New BA bonus: 4,000 Avios on ANY long-haul and 500 on ANY short-haul flight

British Airways and Avios launched a number of promotions yesterday – not entirely unexpectedly, since I expected an uptick in offers immediately after the Avios devaluation.

This is the most interesting one, although I will obviously cover the others too.

Until 14th July, you will receive:

4,000 bonus Avios for each long-haul return flight you take, in any class, maximum 4 flights

500 bonus Avios on each short-haul return flight you take, in any class, maximum 4 flights

You MUST register at this web page to receive the bonus.

Iberia and Iberia Express services from the UK also count.

British Airways City Airport

The rules are slightly more complex than is necessary:

Your BA account must be registered in the UK or Ireland

You must be over 18 (which means no bonus for children)

Strictly speaking, you must book your flights on or after May 26th.  Generally this rule is not imposed by BA when they run promotions, but be warned – you might not get it on flights already booked.

The deadline for completing your return flight is July 14th.

Your flight must be ticketed in the UK.  This will be a problem for some business travellers who use a ‘contracted out’ travel booking service which processes bookings in, say, India.

A domestic connection to a long-haul flight will NOT count as a separate trip – you will only receive the 4,000 Avios bonus for taking a long-haul flight.

The ‘maximum four bonuses’ rule is unclear.  The text says: “Eligible Participants will qualify for Bonus Avios Points on a maximum of 4 separate Qualifying Flights booked for travel within, and completed during, the Promotional Period.”.  Does this mean four x short-haul bonuses and four x long-haul bonuses, or simply four bonuses in total?  If the latter, you may want to move your short-haul bookings away from British Airways to another airline in order to guarantee you receive the long-haul bonus, assuming you have long-haul flights planned. 

Even if you have no British Airways flights currently planned, you should register for this offer in case something comes up later when you have forgotten all about it.

The registration link is here.

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Inside the United First Class lounge at Heathrow Terminal 2
Lufthansa / Swiss / Austrian following BA with new short-haul fare structure
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  1. Children are not eligible just to add some further complexity.
    Am hoping the 2 offers are a sign that BA are suffering as a result of the changes. I certainly shifted 12 separate lomg haul business class sectors and will end my year with just 4 paid short haul flights on BA.
    Bottom line for me is that BA are overpriced and club world is very poor value for money. This offer does not change that.

    • Agreed. My latest flight was on Etihad, with 30% off business, chauffeur car, 3 x miles, better business product, and under half the cost of BA. No brainier.

      Given AA still gives 100% of the miles on BA, I’m tempted to ditch exec club altogether when I lost status. Not an easy decision though.

  2. Asher says:

    Will this offer apply for exisisting bookings?

  3. Grr, just as I’m about to go on leave for a few weeks!

  4. Keith says:

    4,000 Avios for a Premium long haul fare an incentive? Not for me. The temptation needs to be much stronger. Due to this website (I’m a BA Gold for life) my eyes have been opened to Qatar or Cathay that offer much much better levels of service and quality of product. Having recently endured a red eye from Miami On BA (booked before my eyes were opened by HFP) in the bubble when the main lights would not go out (I thought that was illegal in hours of darkness for take off?) for the entire flight, the compensation of Avios offered was the same as if the reading light or IFE didn’t work…..5,000 Avios. Given it was difficult to sleep in the illuminated environment and given the cost of the ticket, this shows how much BA really care about their passengers!

    • When you put it in that perspective it doesn’t seem like a great deal. Still, 5k Avios for a broken reading light seems surprisingly generous!

      • Rather than a broken reading light, I thought Keith was saying the main cabin lights were on full brightness the whole way through his night flight?

        • Keith says:

          Correct, lights on full on overnight. 5000 Avios ‘compensation’.

        • James67 says:

          That’s actually quite good service from BA, I’m still waiting for them to honour the prize I won in 2013 Christmas competition.

  5. Just a totally off topic Q regarding amex/amazon offer from last week…

    I signed up for the offer but it doesn’t show in my offers in my amex account. I’m sure that previously even offers where I have registered through the amex network website have then appeared in my amex account as an active offer.

    Can anyone confirm I will still get the credit even if this doesn’t show in my active offers?


    • Yep, you’ll be fine – this particular offer doesn’t seem to be showing up in anyone’s accounts but is crediting fine.

    • Steve says:

      Confirmed – As soon as you spend the £30 or more you should get an email stating you have completed the offer and the £10 statement credit will appear within 12 weeks. Mine actually appeared the next day.

      I spent exactly £30 on a gift card.

  6. Brian says:

    A bit OT but Tesco have published a 500 points (1,200 Avois ) code for existing customers. £60 minimum spend. Delivery by Friday.



    • Thywillbedone says:

      Thank you – good spot on the clubcard pts – where did you see this as I don’t seem to get those alerts?

      I also used the AMEX Ocado £15 off – good to see some competition amongst the supermarkets!

    • Kinkell says:

      Thanks…filled the gaps in the wine rack!

