Book TODAY for Good Friday 2016 Avios redemptions

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The experienced Avios collector will already have today marked in their diary.  For the rest of you, you should know that today is 355 days until Good Friday 2016 (Friday 25th March).

Why is this important?  Because, at midnight last night, British Airways made Avios redemption seats for Good Friday 2016 available.

If you want to lock in an Easter break for next year – and pay the current, cheaper Avios rates – you should book ASAP.

British Airways 350 2

Don’t make any rash decisions.  It will cost you £35 per person if you later choose to cancel your flights so booking something completely at random could prove expensive!

You can only book your outbound Good Friday flight today.  You would need to book your return flight later when it becomes available.  This incurs added risk, of course, since if you cannot book the return flight for some reason (perhaps someone beats you to the seats) you may have to cancel the outbound and pay the cancellation fee.

If you want to use a British Airways Premium Plus American Express 2-4-1 voucher, that is not a problem.  You can book a one-way outbound and then ring BA to add the inbound when it becomes available.  You will be charged the £35 per person change fee (and possibly a telephone booking fee) but the alternative is to risk losing the outbound seats.

Have a wander over to and see what you can find.

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  1. gate4lounge says:

    I believe its still the case that no change fee is charged when adding on the inbound to an existing outbound award using BAPP Amex. I did it 5 to 6 months ago and wasn’t charged the amendment fee.

    • Jason says:

      I’ve done it twice and been charged twice, when the fee was £25.

      • Worzel says:

        Interesting Jason:
        Last year, planning LHR-SIN-LHR(2-4-1), I booked the outbound(telephone) at about 355 days out and was told that there was no need to change the existing booking and that it would be a simple case of adding the inbound flight when it became available. Indeed this is what happened, I found an inbound flight, and there were no additional charges.

        • Jason says:

          I booked the outbound via, perhaps if you have already paid a telephone booking fee you don’t get charged again. I’m assuming you got charged for the phone booking as I know sometimes if you call and book, but are able to make the booking online, they will waive the fee.

        • Scott says:

          I’ve done this twice and both times (booked outbound on and inbound over the phone) haven’t been charged (either change fee or telephone fee). I’ve never even had payment raised as an issue but if so you should be able to argue that you can’t do it online

        • Worzel says:

          I can’t remember whether or not I was charged a telephone booking fee-I was just relieved to get the bookings-1st out and then Business in.
          I should add that the BA staff were helpful throughout,

        • Jon Easthope says:

          I think the answer must depend on the booking agent! When I called, I was told if I book the outbound on phone, they’ll charge £15pp booking fee and put a note on the system saying the inbound was out of range so that when you call to add the return, no further charge. They said if you book outbound on, when you call to add return they’ll charge £35 change fee + £15 booking fee = £50pp.

  2. Mycity says:

    If I use my 241 and book this for March 2016, will I be able in say August this year change it for the same destination ie New York at the current mileage for July 2016. My 241 is valid till 2017

    • Polly says:

      No, any bookings made up to April 27th 2016, can only be changed if you travel within the year. All bookings are valid for one year. If you change to dates outside of that term, you will be charged the new avios rate. I think raffles referred to that when we were discussing the avios changes at length. I may be wrong, but seem to remember much discussion on this very point. Correct me if I am wrong Rob.

      • Worzel says:

        I think you are correct Polly.

      • Correct. Outbound must be flown within 365 days of original ticketing date.

        • Mycity says:

          Thanks all for the answers, I understand this now. Actually one wonders if it’s worth booking with BA when looking if I fly ex Dub it’s cost effective. One question if I book through Expedia do I still earn miles on BA and Virgin?

        • Michalis says:

          Well. Let’s say it depends on the destination. You can book a cash booking on Virgin ex-dub to NY in M fare class for less than £600 (and then use 40.000 miles to upgrade to Upper Class). Do that for 2 and it’s pretty much the same cost as what BA wants with a 241 voucher.

          However if you do other destinations and/or manage to book at the dates you want over Christmas or Easter then that is certainly quite good value.

        • You still earn miles with Virgin through Expedia, never done it with BA but shouldn’t see why not.

        • Damn. Scuppers my plans to fly to Japan in Summer 2016 at the current Avios rates. My plan was to book a return to Tokyo using 2-4-1 in Business for 120,000 points. The redemption rate would add another 30,000 Avios if I manage to find an off-peak date for Zone 7, so not the end of the world. I suppose I could always topup if need be. Thanks for the info all!

