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More £1,000 Qatar Airways business class fares to Asia (and Turkish £750 to Bangkok still bookable)

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Qatar Airways has launched another one-week-only promotion on economy and business class seats from London. Some of the fares are not bad, such as Dubai from £345.  Business class fares start around £1730 and you can get as far as Bangkok for that price.

You can see full details here. You need to book by June 21st and fly before March 16th 2016.

The real action, though, is taking place elsewhere in Europe.

Qatar 787 350 business class

As with previous sales, Qatar Airways is discounting very heavily indeed from selected cities in Europe. It can’t be easy, to be honest, to fill TWO Boeing 787 aircraft from Copenhagen every day in Business Class.

With prices like these, it is tempting to cancel any outstanding Avios redemptions and rebook for cash on Qatar.  You won’t be paying much more than £500 above the Avios taxes and charges figure – use your Avios points to redeem for a hotel when you get there instead!

Here are some sample prices to Bangkok in Business Class:

ex Amsterdam – €1,665 – £1,203

ex Copenhagen – DKK 10,495 – £1,017

ex Stockholm – SEK 13,195 – £1,034

ex Oslo – NOK 12,545 – £1,035

ex Frankfurt –1,835 – £1,326

Here are some prices to Singapore in Business Class:

ex Amsterdam – €2,230 – £1,611

ex Copenhagen – DKK 13,795 – £1,337

ex Stockholm – SEK 15,095 – £1,183

ex Oslo – NOK 13,945 – £1,151

ex Frankfurt – €1,905 – £1,377

Many more destinations are available.  There is a €1,205 business class fare from Brussels to Dubai for example, as well as fares from Sofia to some Chinese destinations for €1,500.

Don’t just look at the headline price. It is also important to get the right aircraft. You want to be booking onto a Boeing 787 featuring the latest impressive 1-2-1 business class seating which I reviewed here. The A380 and A350 aircraft have the same seating.

The Boeing 777 seating I reviewed here is fully lie flat but is in a more traditional configuration. The A330 and A340 aircraft have sloping business class seats so are not the best first choice.

Remember that these fares earn Avios and BA tier points. Most of the Asian routes will generate 560 tier points return (140 x 4)! Don’t forget that you need to book via the Qatar Airways website here to get these fares.

As with the UK deals, all of the above fares must be booked by June 21st for travel by March 16th 2016.

PS.  The amazing £750 return Business Class tickets to Bangkok are still bookable!  This is a Turkish Airlines service from Stockholm.  You must book at the Turkish website by June 21st for travel until December 15th.  Full details are in this article.  Turkish is a Star Alliance member so you will be earning miles in a Star Alliance programme such as Miles & More.  The airline is very well regarded these days and aims to be on a par with the Middle East ‘big three’.

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  • Ads says:

    Are there any good prices all the way to Australia or New Zealand in this sale?

    • Dynamo says:

      I couldn’t see any

    • Alan says:

      AFAIK the best Oz deal for now is still the ex-OSL fares with BA.

    • Think Square says:

      I see £1881 for MUC-MEL/MEL-CDG in Feb/Mar. That might be enough to get me to cancel my existing BA reward bookings. Get to try the A350 and A380 too.

      I’ll never get the Avios spent at this rate

      • Rob says:

        That is very cheap, I admit.

      • Worzel says:

        Think Square 12:00pm:

        ‘I’ll never get the Avios spent at this rate’.

        I imagine that BA will help out- with another devaluation in a couple of year’s time! 🙂 .

        • Polly says:

          Think square…go for it! We were the same, we cancelled our 241 F from LHR to KUL then avios to KUL on MAS ,to buy our QR J from CPH to HKT. As it was such good value for an oct trip. Now using the 241 for SEA later for a trip into Vancouver and SFO. Hope it works out. Must have got the only two seats left to SEA in F. V lucky. But these QR sales are great once you get the flat beds all the way. And as I said before, their J cabin feels like BA F and far more spacious. Thanks for the warning about the J beds though Rob, very useful when booking our flights. We used our amex £50 off for the overnight in CPH on way out.

          • James67 says:

            Polly, the DOH -KUL sectors used to be a gled flat but well over a year ago QR announced a retrofit of selected a330s including those used on this route so you are likely fine. If you are in Vancouver at right time of year I recommrnd you try a whale watching ecotour, the day I went I got very lucky and it was one of mybest ever travel experiences.

