  • Newcastle – Aspire and AspirePlus

Plaza Premium Heathrow 2

How to win $100 of LoungeBuddy credit

LoungeBuddy has generously given me 2 x $100 LoungeBuddy credits to give away.

Depending on which lounge you visit, $100 will allow 2-3 people to enter a lounge – either yourself 2-3 times or a group of 2-3 people as a one-off visit.

Your credit will be valid for 12 months.

Entering if you have an iPhone or iPad:

This is what you need to do:

Step 1:  Download the LoungeBuddy app for your iPhone or iPad

Step 2:  Register and, under the Payment tab under Settings, enter the coupon code ‘headforpoints’.  This will give you $10 of free credit towards your first lounge visit, valid for six months.

Step 3: Make sure you add an email address to your profile, otherwise we can’t contact you if you win!

You must do this before midnight UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd December.

Entering if you have an Android phone:

If you have an Android phone – which cannot currently be used to purchase lounge access, although all of the other LoungeBuddy features work – you can still enter and pass the credit on to a friend or family member with an iOS device.

Download the LoungeBuddy app and then register your email address at this page to be entered into the draw.  If you win, LoungeBuddy will email you a code for $100 of free credit which you can pass on to someone else.  Again, you must do this before midnight UK time on Tuesday 23rd.

Picking our winners

On Wednesday, LoungeBuddy will randomly select two people who have signed up using the ‘headforpoints’ code or submitted their email via the link above.  Both will receive a $100 code to add to a LoungeBuddy account.

If you have already signed up to LoungeBuddy following my article on Friday, don’t worry – you will automatically be included in the draw.

There are NO geographical restrictions on this competition except where it is prohibited by law.  However, you can only currently buy day passes for the 20 UK airport lounges listed above and a very small number in the US.  There is little point in entering unless you will be flying through any of the participating airports next year – the credit will be valid for 12 months.

Good luck!  I will publish the names of the winners after Christmas.

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  1. Britbronco22 says:

    Does free credit expire?

  2. A LOT more lounges are available in the Android app, including SEN (Southend) @ $36 and many international lounges so perhaps these will also become available.

    • LoungeBuddy says:

      Just to clear things up, the SEN and international lounges are listed in the iOS app, as well. However, they are not currently available for purchase through LoungeBuddy.

      • I didn’t know Southend had a lounge! I am down there in January to take a look around (not an official trip, I just thought it would make a fun article!).

      • LoungeBuddy says:

        To expand on our previous response, if you have the Android version of LoungeBuddy, the app will be able to show you all of the lounges that you can access either for free or for a one time fee at the lounge in over 600 of the world’s busiest airports.

        If you have the iOS version, you’ll have access to all of this, in addition to the ability to instantly purchase lounge access on your date of travel with several of our select partners (refer to the list in the original blog post).

  3. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    Note that the app gives you the option of linking through facebook rather than entering e-mail addresses. Is this valid for the competition?

    I’m finding the trip management to be a bit clunky. It’d be nice if it picked up trips from AwardWallet. I’m on a BA business class flight to Moscow on Wednesday (i.e. T5), but I am presented with a list of options in the other terminals as well.

    • My question also. FB sign up is much simpler but (with other apps) doesn’t always seem to give the option to add a promotional code on sign-up. Will hold off connecting & hope you can advise

      • You don’t add the code on sign-up. You add the code later on the Payment page, under Settings.

        However, if you don’t add an email address to your account (which I assume you can do even if you use FB) then LoungeBuddy can’t send you the code if you win!

        • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

          After connecting through FB, you still get an e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail address, so they (LoungeBuddy) definitely have access to your e-mail address… it should be ok for the competition….he added over-confidently.

        • I got an email asking me to confirm email address, but the page it takes me to only loads half the Loungebuddy logo and then stops. So, although I’ve signed up, I have no idea whether I’ve confirmed my email address or not.

