Maximise your Avios, air miles and hotel points

Earn bonus Avios or Virgin miles with these new Tesco Clubcard offers

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Tesco Direct has released a number of new Clubcard offers in recent days.  None of these are outstandingly generous (ie make it worthwhile to buy a product you don’t need purely for the points) but some are good value.

Apologies for the lack of detailed analysis into resale potential etc but I am still officially on holiday!

Tesco Laminator

1,000 bonus points – buy any Nintendo console (ENDS TODAY)

25 – 500 bonus points – buy selected home office equipment items, the best deal is 500 points on a £20 laminator! (ends 11th November, pictured above)

200 bonus points – pre-order Little Mix (Get Weird) for £10 (ends 5th November)

150 bonus points – pre-order Now That’s What I Call Music 92 for £13 (ends 19th November)

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (24)

  • Mikeact says:

    The good old days seem to be rapidly disappearing.

    • Rob says:

      People have been saying that for the 10 years I have been playing this game …. it is never true! One door opens, another closes.

      For example …. when I started HFP three years ago you couldn’t redeem on airberlin (and so avoid taxes) or Qatar (and get one of the worlds finest in-flight products with excellent availability). Now you can. It is only recently that you have been able to aggressively churn Amex sign-up bonuses. It is easy to forget that the 241 voucher on the BA Amex didn’t exist before 2002, when Amex took over the card contract.

      Similarly, you’ve never been able to buy flights in business as cheaply as we’ve seen over the last year or so. I remember paying £1700 ex-Budapest about 7 years (on BA) to fly to Tokyo and thinking it was an astonishing bargain. Now you can pick up such a trip on Qatar ex-Europe in a sale of £800. The idea of BA selling Club Europe for £150 return would have been unthinkable inyears gone by.

      • Brian says:

        Indeed – it seems that points-earning options are going, but cheaper flights are becoming increasingly common. The latter more than makes up for the former, I guess, as long as one has the requisite flexibility.

      • James says:

        Speaking of which, skyteam are offering £959 business class from Norway to San Francisco. Usual dates apply. Wondering if one world will match!?

      • oyster says:

        Very true.
        Of course it was nice to pop to LGW each weekend armed with bundles of cash to buy £stg TCs from Travelex and earn BA Miles for next to free. Or earn stacks of Clubcard points whilst eating cheap sliced beef for a year.

        But this year I got 150,000 Avios just from Amex plat churn alone. With manufactured spend the miles were virtually free.

      • mike says:

        “officially on holiday!” and still working hard – Raffles for London Prime Minister !

        Seriously thanks for all your hard work – oh I found your twitter feed by accident when googling head for points to look up the website address as i was using a work PC – most amused with your photographs. Oh and yes I know realized I googled-ed “Head For Points” to find the website address only for the answer to come back “headforpoints” – my excuse it had been a hard day. but I wanted to show some guys at work the site so they could sign up for the daily updates.

    • harry says:

      My Morrisons petrol deal has also contributed about 10,000 Avios and £500 of free petrol.

      • wetboy1uk says:

        How did you manage to get so many through Tesco given that their option for earning additional points are limited at present.

      • harry says:

        And roll on Madonna, lol. Next Q.

        Cheers m’dears, ‘Touty’.

        • Spotted Dick says:

          Selling Lego purchased from Tesco on eBay, why the need for clues I don’t know??

          • wetboy1uk says:

            Thanks Spotted dick. It seems some individuals own greed prevents them from helping others. Had it not been for some peoples own greed when it comes to Tesco i feel there would still be a lot more generous offers out there!

    • harry says:

      This Q we had 20K on Gold plus another 30K on spend (mostly 2x on BMI) which would reduce the cost to 0.417p/ Avios or thereabouts.

  • Swibbz says:

    Raffles – do you have any method of easily finding ALL of the ‘collect extra clubcard points’ offers for tesco? Tesco doesn’t always list all of them on their “offers” page (e.g. the home office equipment you list above).

    • Swibbz says:

      Yes unfortunately that site only generally shows tesco brand offers. It excludes things like the nintendo console deal. Ah well, there probably isn’t a perfect source.

  • MoNkEyMaN says:

    Great timing, I need a laminator in my life.

  • Saif says:

    Sightly OT but does anyone know if and when the next Tesco to Virgin transfer bonus might be? I’ve got a load I need to transfer but there could be a bonus just around the corner.


    • Mike says:

      It has been quite a while since the last one…
      Unless you need the miles in the immediate future, hold on to the vouchers until they’re about to expire.