    • DaveX says:

      Just do the same again on your partner/ dog’s a/c

  7. Seemingly not everyone is eligible for this promo, mine application states i am ineligible, no reason given!!

  8. OT but just got an email from Kaligo to say Virgin Atlantic have joined as a new partner. Still finding them much more expensive though.

    • flyforfun says:

      Always worth checking direct with the hotel too. Was looking at a hotel on a Greek Island over the summer. Booking direct I saved 25% from what the hotel sites were charging.

  9. 🙁 I just booked flights to KL yesterday to fly out 5th July returning 13th July
    Do you guys think they will award the bonus avios based on when you fly or when you book?

    • “The deadline for completing your return flight is July 14th.”

      you will be ok based on the above

  10. avstar says:

    did anyone else get the free BA upgrade to 1st class promo/offer by email yesterday, or was it targeted?

    “There’s still time to upgrade from Club World to First for free. To enjoy this one-way offer, simply book an eligible Club World return flight before 26 June 2015.

    We look forward to welcoming you into the exceptional calm, comfort and dining of First — for free. “

    • Isn’t that just the regular (DFS-style!) never-ending sale offer they have on? If so it’s only for more expensive CW fare buckets, so you end up paying much more than you would with the I-sale tickets. If it’s something different that’d be great tho!

  11. Willie Walsh has just expressed the hope that Ryanair will be “rational” now that he’s got the Irish government onside:

    Still won’t say what the four new transatlantic destinations from the IAG/EI hub will be, but since the first two have to be operational next year, I’d say LAX is a certainty.

    A glance at the existing EI transatlantic network suggests that Walsh might go with a Canadian/Latin American route or two as well.

    Hope the Americans increase capacity at the excellent US customs/immig pre-clear to match numbers IAG fly in on BA, IB and Eddie Stobart’s connections.

    Imagine 2016’s the end of bargain Boston flights, alas, as yesterday’s announcement implied that EI will adopt Avios and put its own rubbish loyalty programme out of its misery.

    One big issue for Walsh is that EI’s business class is now so much better than BA’s club world, and with so many more IAG passengers being routed through Dub in future, people will notice.

    • ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

      Surely the cheap (or not so cheap after the miles devaluation) DUB-BOS redemption will remain in place or are you saying the miles will be the same (75K biz class) but the €77 tax will now be BA’s sky high prices (a bit like Iberia / BA for Madrid)

      • Aer Lingus will join the existing AA / BA / Finnair / Iberia JV on transatlantic flights and so the fuel surcharge will be raised (on redemptions) to BA levels.

        Remember that AA has NO fuel surcharges yet BA still charges you a £300 one on a redemption so you pay the same as on a BA redemption.

    • James67 says:

      Great quote, it’s time WW was rational and decreased tge price to match the service on offer at BA or vice versa

  12. Charlie says:

    LOL, that’s pretty risky, do you know if the wagered amount can be split into 20 x £1 instead?

  13. =£90 but deduct the £20 deposited = £70 profit.

    • DaveX says:

      Hmm, I wouldn’t go there, myself. Anybody who advocates this kind of foolish roulette bet is not to be trusted.

      • Charlie says:

        The problem is the cash back (in this case £50) is not guaranteed, and slow at the best of times.

  14. Am I imagining things, or did I see BA run a free upgrade on one leg of a semi-flexible CW return recently? I’m sure I saw it a week or so ago, but can’t find the offer on their website.

  15. The wording of this offer is terrible.

    “Book return flights and travel before 14 July 2015 and you could collect up to 4,000 bonus Avios every time you take off”

    At best, that is confusing. “Every time you take off” suggests you get the points for each flight. You might expect to earn 16,000 for a return trip with two flights on each leg, for example.

    • Or maybe they mean take off something, so would suggest wearing a lot before take off !

  16. I am flying with BA fro Vancouver and back in July. Flight was booked in January so I think I get in on the old points structure. Sounds like there is a slight chance I might get the 4000 bonus even though flight was booked ages ago. Does it make a difference to how many miles I get if I register my Avios account number or my BA Exec number? On manage my bookings it tells me I will get 10,000 points against my BA exec number but it says contact Avios to find out the points if I enter My Avios number and I can’t find anything on the Avios web site which clarifies this. Any ideas which number I should enter or does to make no difference?

    • You can’t register an number – you can only register via the BA website (unless I’ve missed something). This means that you will need your BA number in the booking.

  17. I am surprised because roulette is usually excluded from bonuses or offers because all you need to do is wager £20 on red and the same on black + £1 on “0” and hay presto, you’ve hit the target and lost a quid.

  18. Jeannette Day says:

    I am also new to collecting and using points. I have found this site very helpful. My BA exec club acct is registered in the US, I received the offer for the free upgrade to First followed by a letter apologizing the offer was a mistake ?? Is joining the Iberia rewards program in order to purchase avios worth it. It seems that there is no charge to combine avios from the 2 programs .