          • Polly says:

            Thanks for that James, yes that’s def on our list of things to do in Van. We are there in March 16. Will see. And we have a Dreamliner all 4 sectors on our HKT trip. Was very picky on dates to make sure we has flat beds.but QR can mix planes up on a whim, but should be lucky.

      • Fadi says:

        @Think Square, how did you get that fare? I can’t get near it.

        • Think Square says:

          They are easy enough to find on ITA Matrix (I’ve found some even cheaper ones returning to ARN). However, I haven’t worked out how to book them yet. QR website keeps trying to give me J or C class for the return flights.

          Anyone suggest how to purchase the fares that ITA shows?

          • Rob says:

            The good news is that HFP is hopefully about to launch a tie-up with a miles-loving travel agent who a) understands all these fares and b) can book them. More details in a week or so.

    • Rob says:

      A friend of mine booked ex-Stockholm for £2,400. Qatar does not fly to much of Australia and New Zealand so you end up using other oneworld partners and the dirt-cheap fares are not valid on those.

  • guesswho2000 says:

    OT – just saw this pop up as a banner ad – 10% discount on Etihad flights in Y/J/F for Amex cardholders.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, this was on the Amex Twitter feed as well, I will try to slot it in over the next few days.

  • LM says:

    Thanks for this, looking to book to HKG later this year so perfect timing. Tried from Copenhagen and prices look decent, but they are coming up in DKK. Without wanting to go through the entire booking process, is it possible to pay in GBP or should I be looking to pay on a Post Office/Clarity/Supercard (if it ever arrives) ?


    • James says:

      Use a UK OTA

      • LM says:

        Might be completely missing the point here, but article says we have to book via Qatar Airways website.

    • Rob says:

      Unless your Supercard arrives within the next 3-4 days, you will need to swallow the FX fee. Try to use a credit card which has bonus points for overseas spending which will help to offset the 3% fee.

    • Polly says:

      You could try calling their MAN c/centre and ask to pay in UK £ , but it would have to be converted from DKK. I had to pay the 3% forex fee sadly

  • CV3V says:

    OT – but Air France are ceasing flight from CDG – KUL, should be good news for MH and even BA.

    • James67 says:

      Maybe for them but not for us with decreasing competition. MAS may now think twice about ditching a380 from CDG though which was cheaper and easier to get avios redemption than LHR. BTW, have you done your June flight to KUL with BA yet?

      • CV3V says:

        Flight is on Friday! Club World outbound and First on return – first only has 3 seats left.

        Agreed, it could be worth keeping A380 on the CDG route.

        • Polly says:

          Where are you heading to from KUL then?

          • CV3V says:

            I’ll be staying in KL with the in laws and spending most of my time eating! Will also be spending 4 nights in Singapore. Flight to Singapore booked with MAS in economy but has the option of MH Upgrade although not really worth it for such a short flight. Another reason for booking with MAS was to use oneworld status to get in to the Qantas lounge in SIN. Holiday Inn in SIN booked using points, if i don’t get an upgrade to the club floor i will have to fork out actual cash (!) for breakfast.

            The pound to ringitt is reaching new highs daily, and is approaching pre recession level of 6MYR to the pound.

            I also need to test out my oneworld status at the LHR lounges, seems there is a discrepancy in my favour 😉

          • James67 says:

            Have you ever tried one of the VIP buses? I’m tempted as probably just as quick dor to foor and less hassle than a flight. Always been tempted to take bus or train all the way from Singapore or KL to Bangkok.

          • Polly says:

            We have done the bus from. BKK up north v v interesting, not too laborious. Then flew from the north to HKT. Next time we want to go north from KUL, as you say James, when you factor in waiting time at airports, the bus is just as good, and different. But equally nice to use the lounges too! My OH had a discrepancy too, amazing glitch, and it worked. Good luck and enjoy! Now he’s back to Sapphire tho!

          • CV3V says:

            A lot of people who live in KL but work during the week in SIN use the buses, they look good and, as you would expect, some of them offer food. Having done some long distance driving in Malaysia it is actually an ok experience, the motorways are good, scenery, and some of the food at service stops is great quality and cheap.

