Flybe flights now available for Avios redemption on

Since last Friday, selected Flybe flights have become available for redemption on

This is the final part of the process which began with the announcement in October that Flybe would be scrapping its own rewards scheme and issuing Avios points instead.

There isn’t, as yet, a full list of which Flybe routes will be available.  The only ‘fact’ I was told is that no London City routes would be included – but it turns out that they are!

Flybe redemptions are not included in Reward Flight Saver.  This means that your taxes will not be capped at £35 and the redemptions may look poor value compared to a cash ticket.

There is a decent amount of redemption space available.  On 8th July, for example, the three flights from Aberdeen to London City are offering 8, 8 and 4 seats respectively.

In this example, the cost is 4500 Avios + £31.  Looking at, the cash cost for the three services that day is £50.  You are saving £18 for using 4500 Avios, a truly terrible redemption rate.

Because Flybe seats don’t tend to cost a huge amount, I think you will always struggle here.  If you fly in just eight days time, a single ticket on this route is just £59.99 and, whilst Avios seats are there, you are still only saving £28 for your 4500 points.

(EDIT:  Perhaps I am wrong!  The comments below show a Flybe segment for €360 which was available for 4,500 Avios, as well as other examples.  Flybe redemptions may turn out to be more valuable than we think.)

Flybe London City

What about Flybe redemptions via

This is the odd thing.  You have ALWAYS been able to redeem some Flybe flights via  It is one of four airlines – along with Aurigny (Channel Islands), Air Malta and Monarch – where lets you redeem but which are not available on

I have not yet got to grips with the different availability on Flybe between and

On 8th July, for example, is showing 9+ seats on a flight from Aberdeen to London City where only shows four. shows three options via Birmingham whilst only offers one.

On February 10th, shows no seats between Aberdeen and London City whilst is offering them.

The only advice I can give at the moment is that, if you’re interested in redeeming for a Flybe flight, you should check availability on both and – and then on to make sure you are not being legged over!

The Flybe route map is here if you want to look at possible options.

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  1. sandgrounder says:

    Due to APD differences, this means you can now combine a weekend Nessie spotting with a trip abroad instead of picking tulips, eating sausages or whatever other cliche you care to quote.

    INV-LCY-JFK via BA001 44500 + £228.62
    LCY-JFK via BA001 40000 + £342.61

    Dusting off my kilt presently 🙂

  2. sandgrounder says:

    INV-LCY LHR-HKG via Cathay 64500 + £85 in J.
    This is a real opportunity for those in Scotland, a little bit far for the rest of us unless you want to make a weekend of it.

    • Will Flybe get off-peak redemption rates? Hold on, shouldn’t domestics be free anyway or is it only BA domestics?

      Paid 60000 + £251 for CX LHR-HKG recently, (could have started in JER for fees of £123 but would have cost me more than the difference to get to JER in time)

      Not sure whether I feel that 94500 Avios + £85 + getting to Scotland is worth it for CX J next time … 🙁

      Is there any cheap-ish / fast way of getting Gold without going to HNL (or North America)?

      • sandgrounder says:

        It all depends on personal choice, no doubt some living in Glasgow would happily pay £11.30 for a discount train ticket and spend three hours getting to Inverness to save cash (especially if more than one person) but, no doubt someone else living next door might think they couldn’t be bothered!

        I live closed to MAN and LPL so it would make a weekend of it, I went with out the OH last year while she was away with her parents and she was not pleased (has always wanted to go). This hopefully a glimpse of the future when all APD is scrapped or reduced in Scotland. 2 hours from Preston to save £100s would swing it for me for sure.

        Only BA domestics are free.

    • Eshaq Choudhury says:

      How did you get that price?

      • From

        •The following departure airports are already exempt from APD :

        •Benbecula, Barra, Campbeltown, Guernsey, Islay, Inverness, Jersey, Kirkwall, Sumburgh, Stornoway, Tiree and Wick

        •The following routes are already exempt from APD:
        •London Stansted – Dundee
        •London Gatwick – Newquay

  3. According to, booking a Flybe redemption will get you 20kg of luggage which would otherwise set you back at least £17 per sector (was a nice surprise when work had rebooked me from Eastern Airways direct to 2 segments on Flybe and I had to pay £80 to check my bags one-way at the airport!). Still not great value for 4500 Avios, but makes it slightly better!

  4. As a slight aside claiming Avios for flights flown has been made very difficult, they are supposed to post after 30 days. You can fill in an online form but only between day 30 and day 40. Yet to see a single point posted for my husband.

    • I meant to mention this in the article but forgot. I had an email from a reader this week who was having massive difficulties in getting Avios to arrive and he, too, has not seen a single point yet!

