500 Avios points sign-up bonus with Iberia Plus

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Iberia Plus is currently offering 500 bonus Avios points when you sign up and have some account activity within 45 days.  This could be as simple as transferring 1,000 Amex points or some hotel points.

If you’re not a member, now is the time to join.

I continually stress on Head for Points that every reader should have an Iberia Plus account and should try to earn 1 Avios point in it.  Once you have earned 1 point and your account is 90 days old, you are allowed to transfer Avios points to and from British Airways and avios.com.

The benefit of this is that, when Iberia runs a good promotion, you are in a position to take part.  They run occasional Avios redemption sales like this one which can be excellent value.

Iberia Plus redemptions are also the ONLY way to book yourself onto Vueling using Avios points.  There are also other exclusive Iberia partners such as Royal Air Maroc.

Iberia A330 350

In any event, taxes on Iberia long-haul redemptions are 75% lower than taxes on British Airways long-haul redemptions – as long as you book them via iberia.com and not ba.com.  You can learn more about that here.

After the Avios devaluation, there will be another reason to book Iberia flights via Iberia Plus.  All Iberia redemptions via BA will be priced at ‘peak’ rates after April 28th.  Iberia redemptions will have peak and off-peak pricing – leading to large savings on off-peak dates – when booked via iberia.com.

If you’ve never opened an Iberia Plus account, this 500 Avios points bonus seems as good a reason as any.  Head over to iberia.com here.

You can generate some activity by transferring 1,000 Amex Membership Rewards points, crediting a BA or oneworld flight or crediting a car rental or hotel stay.  Unfortunately the e-rewards sign-up link, which was any easy way of banking 750 Avios points in Iberia, no longer works.

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  1. JoshBosh says:

    And currently a 1500 bonus avios promotion on flights booked for cash via Iberia’s website. Must be booked between 11/03/15 to 17/03/15, and must register for the promotion after logging into Iberia plus.

  2. Winston says:

    Yes I had a surprise 500 point bonus yesterday when I checked my account balance.
    But even more surprising, was a 9000 point transaction in connection with my economist subscription, even though I cancelled this within the 14 day eu cancellation period, seems they gave me the points anyway!

  3. Iberia regularly sends offers from Vinoseleccion where you can earn Avios for buying wine. 2 cases of Marques de Caceres arrived yesterday bringing in 960 Avios. Not a bad way to activate the Iberia account…

    • Pete McAllister says:

      Hi JK, that sounds like a good plan – am struggling to register on the vinoselection website though: region and postcode it won’t take, they need to be in Spain I guess? Any tips for UK registration and delivery? Thanks!

  4. Do you know if the 500 points will be credited for a Membership rewards transfer?

  5. Just signed up and got the confirmation email mentions ‘500 Avios as a gift’.

    The exact wording is “So that you have Avios from the very first day, we will give you 500 Avios as a gift if you use your card on your next flight or with one of our Partners within 45 days”.

    What’s the cheapest option to secure these?

  6. 500 points if you have a flight or transaction with partners in 45 days. Quote from the welcome e-mail: “500 avios as a gift. So that you have avios from the first day, we will give you 500 avios as a gift if you use your card on your next flight or with one of our partners within 45 days”

  7. Graeme says:

    Slightly OT but this article is nicely timed for me, so apologies….

    My mum, my partner and her sister recently got 12,500 Avios in their new Iberia accounts through the Economist offer and the bonus above. Since they’re all such nice people, they want to give the Avios to me. From what I understand from other HFP articles, I think I need to open each of them an Avios account, combine the Avios, then put us all together as a household account, then eventually write to Avios to split that account and leave the Avios with me.

    Is that right? Is there a simpler way to get them all in my account? Thanks all!

    • Correct. Assuming you don’t want to open a BA household account, you need to move each persons points to avios.com, form an avios.com household account, wait a couple of months then post back the HHA break-up form indicating that 100 per cent of the Avios should be given to you.

  8. I tried to register and it wont accept my UK passport number. Anyone else experience this?

    • AndyGWP says:

      Is it because you may already be registered?

      My (now) wife currently has a massive 220 points in her account, and I am struggling to change her surname using Iberia Customer Service, so thought this was a good opportunity to bin off the old account and start a new one.

      Is reporting the passport number issue here to (she hasn’t changed her name on her passport yet), so the only thing I can think of for me, is that it’s already got it in the system somewhere.

      • AndyGWP says:

        Ah – fixed it… it thinks it’s being clever and has spotted an error in the format of your passport number.

        Enter something like this:

        It should accept it… you can then go into your account settings when registered, and change it and it will save (though still throws a validation wobbler!)

        • I put a P in front of my pasort number. I think it might be Spanish passports have letters in there numbers.

        • Thanks, will try this and really appreciated!

