IHG Rewards Club ‘flash sale’ returns on Friday 16th for 48 hours

A quick heads up that IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn / Holiday Inn Express / Crowne Plaza / InterContinental etc hotel group, is running its third and final ‘flash sale’ next week.

It will launch at midnight on Friday and run until Saturday night.

IHG has confirmed that 600 hotels in the UK and Europe will be taking part which implies that it will be substantially the same selection as the two earlier flash sales.  I don’t know what the stay dates will be, but in the last flash sale you had to stay before February 14th.

If the pricing is the same as last time, rooms will start at £29 outside Central London and £49 inside.  The Holiday Inn Kensington Forum was available at £49 last time, for example.

This offer could be very useful for the current ‘Set Your Sights’ promotion if you are likely to fall a couple of nights short of your target based on your current plans.

I will run a full article on Head for Points on Friday to remind you.  You will need to be an IHG Rewards Club member to book so if you are not a member (free) then you might as well sign up now at their site.

You will be able to book via this website.  There is currently a countdown clock showing.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. The last sale started early so keep your eyes open

  2. Lionell says:

    According to IHG on twitter these rates will not count towards the set your sights promo, as they are deeply discounted rates.

    • they counted on the intothenights

      • Lionell says:

        Then IHG has informed me incorrectly… I will try get hold of somebody on the phone. Even better if they count as I will be able to book a couple of weekends for my set your sights promo

        • I’d recommend keeping a screenshot +/- prinout of the booking confirmation page on their website that shows your points earnings – you booked in good faith expecting the points displayed on the website so they’ll normally honour them and thus count towards the promo.

        • Lionell says:

          Thanks for the tip!

    • It solely depends on if the hotel will credit your night as qualifying or non-qualifying. I had two stays booked under this sale last month, both very heavily discounted. The first one posted as non-qualifying so I contacted IHG customer service and finally got them to adjust it. The second one posted without any problem.

      I’m not sure if they are willing to accept every such request. Their response said that it was a ‘one-time’ adjustment only.

  3. Do sale rates count towards set your sights?

  4. Sebastian says:

    Are all sale rates applicable to triggering the Set Your Sights promo? I ask as I’ve got a very easy task and if it’s the case then I should be easily able to sag 55,000 points for £87.

  5. does anyone know how long it takes for ihg credit card to trigger Platinum status

  6. Jumble Tales says:

    Does anyone know how long the 60k IHG bonus points take to appear after applying for the IHG Premium Visa?

    • Andi Hawes says:

      do you benefit from having a IHG Premium Visa?

    • Twobfair says:

      I made my first spend on my cc a few weeks ago and went round the houses trying to get an answer to this very question. I was eventually told by Barclaycard (twitter) who had spoken to IHG that it will be within 6 weeks of your first credit date (not statement date) which appeared to be the date when my first payment was due, so it could be 10 weeks from my first spend. I won’t hold my breath!

  7. I received my IHG premium card yesterday, but on phoning the Barclaycard numpties, presumably in Asia, I discovered they had opened a new IHG account rather than use the membership number I had supplied…doh! So probably a few weeks for me!

  8. Andi Hawes says:

    does it start at 1am or 0001am?

    and do we have a list of hotels that are taking part?

    • Midnight – I made a typo, now corrected! However, absolutely no need to stay up, the deals will still be there on Friday morning!

      No list yet but pretty much every UK property is included, price go up to £169 for the IC London and other key IC’s including Le Grand Paris.

      • Andi Hawes says:

        interesting. i’ve only ever seen these promos late so never been prepared. I was looking at a few HI/HIE around East London but anyone managed to book a Crowne Plaza for £29, specifically the one in Excel?

  9. Darn it! Just booked three non-refundable nights in Kensington in February. Probably could have saved a fair bit with this sale.

    • Waribai says:

      Change the credit card on your profile to a prepaid amex and as long as you haven’t been charged yet, you might not have to pay…

  10. Andi Hawes says:

    i guess i dont need Platinum Status when i book but when i stay, to get benefits?

  11. Andi Hawes says:

    how far in advance can we book?

    • Probably February 14th or February 16th based on the last flash sales.

      • Andi Hawes says:

        only a month?

        • I honestly don’t know, the advance info I have been given by IHG doesn’t say anything else apart from the fact that 600 hotels are taking part. The bottom line is that business travel is back in full swing from late January – once everyone has settled down again after Christmas and New Year – and there is no reason for heavy discounting in what is effectively peak period up to Easter.

  12. Andi Hawes says:

    i was just in the middle of planning every stay up to Easter, possibly in a Crowne Plaza, out side Central London, for a possible £29 a night 🙁

  13. trickster says:

    Has anyone made use of the Into The Nights free nights yet?
    I’ve got until 31st Jan to decide whether to take the certificate or 25k points – I’m undecided based on hearing that the free nights are not from the same pool as reward nights.

    • I received mine on Friday and looked at Paris and Rome to use it on the first weekend in June. There seemed to be plenty of availability across the months in these 2 locations in the Inter continentals but I ended up booking the Hotel Indigo in Paris rather than the Le Grand. I have a feeling I should have booked the Le Grand but time will tell

      • trickster says:

        Thanks for the reply – that’s encouraging.

      • They are virtually next door so nothing stops you popping in for a drink or look at the (astonishing) ballroom! Upside of Indigo – not that I have been in as it just opened – is that the base level rooms appear bigger. Neither hotel offers free breakfast so you’re not missing out on that.

    • It now seems that they ARE the same pool, except that you need to use them by the end of the year whilst points never expire

    • Roger C says:

      I used both of mine for the IC in NYC. No problem with availability in the summer. Given the current prices they’re quoting for these dates it’s a generous promotion.

  14. I used mine in Paris for the weekend the Tour de France finishes at the Avenue Marceau. Seems like a great way to spend a few days 🙂

  15. Is there any official word from IHG that these discounted rates will count towards the Set Your Sights promotion. Some people say yes and other’s no.

    • They SEEM to be counting but you can never be sure because in some cases the discounts are not that big and so they would always have counted. It is a bit odd that the promo is ONLY for IHG Rewards Club members and they might make them non qualifying!

      I have a relative in the Holiday Inn Kensington this week on my account – if that posts (the discount is huge at £49 per night so it shouldn’t) then we can assume that they will all post. However, by the time it posts the new Flash Sale will be over …..

      • Twobfair says:

        So if the discount is quite small as is usually the case with the cheaper properties, they should post? That’s what has happend on previous promotions.

      • Thanks for the reply, so the thoughts are it depends on how heavy the discount is?

  16. What about a 55% discount?

    • Any discount lower than 30% off Best Flexible Rate gets points – that is the general IHG rule. If a hotel was £100 Best Flex and you paid £70 in the Flash Sale you would get the points regardless.

      It is less clear if paying £49 on a £150 Best Flex rate gets points, I will find out next week.

  17. ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

    The site is now live but none of the rates are showing up yet when completing a search. Usual IHG IT problems


    • Booking period is showing as follows:

      “Book by midnight 17 January 2015 for stays from 24 January until 14 February 2015”


  18. Something that does nor seem to have been asked (probably because everyone else knows): will it be possible to cancel these bookings or will they be pay on booking and non-refundable?

  19. Twobfair says:

    All the hotels in the Birmingham area seem to be discounted by more than 30% so I’m not sure whether to risk it. Checking dates outside the promotion and the best flex rate is less than in the promotional period. Bit cheeky.