      Interested to hear of experiences from others.

      • I had 2 Flybe flights credit ok in early December but of the 3 flights flown since none have credited. I also got caught out by the can’t claim until 30 days, too late to claim after 40 days rule. I have however just submitted an online claim today for a flight taken early Jan so will see what happens with that.
        Interestingly the flights that have not credited have been awarded (now useless) Flybe points although I did enter my Avios number when booking and I understood the Flybe scheme was now closed.

      • I got my Avios for 2 flights after writing locators to [email protected] and sending them my number with spaces between each number (otherwise their system sees it as a CC number and does not show to support staff). Takes around a month for them to answer but works.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been needing to get from MXP-MAN on 22 Feb which turns out is the end of half term. Flybe wanted €360 for a booking. Just booked on (no availability on avios) for 4500 avios + £25. Bargain!
    Although it appears it doesn’t include hold luggage?

    • I’ve looked at flights from my local airport and have a similar experience. appears to have 2 seats on every flight whereas is variable (0 to 9 seats, appears to be inline with the cash price). Bournemouth to Biarritz or Toulon for 4500 avios + £20 is a bargain on peak dates when the cash fare is £120+ (return fees £40); so it seems there are some good deals on particularly, initially.
      I had a live chat on and was told you get 1x20kg.

      • I wouldn’t recommend a trip to BOH for anyone who isn’t local (poor connections and limited facilities) but for anyone near Waterloo SOU is very accessible (1hr on the train and a 50m walk to the terminal) and small / reasonably pleasant with a basic PP lounge. And they have a wide route map from SOU from 4500 + £30.

        • Agreed, I took a flight from Southampton a few years ago. It is as convenient as Luton or Stansted – actually better than Luton because the train station is in the airport.

          I can see me booking the parents in law on the Hamburg to S’ton service one day if there are no seats from Heathrow.

      • I was hoping the same but now using the booking ref on it suggests I have to pay to select a seat and for a bag.

        Flybe’s website also seems to suggest that they only allow 1 piece of hand luggage per person.

        • Stewart says:

          I booked in mid-Jan through, and definitely have a 20kg allowance, shown both on the booking confirmation and also visible on MMB on (big red dot under baggage, rather than something like ‘buy now’ on another cash booking)

        • It does seem clear on that you get baggage. On it’s not as clear, pointing you to the Flybe website without being specific, but essentially it looks like no free allowance. Your MMB experiences seem to confirm this odd discrepancy. Shame!

  6. My recent returns from Hannover to Birmingham have been averaging out at 200 euros return (no hand luggage), so its not cheap.

    Looking ahead to book a return to Madrid from Birmingham, and I’m seeing 450 euros for a hand luggage only return. Don’t buy into the myth that this is a low cost airline. It’s a low cost off peak airline, where flying on a Tuesday afternoon will be cheap…

  7. This is good for me now that I can use avios for MAN-BHD on flybe. (4500 + £51 for a one way) That won’t be too bad when I need to book last minute.

  8. Not sure if it’s linked to this but I was looking a few weeks ago at flights from Edinburgh to Shetland. Was availability in almost all flights on every day. Looked last week and can’t find a single available flight. Checked on Avios, Ba still claim this isn’t a route that they fly so wont search for availability

  9. Is there a reason why you can book redemption seats but not cash ones with Flybe?

    • You get this occasionally if the airline or hotel allocates certain capacity to certain segments. I have booked hotels via Expedia in the past when the hotel claimed to be sold out, because Expedia had a set number of rooms per day guaranteed to them.

  10. jack the hobo says:

    its quite possible that if flybe and BA’s systems dont interact, u can book INV-LCY, LHR-HKG. and not even take the first leg, and not have the second leg cancelled. can anyone confirm or deny this?

    • Jack, wouldn’t risk not taking that first leg! we have been discussing this for months, and you really must always start the ticket from its primary destination, but not necessarily take a final leg back to say INV, if you land at LCY, just ignore the last leg back to INV. If you are returning from HKG, that is. That was the rule anyway with our ex EU flight planning on loads of recent articles raffles covered, and we all chipped in with info too.

    • They do interact via Amadeus. I see your point – you could print your boarding pass for the Cathay flight and be sitting in the lounge when the Flybe flight departs – but it can still be cancelled.

      Back in the olden days, when ticket reconciliation was done manually, you could do this.

  11. Enigma368 says:

    “On 8th July, for example, is showing 9+ seats on a flight from Aberdeen to London City where only shows four. ”

    Weirdly I have seen this in the past month or two with BA flights (more seats available on than BA) . I assumed availability was identical now with the removal of the extra inventory that used to have, but there still seems to be some weird kinks.