  9. HI,

    Don’t have any amex points or hotel points to transfer to Iberia plus?
    Whats the next easier way to “earn” a point quickly? How would I go about buying wine and use my account to credit points?


    • Heathrow Express has an option to credit to IB if you book via heathrowexpress.com/avios

      I trashed a recent email offering wine but someone may still have it.

    • Hi Jono,
      I don’t collect Amex rewards or hotel points either. Go to the email you got from Iberia when you registered – click on “check partners” then go to Purchases – look for Vinoseleccion – click on the promotion/offer at the bottom then click “here” to get the 6 bottles of Marques de Caceres – change to English at the top of the page – 480 points and hopefully the bonus 500 plus free delivery for your first order.

  10. Justin says:

    Off topic: Can anyone remind if I earn Avios based on marketing carrier or operating carrier? E.g. Should I use AA or Finnair Avios table, if I fly on a AA-operated flight sold under AY code?

    • oneworld is based on marketing carrier, Star Alliance by operating carrier.

      Leads to the odd position that if fly a Finnair flight with a Lufthansa codeshare on it, you can’t get miles in either programme! Fly a Lufthansa flight under a Finnair codeshare and you can claim miles in both!

  11. Umberto says:

    I opened my account a couple of months ago to take advantage of the Economist 9000 avios offer. When the miles posted I also received 500 additional miles.

  12. This made me wonder what other frequent flyer accounts I should open ?

    A few weeks ago I was trying to move some points around for an upcoming reward flight, and one of the frequent flyer accounts (possibly US Airways) required it to be open for about a week before it would allow transfers. This rule meant I couldn’t get the reward flight I wanted – which again made me think that I should open lots of frequent flyer accounts!

    Any ideas ?

  13. It looks like I will get 800 Avios plusvthe 500 opening offer for downloading the Hailo app and entering my IB Plus number.
    Havent tried it yet but IB website suggests it wilk work

    • Where did you enter your IB Plus number

      • I am still figuring it out. I think it is the Spanish Hailo for Madrid and Barca that you need. I have only got as far as the London App. I will try again tomorrow, but google “Hailo Iberia plus” if yoh want to try yourself

        • I’m trying that now – downloaded the link for iphone but it has put the app into iTunes – and I don’t know how to get it onto my phone from iTunes – I tried it before just downloading the app but it didn’t give any option to enter your IB number. duh! not great with iTunes technology!

        • Ill let you know if andriod works

        • An update to my investigations.
          Unfortunately Hailo only gives you an option to enter an IB Plus number if it thinks you are in Madrid.
          You have two possibilities here. The first is to go to Madrid. Not worth a special trip but if you are passing though anyway in the next 45 days that might be an option.
          The second is to trick the Hailo app into thinking you are in Madrid. If you are using andriod, you can do this using the ” fake GPS ” free app. You also need to turn off Wifi based location from settings and use settings/devloper optoons to enable “use mock location”.
          It took me 2 minutes to do this on my Andriod tablet. On launching the Hailo App the Add Iberia Account option appeared.

          Apparently the points take a week or two to arrive, so now I am waiting.

        • I should add that I dont think faking a GPS locatoon on iOS is quite so easy. Not unless you have friends in the US military 🙂 Sorry Liz that this answer might not be useful to you.

        • I could use my husbands android phone – what fake gps app did u download?

        • Have a look a thttp://boostyourpoints.com/category/iberia/

        • AndyGWP says:

          You could also use something called “Andy” which is an android emulator for the PC…

          just google: android emulator andy

          it’s the first result 🙂

        • Thanks Tim – I’ll try it over the weekend!

        • Colin JE says:

          There isn’t a way to fake your gps location on iOS unless it’s jailbroken (not recommended for something like this!) but with Android I used the ‘Fake GPS’ app on Google Market. Found a position in Barcelona, then clicked ‘Start’, then went to my Hailo app and under my account the option to add an Iberia Plus was there. It took just over a week for the points to appear. This’ll work on the oldest Android too, so long as Hailo works on it.

        • Amazing!

        • I was certainly amazed at how easy it was. Btw keep up the good work

  14. I assume that moving across avios from BA to IB does not reset the mileage expiration date on either side?

    • Colin JE says:

      I thought it did, or at least is away of protecting points about to expire. Or am I wrong folks?

  15. AndyGWP says:

    Setup Iberia Plus account on Thursday
    Setup a first-time transfer to Iberia Plus on Thursday night (immediate)
    Transferred points
    Points arrived Friday
    Bonus arrived today

    Can’t believe how quick and easy that was. As mentioned earlier, I have spent weeks going back and forth with Iberia customer service on how to get my wifes account with it’s paltry 220 points in over to her married name. This was so much easier.

    As always, thanks Raffles 🙂

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