Up to 1,500 bonus Clubcard points (3,600 Avios) with LEGO and Fisher-Price

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Tesco Direct has launched two new toy-related bonuses which could lead to a decent boost to your Avios collection if you are willing to stock up early for Christmas!


The first up is another LEGO deal.

Until October 4th, you will earn 1,500 Clubcard points (3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin miles) when you spend £75 on LEGO products.  If you don’t want to use the points for airline miles, this page on our sister site Shopper Points shows the best value Tesco Clubcard Boost redemptions.

Tesco is already very aggressive on its LEGO pricing and some of the larger items may be potential eBay resale targets.  Given the size and fragility of your average box of LEGO I am not too keen myself but I know some people are taking this seriously.

The full list of participating LEGO products can be found here.  Thanks to Ben.



Not to be left out, Fisher-Price is offering 1,000 Clubcard points (2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin miles) when you spend £50 on toys.

You can see the full list here.  It is mainly toddler and pre-school focussed.

This offer runs until 9th October.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Anyone know if you still get the points if you buy in store?

    • OT: Polly, if you are stopping off in KL on way to HKT get some face masks. I’m there at moment and smoke from Indonesian forrest fires is very bad.

      • Tnx James, we are doing the QR J CPH via DOH, so this time by passing KUL. Sounds awful there…they can be quite bad, a friend was caught up there before and had to decamp to lankawi. V excited about this first ex EU trip, hope it’s the first of many. Took the upgrade offer to club Europe tomorrow to get my extra 40TPs too, and my next ret flight to DUB gets me BA silver next month.. So the plan is in full swing now. Last time to use my MP card in Galleries tomorrow, so sad about that.

        Tnx Tilly for that, won’t be buying kids toys then!

    • Been reported elsewhere that you do not get the bonus points if you buy lego instore.

  2. Buy online for store pickup i i did it and it worked two months ago. I love these deals! Now that i became an uncle!

    • I did this before, but Tesco stuck a sticker on the Lego box! Ruined the box, something that collectors obviously want!

  3. Is there a maximum number of times you can get the 1500 bonus?

    • 20x per a/c

      • The correct answer would probably be no but keep your limits in mind(30k) but spending £1k in lego would be weird! Unless you want to become a lego reseller on ebay. Please note that last time i bought a Fisher Price present it came £10 cheaper straight away after the promo so it seems like you paid £10 for £15-30/ 3600avios=0.0027 or maybe a little bit less if you factor the base points which i did not

      • Where did you get that from?

  4. I purchased LEGO Minecraft The Mine 21118 for £75.99 and interested to see how much it will sell for on ebay.
    Some of the exact ones were sold for £85-90 (and some for £60), so it’s a bit risky, but will report back once its sold.

    • Yes, you also have to factor in ebay (10%) and paypal (6%) taking their cut!

      • I’m not sure what PayPal fees you’ve got experience of but at most they are 3.4% + 20p.

        • That’s ok! I have listed it for the same price what I paid for them, so even if I loose 10% (£7.50), that is decent for 3600 avios.

        • Yes, should work out ok. For me personally eBay is about wherever possible selling non-physical products thereby avoiding delivery charges or possible claims for damage as mentioned by Raffles.

  5. I haven’t gone overboard on this Lego deal but with it & my other stuff this Q, both the wife & I will hit 30,000 TCC points = 72000 Avios each. Not too much work involved, though some, admittedly.

    I would calculate we’re paying 0.2-0.3p/ Avios overall.

    I’ll probably do the Iberia deal @ 1p just to stick those points in the bank.

    Law of averages applies + ease of acquisition.

  6. Purchased Lego The Mine 21118 from Tesco @ £76.
    Sold it for £72 on Ebay.
    -Postage £11
    -Ebay fee £7
    -Paypal fee £3
    = £51 what I got for it after all fees.
    This means that I have purchased 3600 avios for £25. Not such a great deal.