  3. Looking at using the 2-4-1 voucher and read your useful comment “You can book a one-way outbound and then ring BA to add the inbound when it becomes available”. I not realised you could do this.

    Would the return part of the journey be at the same 2-4-1 rate in money and avios? My outbound is 40000 Avios with a £567 taxes fee – Does this mean BA would let me pay the same 40000 Avios with a £567 taxes + changing fee to complete the flight?

    • Jason says:

      The Avios would be the same but the taxes will be a lot less. They will adjust to the same taxes you would have paid for the return flight if booked all at the same time.

      • Thanks for the help. I will keep my fingers crossed the return flight comes up.

        • mark2 says:

          You need to put the 353 days in your diary and make sure that you look on the day that the flights are released. I did this for out to Toronto and back from Montreal this Sept.

        • Jason says:

          Seriously, am I the only one who checks availabilty 500 days out, 5 times a day 🙂
          Only kidding!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stu R says:

    Thanks Raffles, that was useful.

    Living in Glasgow, we stand to be shafted by the ‘no free domestic add on’ rule so just booked our walking trip to Cyprus for the pre-Easter week, returning on good Friday 2016. 20,000 Avios using our 2-4-1 voucher (we had two to use) and £70, a tad better than 29,000 and £140 as it would’ve been post 28 April.

    The cheapest available fare on BA was £760 for 2 people and that meant an overnight stop in London on the return and a change of airports. Flying on the flights we’ve booked, was looking for £1,179 for 2 people!

    Happy bunny here, thank you again for bringing this to our attention!

    • I’m DREADING April 28 for this change. Of all the changes. The domestic RFS hurts the most. I am a long-haul earner in CW/F and short-haul burner…BA don’t want us anymore.

      I just think its maddening to ask for 18k and £70 for a flight to Paris! Even Flying Poo isn’t as bad!

  5. I have a flight booked from Washington, D.C. to Miami, booked with avios. Does anybody know how I add baggage to this. I can’t do it online and when I called AA they said to call BA who said it had nothing to do with them because it wasn’t a BA flight. I don’t want to get charged extra for just turning up at the airport without pre booking.

    • Jason says:

      We did an AA flight last October, Orlando to New York( Avios), and the hotel checked in our luggage and I paid at the hotel( airline ) check in desk.
      I think that may have been specific to disney world though, but I got the impression it happens quite a lot at hotels in the US, It was $25 per bag.

  6. I’m planning Tokyo on 2-4-1 in April next year, is this worth doing in first class? I’ve heard not so positive things about the BA product and that I might as well book business class and save the miles? Anyone experienced both classes on this route? Thanks

  7. I’d go First in JAL simply for the Salon champagne….!

    • I was thinking about that but don’t you have to use a BA plane on 2-4-1?

      • Jason says:

        Yes you do have to fly BA to use the 241.
        It’s down to personal preference, but I would spend the extra Avios for F everytime.
        To the point where, unless I was using a 241, I would look at other carriers for business if it’s feasible.

        • First it is then! Cheers

        • Chris says:

          We used a 241 to go to NRT in F and it was amazing, long day flights to make the most of the service and without ridiculously early starts so you can use the CCR too. It was so good we plan to go again!

        • Jerry says:

          Here’s another vote for F. We’re doing HND again next month. The 60,000 avios with a 241 is well worth it for the day flights in both directions. We briefly considered downgrading to CW when the new rules were announced in Jan to save avios but we’re really glad we didn’t now the trip is imminent.

  8. Chris says:

    I hadn’t realised you could do the one way and add the return later with the 2-4-1. Reading the original article you did (in Avios Redemption University) it said you should book a same day return.

    When booking the return I assume I need to call the US BA contact centre at midnight to make the change to ensure we don’t miss the return tickets? Which should be interesting as I will be in India when its time to book the return, lets hope Skype works on the Indian internet.

    • Jason says:

      They don’t open until 7.30am UK time, I think they close at 10pm UK time.

    • Works on UK time. I don’t know if it is midnight – I was actually up at UK midnight last night and (at least online) nothing was showing for Good Friday by 1pm at which point I returned to bed. (I only did because my 3-year old woke me at 2.50am Dubai time so I thought I’d see what happened!)