            I’d like to try it out sometime even if just for the novelty but I’ll probably wait until when my airline status has ran out. There are also the train options which i would also like to test out.

          • Alan says:

            Yes, I did Singapore to KL on a luxury bus – only £27 for the trip, included food/drink/films. Sat upstairs on the bus, reclining seats 1×1 seating. Would definitely do it again, nice to see the countryside and saves schlepping to/from the airport at both ends!

          • Worzel says:


            We did Singapore to KL on the train a couple of years ago. The journey is a little monotonous initially as it’s single track and you travel through constant palm plantation, however it does open out eventually. It was well worth it- we were blessed with the attention of an elderly Chinese Malaysian gentleman passenger who became our tour guide for the journey.

            I gained all necessary info from : The man in seat 61.

            Would love to go back to SIN/KUL-irritated by the lack of BA availability.


          • Polly says:

            CV, Wow, the food, you are right, it’s just amazing. Have you ever been to that tiny old restaurant called the old china cafe beyond the central market selling all those rows of fakies? It used to be an original laundry at the turn of the century. Just go for the photos….Still owned by the original family. Honestly you feel like you are literally in the previous century. Never bored by their food!
            Worzel, wish you could have had our Oct KUL F 241 we cancelled !

    • Worzel says:

      Polly 6:50 pm:
      Thank you!

  • EB says:

    Hello Raffles,
    Thank you for the post.
    Is the ITA matrix ( still the best tool for a broad search ex-europe? Thank you.

  • Qatar says:

    OT – Smiles (GOL airlines) is running a 200% bonus when buying miles.
    Apparently that makes business redemptions in QR really cheap.

    • Dynamo says:

      Feels scammy

    • Rob says:

      This is potentially a great deal. However, without speaking fluent Spanish – fluent enough to read all the small print AND understand what availability GOL has with its non-alliance partners – I am giving it a pass. Too much scope for trouble. Feel free to try at your own risk.

    • CV3V says:

      There was some guidance given on this deal over on Loyalty Lobby, however after looking at it I felt there was a lot of uncertainty to it and the risk of changes to the rewards chart occurring, so it wasn’t worth a speculative purchase. If I had a definite and immediate use of the points I may have had a different opinion, also I couldn’t recreate the bargain redemptions on any route/date I would want to travel.

    • Gavin says:

      Terms say you need to have a Brazilian CPF/MF number in order to participate.

  • Ian says:

    Is this bonus immediately credited or do you have to wait for a quarter?

    ‘Virgin is also repeating its offer of 1,000 bonus Virgin miles for opting-in for auto-conversion of your Clubcard points each quarter to Virgin.

    • Rob says:

      End of quarter

      • Ian says:

        Thank you for your reply.

        Does one have to remain signed up to Auto Opt in for the Virgin Flying Club, or is one able to unregister after a period of time if they do not want the vouchers the next quarter automatically converted to Virgin Flying Club Miles?

        • Rob says:

          You can unregister easily via the ‘my account’ bit of the Tesco website.

  • James67 says:

    @ Polly, CV and Alan. Thanks for feedback on bus. If any off you do taje bus north or south between Bangkok and KL, I recommend a stopover in Hat Yai, it’s a great little city, vibrant downtown and a city park on the ‘mountain’ with an awsome restaurant overlooking the city. The beach in Songkhla 30 minutes away is imme se and white, and few tourists in sight.From Hat Yai the bus to Krabi and one from there to Phuket is very scenic. It is a scenic drive up the centre to Bangkok too , especially between Hat Yai and Nakhoen but bus on this route run overnight.

    • Polly says:

      Thanks have made a note. We have thought about taking the train or bus for a change sometime from BKK to Kl to HKT or SIN at some point in the future, but the bus during the day is amazing. We still recommend the bus trip from BKK up north. It was truly amazing. Only locals with us, and we ate at the roadside cafés when they did, and didn’t get ill at all.

      • James67 says:

        In that case if you want to keep bus daytime Bangkok-Hua Hin-Phuket-Krabi-Hat Yai-KL-Singapore or vice versa is way to go with stops in each place as all sectors can then be daytime. My partner has a car so usually we drive or take plane if in hurry but sometimes we enjoy the bus. I can only recall getting sick with food once in a decade here but it was very unpleasant The whale watching place I mentioned earlier is a small fishing toen called Stevenston just south of Vancouver.

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