        • I got the same thing when I tried to click thru on the email link on my laptop Fenny – then tried again clicking through on the emailed link on my phone and it worked fine that time and now shows me as signed up & em address confirmed

    • LoungeBuddy says:

      @gnarlyoldgoatdude We’re constantly working to improve our trip management function, and we welcome your feedback.

      As for being presented with options from other terminals, we currently do not take into account the terminal that you are departing from into account when making recommendations. While we agree that this would be ideal, it would require a very extensive commitment of resources that we do not currently have at our disposal.

  4. Andrew S says:

    Shame Android cannot use the credit… ill leave this for someone else

  5. Not able to confirm email > have tried re sending 4 times now and no email

    • LoungeBuddy says:

      Hi Andy,

      We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you send a message with your email address over to support (at) loungebuddy (dot) com so that we can help resolve this?

  6. Downloaded app, email wont confirm but got credit, unable to amend date of trip so it thinks I am leaving now, so consequently unable to use credit to purchase pass for Wednesday.

  7. Managed to edit date, still cant purchase pass! Also found Android link on their website but after I enter my email it says I need a 4 digit code, when I click on resend I don’t get anything.

    • LoungeBuddy says:

      Hi Doug,

      We apologize for the issues with confirming your email. Can you send a message with your email address to support (at) loungebuddy (dot) com so that we can look further into this issue?

      Also, at the moment, it’s only possible to purchase a lounge pass through the app while you’re physically in the airport (with location services enabled). We realize that this can be a bit inconvenient, and we are working on a fix that should be out in January.


      • LoungeBuddy says:

        To provide some further clarification, LoungeBuddy is working as it should as an instant lounge booking service rather than an advance booking product. Once you’re at the airport with location services turned on, you’ll be able to purchase lounge access within an hour of your visit in less than 60 seconds.

  8. Struggling to find the Payment option in Settings – I’m using the Android version. Advice appreciated! Quite a clunky app – not loving it so far, but the idea is good.

    • You can’t do it on the Android version, because the Android version does not (yet) allow you to buy lounge access via the app and so it does not have a payment function. It will be available early next year apparently.

  9. Feedback for Loungebuddy 🙂

    App keeps crashing for me when I click on the bottom left icon (not sure what it does as the app crashes – seems like some sort of ‘list’ function)

    Also the code when entered stated “invalid”, yet i went out of the payment section and back in again and it had redeemed as I had $10 credit there

    IOS 7.0.4

    • LoungeBuddy says:

      Hi AndyGWP,

      Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your help, and we’ll investigate further to see what may be causing these issues to occur.

      FYI: The bottom left list icon is meant to take you to notifications.

  10. This is just too clunky for me, I won’t be bothering. All the issues mentioned just should not happen. Not being able to confirm email, not being able to purchase entry while you are adtually in terminal where the lounge is, ios having different listings than android.
    I have deleted it

    • Did anyone receive an email that offered a credit of between $10-$50 using the code ‘happyholidays’ ?

      I tried it but it kept coming up invalid code?

      • I got that too! No idea what was going on there!

      • LoungeBuddy Support says:

        Hi David, The “happyholidays” promo is not combinable with other promotions. If you already used the headforpoints promotion, it will show as invalid as you already have promo credit in your account.

    • LoungeBuddy Support says:

      Hi Andy, we apologize for the frustration you have experienced while using LoungeBuddy. Our Android version differs from iOS in that you are unable to purchase lounge access with the Android version at this time. All pricing and lounge information is identical in both versions, however.

      As our App is geared towards purchasing lounge access in real time, we restricted the ability to purchase within one hour of use and while at the airport. If you were unable to make the purchase while you were physically in the airport, it was likely due to having location services turned off. In the same way it is necessary to have location services turned on to book an Uber, we require this as well.

      We greatly appreciate all of your wonderful feedback and are working hard to push out a new version in just a few weeks that makes it easier to complete a transaction and provides for a more stable and fluid experience. We’d like to make it up to you if you’d like to give us another shot, send us a note at [email protected].

  11. Matthew says:

    What a lovely surprise on Christmas Day to find out I won! Thank you very much to Loungebuddy & Raffles 🙂