Bits: oneworld branding, Delta Hotels now partly in Marriott Rewards, was your £780 BA HK ticket cancelled?

News in brief:

oneworld alliance launches new ‘Priority’ logo

Take a look at the logo below.  You will be seeing a lot more of it:

oneworld PriorityThe oneworld airline alliance, which includes British Airways, will be rolling out this logo over the next 12 months.  It will appear at every ‘touch point’ where you can expect to receive improved service as Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald oneworld cardholder.

(In the British Airways scheme, Ruby is Bronze, Sapphire is Silver and Emerald is Gold.)

It will appear at check-in desks, fast track lanes, lounge entrances and at boarding guests to help direct guests.  Signage at 1,000 airports globally is to be replaced.  Perth is the first to be up and running.

Delta Hotels

Delta Hotels now part of Marriott Rewards – sort of

Last year, Marriott announced the acquisition of Canadian chain Delta Hotels.  As always with hotel group acquisitions, the most difficult part is the integration of an existing IT system onto the corporate platform.

The first steps are now being taken towards the integration of Delta into Marriott Rewards.  Starting immediately, your Marriott Rewards status benefits will be recognised at all Delta properties.  Your status information will not be passed to the hotel, however, so you must present your Marriott Rewards card at check in and then ask for what you are due.

That is the good news.  The bad news is that you will NOT earn any points or miles from your stay, unless you are a member of the Air Canada Aeroplan scheme.  Neither can you redeem Marriott points at Delta Hotels.  All of that will have to wait until February 2016.

As a trade off, Marriott Rewards members will save 15% on all stays at Delta Hotels until 7th September.

More details on the Marriott / Delta integration can be found here.

Hong Kong skyline

Did you book a £780 British Airways business class ticket to Hong Kong?

In April, the Hong Kong version of the Expedia website was selling £780 business class tickets from Germany to Hong Kong, via London, on British Airways.  The price was so low because Expedia had removed BA’s fuel surcharges from the prices.

This appears to have been an error due to misinterpretation by Expedia of the Hong Kong fuel surcharge rules.  One HFP reader who booked a ticket received an email from Expedia last week to say that his ticket had been cancelled, with no explanation.  Expedia is pushing the blame for the cancellation onto British Airways.

I’d be interested to know if anyone else booked this fare and has had their ticket cancelled.  It seems to be a poor show by BA since the base fare was priced correctly and it was only the surcharges which were incorrect.

Alitalia offering a status match (SkyTeam) to British Airways Gold card holders
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  1. C Y S Yuen says:

    I would like to respond to the £780 BA offer issue.

    I bought it in April for this price and I used 30000 Avios to upgrade to First. I have not encountered any problems at all and I have just travelled my first leg last Thursday — this is possibly the best Ex-EU deal ever and I really enjoyed it!

    • RIccati says:

      Yes, but it is possible that BA is catching up to the issue/evaluating the size of “the damage” and likely cancelling tickets where they feel they can sell them for more revenue.

      What is shame that HK rules about surcharges are now reported as being misinterpreted. Otherwise, there was a potential of having travel ticketed in HK.

      • C Y S Yuen says:

        I don’t think they will cancel any tickets which are party used as they will need to reorganise transportation for flyers I think.

        In terms of damage… I DON’T CARE :D! When I was travelling the LHR-HKG I always feel like my F cost is miles lower than those who are flying in Y. I really feel sorry for those who paid more than me especially those in Y as if they read sites like this they would have been in F like me!

      • James67 says:

        The recent issues in the USA culminating with UA getting off the hook will now be used by airlines to try and get away with anything that doesn’t suit them. Unlike some of the earlier issues, the BA HKG deal could hardly be described as a barmy fare. QR, EY and TK have all sold comparable J fares to se Asia. If BA has a problem they should seek to resolve it with expedia but honour pax tickets I think anybody affected should challenge the cancellation. Air travel industry is increasingly shoddy, we need further EU regulatiin to protect customer interests

    • Danksy says:

      Well done! Sounds like you bagged a bargain!