      • I spoke to BA yesterday and they said the US call centre wont be able to deal with adding the 2-4-1 return leg and I would have to wait until 6am to speak to the UK call centre.

        Or I could do it online and get charged the fee.

  9. Andrew says:

    Yes I had thought the same – Raffles I thought that the advice here was to book a same day return, and then change this when availability for correct dates opens….. Is the advice now to book 1 way and then call up?

    • The call centre is now switched on as to how to turn a one-way 241 into a return so it doesn’t seem to matter.

      • Does this method apply when phoning Avios to use the Lloyds upgrade voucher – I want to book in Sept for Sept 2016. If I book the outbound flight using the upgrade voucher will Avios adjust the taxes etc if I phone back 3 weeks later to book a return flight?

      • Andrew says:

        Great, thanks

      • Melvin says:

        OK I’m confused.

        Can I make a one way (outbound) redemption via on the day the flight is available and then make another one way (inbound) redemption via a week or so later or can this only be performed by calling the service centre?

        • You can obviously book 2 one ways and keep them separate, unless it is a 241. However, BA often charges more in surcharges on 2 x one way than for a return do it may be cheaper to merge into one ticket.

    • vonnie says:

      Do i have enough time to hit the 10k limit and get my 2-4-1 before deadline day? How long does it take to get the voucher?

      • Usually 48-72 hours after the transaction clears with Amex. This means, effectively, 7 days from the day you make the purchase, given that it takes 3-4 days for the transaction to appear on your Amex account.

        • vonnie says:

          Thanks Rob,should just have enough time! Now to find a place to go…

  10. Jason says:

    OT, does anyone know if flying to Dubai via Doha, whether you have to collect your bags at Doha ( staying overnight at the airport hotel) whilst in transit or will the bags be checked through to Dubai?

  11. kevino says:

    The point about adding a return later on 241 had never occurred to me

    Doing it that way, does the return have to be the same route, or could I book LHR to DFW, and then return to LHR from ATL say?

  12. slightly OT: Is anyone able to book (or at least look up) a redemption flight on Iberia? I’ve been trying for a week now and no luck at all…

  13. OT. I have a 2-4-1 voucher that expires 28th September 2015, however I want to use it on 4th October 2015. Am i able to book outbound flights from Manchester on the 28th September & then have a ‘stopover’ in London for a week until the date that I actually want to fly?

  14. Anthony says:

    I don’t think this is covered above in the comments (apologies if so!). I have booked the outward leg of my BA/Amex 2-4-1 voucher to get the Good Friday departure next year. The return leg is planned for April 2016 and so the return dates will not come up on the BA system until May (after the new Avios rules come into play). Should I be booking any return leg before those rules come into force (and maybe get charged the fee) and then change them again (incurring another fee) to preserve the lower Avios miles needed? Or can I just book the return leg in the new Avios system and keep the old miles needed? Hope that makes sense!

    • Good question. The return will definitely be priced at new rate. I would book before the 28th and move the date, assuming £70 of fee is cheaper than the extra Avios.

  15. Waribai says:

    Just a quick one. I know the 241 rules state that journeys must start in the UK but I distinctly remember using one last year online for my wife and child on a one way from TYO-LHR. Was the software awry at the time?

    • Polly says:

      That’s interesting, we all presume it must start in the UK on a BA metal. I wanted to use ours starting in dub for HNL but didn’t think it would work.

  16. linda says:

    Have just managed to book 2 x Club return for Vegas using my Lloyds Avios rewards voucher, for Easter weekend returning on the 28th March to UK. Sorted.

  17. wyseman says:

    Booked outbound using 2-4-1 this morning on phone and as mentioned above, the agent was very clued up to the process of booking the future inbound at a date currently beyond the window. Confirm paid £15 per person service charge and agent confirmed no charge for adding the inbound at a future date by phone.

    • Did they mention if you had to speak to the UK call centre which opens at 6am to add the return? Or if phoning the US call centre at midnight would be possible?

      They told me the other day only UK call centre can add the the return, but I see other people mention phoning bang on midnight to ensure the seats are booked.

  18. I got up at 2am to book our return RFS flights for the Easter 2016 hols – I wanted to travel back on Saturday as opposed to Sunday.

    Sure enough, the Saturday flights had all popped up x4 per flight and I got what we wanted.

    Bearing in mind the 355 day rule (ie flights were not there yesterday), I guess they popped up at midnight or 1am.

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