Bits: Tesco grocery code, sale, Delta reward sale, £10 Bentalls / Amex deal

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It’s time for a clear out of my inbox now that I am back in the UK!

Tesco Grocery code still running

Reader Robert emailed to remind me that there is a functioning Tesco Grocery code out there with a surprisingly long expiry date.

Code XXNNRR gives an impressive 1,250 bonus Clubcard points when used on a £60 order placed on the Tesco grocery site here.  That would be worth 3,000 Avios points!

The code will only work if you have not placed a Tesco Grocery order in roughly the last 12 months.  New Clubcard accounts will definitely work OK  – sign up here (click ‘Join Clubcard’ at the top of the page) or pick up a card in a Tesco store.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Clubcard vouchers

48 hour flash sale is running a 48-hour flash sale today and tomorrow promising discounts of up to 40%.  Full details are here.

I would take this claim with a pinch of salt and compare prices carefully, but it is worth a quick look if you do need to book somewhere this week.

Virgin and Delta crew

Delta transatlantic reward sale

Delta Air Lines of the US is running a transatlantic reward sale until August 21st. If you have some Delta miles to use, this is a decent opportunity.

Only some routes are available – they are shown on the Delta site here. You are looking at 87,000 miles return in Business Class between Europe and the US and 42,000 miles in Economy. The link has details of the specific travel and blackout dates for each route.  Thanks to Marlene.


£10 off at Fenwick and Bentalls

Finally, a new cashback deal has appeared on the American Express website.  You will receive a £10 statement credit when you spend £50 in Fenwick or Bentalls by September 30th.

Log in to your American Express account and see if it is shows under ‘Offers’ on your card statement pages.  I had it on my BA, Platinum and SPG cards.  If it not there, all is not lost – it may appear on the ‘cardmember offers’ website in a few days which would allow anyone to register.

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  1. I got another Amazon £10 off £35 Amex offer

  2. Thanks the Tesco code finally worked this time!

  3. I think the days of offers being loaded to cardmemberoffers are gone – nothing has been on there for months. They are either available in the offers section of your account or on the AmexConnect site for non-Amex issued cards. Amex issued cards that don’t have the offers in their account section have to go without.

  4. Roughly what taxes do delta charge on transatlantic redemptions? Am I right in presuming this offer is purely through delta and not available through virgin atlantic.

    • Can only be booked with Delta miles. Minimal taxes as no fuel surcharges (but is it Delta which adds a fee to ex-Europe bookings? I always forget!)

  5. OT but Tesco related.

    I have a number of Tesco vouchers that expire at the end of August. I would like to extend their expiry date. I know I can use a voucher for the minimum 600 Avios for £2.50 and have the balance returned next quarter. Can I repeat this process for each expiring voucher in the account.


    • cheekychappie says:

      That’s fine. As long as you don’t go over the 30,000 points limit the following quarter with your ‘change’.

    • I thought there was something in the Clubcard rules now about doing this?

      • T&C no.37 states that:

        Tesco Freetime may refuse (at all times acting reasonably) any Clubcard Boost or Clubcard perk order where there is evidence of abuse or attempted abuse of the Clubcard Scheme or where the customer has not acted as a consumer. To avoid any doubt, abuse includes, but is not limited to; …

        …h. redeeming Clubcard vouchers for the sole purpose of extending the life of the Clubcard points by submitting vouchers where the value of the Boost product would give a refund of more than 50 in points change.

        That said, I am not aware of them enforcing this rule. I’ve extended the life of a few expiring vouchers in the latest quarter without issue, where the refund was more than 50 points each time.

        • cheekychappie says:

          Oh I see you found it 😉

          50 points is ridiculous, they often send £50 denomination vouchers so of course there will be multiple occasions where the change is much, much higher than 50 points.

          As you say, I’ve also never seen it enforced and I think you could easily challenge it even if they tried. Best not to line up the £50 vouchers on the same day, though.

        • Agree that seems bonkers when they’re the ones that pick the voucher denomination and often send £50 ones! Glad they don’t seem to enforce it.

      • When I’ve done it before I’ve changed a large denomination voucher (say £50) for £2.50 of rewards and then had the rest back as ‘change’ credited to my account 😛

      • cheekychappie says:

        Had a look & couldn’t find anything. Tesco has always had the right to cancel Clubcard a/cs where they suspected abuse, but this isn’t abuse. After all, they could always refund the balance in points dated the same as the originals.

        However, they don’t, they still give you a new 2 years life. I’ve done it earlier this year with no problems, I guess we’re only talking about £150 worth of points recycled so nothing major.

        Might be a sensible idea to redeem the (say) £2.50 on big vouchers (to trigger the new 2 years for the balance) at intervals rather than on the same day.

  6. Thanks for the Tesco code and recent Apple Amex statement credit – that is 3k avios and £50 I would not have gained without HFP.

  7. Score. Used it for click and collect. 3 bottles of booze to pick up on my way home tomorrow. No need to bother with the delivery!

  8. I thought that until this week but I got a stay for about 20% less when logged in than not – and 20% less than anywhere else that I could find. First time but very welcome occurence.

  9. Thanks…..worked on two of our accounts. Not bad £130 spend for 6000 points.

  10. promos are useless as someone pointed above. Never anything useful.

  11. It is not IC policy to respect Ambassador benefits on third party bookings. IHG even changed their rules this year to stop you getting points on food and drink spend when booking via a third party, although not all hotels are following it.

  12. Thank you for the Tesco code, worked fine for me am just enrolling my partner for another shop!
    Does anyone know if we can add 2 voucher codes to the same order?
    Have just seen a £16 off a £60 spend (code XXPTHN) on
    Thinking if we spent over £77, then the £16 off voucher would kick in, still have £61 or more to pay which keeps us eligible for the Avios promotion!
    Probably just wishful thinking…

    • cheekychappie says:

      No, you can’t use 2 x XX codes

      • Apologies for OT post: Have to take a family member to Heathrow tomorrow and thought I’d use the opportunity to make one of the two £50 spends required for the Heathrow Rewards promotion of a few weeks back. Any info welcome please on what shops are available to me landside -in particular any shops selling gift cards?

  13. I once bought £900 of gift cards in Bentalls with 18 Amex cards when there was a spend £50 get £25 back offer. Got mum a half price washing machine and dishwasher, the lady who put them through said ‘that’s the longest receipt I’ve ever seen’ – each gift card had to be processed separately on the receipt. Was quite a good exercise in how far you can push things before anyone asks questions and the answer is much further than you would imagine.

    The local curry house on the other hand called the police when I asked to pay across 5 cards (all in my name) in £10 denominations. They still think I’m a fraudster now when I go in, cash only they explain to me when I go there.

  14. Doog1000 says:

    The tesco code banked and was on the delivery note but points still have not hit my account 3 days later – is this normal?

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