IHG’s ‘Set Your Sights’ promotion is the one to beat for Spring 2015

Following the success of its ‘Into The Nights’ promotion, which appears – at least anecdotally – to have succeeded in driving a lot of incremental business this Autumn, IHG Rewards Club is following up with ‘Set Your Sights’.

IHG Rewards Club is the loyalty scheme for Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Indigo, InterContinental etc.  ‘Set Your Sights’ will run January 1st to April 30th 2015 so you will have plenty of time to hit your target.

IHG Rewards Club

To find out your personalised target, you need to visit the ‘Set Your Sights’ website here and log in.  This is what I was offered:

Set Your Sights screenshot

Effectively, I need to stay eight nights.  I must include two countries outside the UK and at least four different IHG brands.

In return I will receive 105,700 bonus points which I would value at £500.

At the moment this does not seem credible, albeit the deal does represent a good return on my spending.  I have three Holiday Inn nights booked for January through the ‘Flash Sale’ last month – if they happen to post as qualifying nights, which I doubt, then I will look at this again.

For comparison, this is what my wife got:

Set Your Sights 3

It is not easier or harder …. it is just different.

Her target is 53,800 points for five nights.  This is a lower ‘per night’ average than I got.  However, there is no requirement to stay outside the UK and no requirement to stay at a specific number of brands.  Five cheap weekend nights at a Holiday Inn Express would do it.

However, with a bonus worth no more than £250, the numbers don’t make sense unless I actually need those nights.  I can pick off three of these bonuses with just one night though – 5000 points for one stay, 1500 points for using my IHG Visa to pay for it and 2000 points if I book a Bonus Points package.  That is 8,500 bonus points for one night – I will definitely try to hit that with a stay we would need to make anyway.

It is worth noting that if you are not already an IHG Rewards Club member, you can join up via their site and then immediately go over to the ‘Set Your Sights’ site and see what target you have.  It will be a very easy one – probably even more generous than the one given to my wife.

You can look up your own target at the ‘Set Your Sights’ website.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. One of my 4 targets is apply for the IHH credit card – though the link it takes you too doesn’t award you the triple bonus (30k points) – just 10k – I won’t be participating as I’ll make more via the normal sign up link.

    • Last year I still got the Big Win bonus points even though I used a different sign up link with a higher bonus so you may still be in luck 😉

  2. Anyone have a view on which of the 2 Paris InterContinentals to pick (ie. Le Grand vs Ave Marceau) for a free night redemption?
    – V happy the free nights from ItN seem to have good & broad availability: I can get either the above on my free night in mid Jan for a room valued at €355 or €379 respectively, which I consider a huge result for a couple of cheap-ish HIE stays!
    Having only joined IHG to participate in Into the Nights (thanks Raffles!) my targets were q easy, though the goalposts (i.e. what I needed to complete) did change once or twice & in fact didn’t even appear for c.1 month. Hence I’ve missed out on a 2nd free night as I put a Crowne Plaza stay thru Hotels.com instead of IHG as I initially had no faith ‘my offer’ would ever be populated with a target (esp. since I was a new member), so thought I might as well start working towards the 1night free after 10nts with hotels.com
    Also IHG customer services tell me by email that my 2nd goal isn’t what’s still showing on the website version of my targets so I have no idea who to believe!

    • Le Grand, whilst having small standard rooms, is almost certainly the most suitable unless you need to be up by the Eiffel Tower. Great location – 30 secs from the department stores, opposite the Opera, walkable to the Louvre etc, the airport bus stops directly opposite from CDG. Stunning interior following the refurbishment.

      Breakfast is expensive as you’d expect but plenty of options outside. Alternatively, if with your partner, the Euro 120 upgrade to lounge access is not a bad deal if you are around for the evening champagne and canapés as that includes lounge breakfast. You may even persuade them to give you a bigger room.

  3. Another waste of time promotion from IHG and seriously miffed. This is now the last 3 promotions that have been completely unachievable for me, despite doing over 50 nights per year in their hotels.

    This last one is particularly ridiculous. Maximum points I can get is 50,000 (i.e. £250 value). For this I need to do 28 nights, 2 overseas trips, $300 food spend, and they have say I have to apply and get a credit card (which I refuse), plus others.

    Raffles, I would like to see the evidence of this driving business this Autumn, and also what type of business is it. Infrequent travellers set easy targets, they will look to achieve at the least possible costs and redeem in the quality hotels. Yet loyal customers have unrealistic targets and no available bonus points via other routes (as there used to be)

  4. One of my offers is ‘Download the IHG App’ for 500 points.

    I already have it but it doesn’t appear I need to book anything through the app to get the bonus based on the terms. I’m wondering if I should just delete it, redownload it and log in again on January 1st to see if it works with no booking made.

    I don’t plan on booking any stays for this as I wasn’t impressed by the administration of Into the Nights and have no confidence in it working correctly. My final stay for Into the Nights was this weekend so if that tracks correctly (seven weeks and several emails after my first stay and it still hasn’t tracked) I may reevaluate and do some mattress runs for the points as I would come out ahead if it all works.

  5. I’m new to IHG. Can anyone advise me on how long it takes for points to post? One of my targets was to download and log into the app which I did on 22nd December. I also completed a HI stay on 28th December. Still on zero points and no targets achieved though.

  6. BA-Flyer says:

    I have ‘download the app’ as a Set Your Sights offer, but I also had this for ITN. Anyone else have a similar experience? Do I just delete the app and download it again?

  7. Darren Taylor says:

    The app isn’t working for bookings for me either which makes the whole ‘Set your sights’ promo a complete and utter fraud when this is the one that I will need to trigger the final bonus.
    Really annoyed as I’ve just spent £99 on the Visa card for a year.

    • Worth contacting IHG by email and/or Twitter about this – in most cases I’ve read about they’ve credited the missing points. Certainly when the IT was similarly poor for the ‘Big Win’ a year ago I received a retrocredit for the correct number of points after complaining.

  8. What's the Point says:

    Sadly my 2015 challenges are too challenging!
    Although I am pleased to say with 2 cheap mattress runs+some mediocre work stays I have earned 2 free nights and 43,700 IHG points out of the Into the Nights promo.
    IT terrible at the start, but towards the end it got a lot better.

  9. I have a 50k points offer, which is a bit meager considering the last one 🙁

    However, the 2 free nights one played out nicely. I had to include three mattress runs for a total of £120 but I just exchanged my 2 free nights for the Intercontinental Park Lane in Feb for a city break we wanted to do anyway. Fantastic ROI and I have 50k points in the bank.