    • Lochlann says:

      I was told I couldn’t use a GUF – correctly – but should look into using Avios…

  2. The first leg had to be flown by july 05th so its odd that BA have cancelled it so close to departure.

  3. I didn’t get HK tickets but did manage to book an economy ticket on the baby Bus out of LCY with an ex-EU route through US airways. Sadly they cancelled it. the us airways system defaulted the plane’s single class as economy.

  4. Concerto says:

    I’m not sure that under German law they can simply cancel tickets likt that which, frankly, were purchased in good faith. It really could have been a super special offer, which is what I thought it was when it came out. Only thing is, I had already bought my Hong Kong ticket for about €1,000 in another deal offered by KLM, which goes via Xiamen. Worth checking out if you’re protected under German law, if someone knows more about it than me.

    • Lochlann says:

      Thankfully I’m part way through my trip, having flown ex-GER leg already. Would quite happily take cancellation and some compensation on top of full refund though (should be able to pick up close to comparable fare in pre-Christmas sale I think – though having this ticket allows me to plan properly!)

    • Calchas says:

      If purchased on it will be agreed that the contract was done in Hong Kong under HK law, I think. Possible that the choice of forum clause would be held invalid but it’s another obstacle.

    • Lady London says:

      Apparently German law lets them if it obviously a mistake. However as pointed out by another poster plenty of airlines including SK, TK and the Middle East 3 have recently offered pricing that is not totally out of line with this for tickets to Asia. So I think it’s defensible that someone would not have known and not have taken advantage of a mistake that was obvious.

      I hope BA is forced to reinstate any tickets cancelled and deal with expedia if they think tickets are being sold incorrectly. It’s not the consumer’s fault.

  5. @alastairtravel says:

    I think you’d have a very strong case against the cancellation, especially after such a long time.

    It sounds like the fare was loaded wrong – this is more likely an airline error, but could be an Expedia one depending on their software.

    Either way you should pursue it strongly with Expedia. One of both of them is trying it on – as you purchased from Expedia – ultimately the redress will need to be with them.

    Good luck

  6. Lochlann says:

    Raffles, was this one of the ‘extravagant’ routings or a straightforward routing?

    • The reader paid a little more and had built in a side trip on Dragonair. This may or may not have had something to do with it being flagged.

      However, BA was fully aware of this issue at the time – well before I wrote about it – but struggled to get Expedia HK to play ball.

      • I’m assuming said itinerary had not started?

      • idrive says:

        “The reader paid a little more and had built in a side trip on Dragonair. This may or may not have had something to do with it being flagged.”

        What do you mean exactly?

        • His routing involved a flight on Dragonair (a Cathay Pacific sister company) so it was not entirely on BA metal. I don’t know if that made a difference since Dragonair would have wanted its cut of the fare.

  7. cpdc1030 says:

    My itinerary (ex-FRA) starts on this Sunday, and it’s still showing in MMB. I even managed to get BA to make a change to the booking despite it being issued by Expedia HK (as they were useless and couldn’t figure out how to do it).

  8. Lenin says:

    I flew my GER-LDN segment over the weekend. Miles and Tier pts posted fine. Rest of booking still showing on my BA account. Though I do have a long layover in London….

  9. Richard says:

    My itinerary (ex-HAM) starts this Saturday and also includes a Dragonair segment. All showing fine in MMB.

  10. I also flew my first DUS-LHR leg on Monday and have a 3 months layover in London before my flight to HK and not had any problems. Even upgraded the long-haul to F with a Gold upgrade for two (which BA then forgot to take away from my account so I have used it again with no problems).

    • We also did our Germany to LON sector without issue 2 weeks ago (apart from the airport staff allowing us to go on the flight before ours as ours was delayed so had to call BA to ensure the rest of the booking didn’t canx – ‘no show protector’ in remarks apparently whatever that is). Now on a 3 month layover. Not seen any mileage or tier points yet – assumed we wouldn’t until the whole booking was flown?

      Interested to know if this is an isolated cancellation? Assume as others say they can’t do anything once you have flown the first sector?

  11. cpdc1030 says:

    Looks like this was for an isolated few cases and most of us are fine. I’ve just checked in for my first leg, FRA-LCY which departs later today. To top it off, I made it an overnight stopover in FRA just to be sure. I used the IHG PointBreak to book a Holiday Inn Express in Frankfurt for 5,000 points, so it will be a very frugal experience indeed 🙂