Some Qatar Airways Business Class sale deals I missed – from £696!

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Yesterday I wrote a long piece on the latest business class sale deals from Qatar Airways.  This was offering exceptional fares from as low as £751.

When I researched that article I only looked at the ‘usual suspects’, ie the Netherlands and Scandinavia.  As it turns out, there are also good deals to be had out of France and Belgium.


Out of Paris (this page shows the headline business fares from Paris CDG) the stand-out deal seems to be Tokyo at €1,445 (£1,027).

This is cheaper than all of the other departure points for Tokyo I listed yesterday.  Given how quick and easy it is to get to CDG, this is a great deal if you’ve ever wanted to visit Japan – especially as the sale period covers the Spring ‘cherry blossom’ period.

The Maldives out of Paris is €1,520 (£1,080) which is not as good as the £816 deal from Oslo, but easier for anyone who does not have an easy connection to Oslo from a local airport.  Bali is €1,625 from Paris (£1,155).

Abu Dhabi is €1,250 (£888) which, again, is a little more than the best deal I found yesterday but may be more convenient.

Qatar A350


The ease of getting to Brussels on Eurostar – your ticket even includes the connection to the airport for free – means that this is another interesting option.

The best deals, summarised here, seem to be Dubai / Sharjah / Ras Al Khaimah at €980 (£696).

This is attractive as a British Airways tier point run, as you pick up 400 tier points for the return trip.

Have we ever seen business class tickets to the Middle East from Western Europe under £700 before?!

As a reminder, here are the fare rules for the current offers:

Book by November 6th

Travel between January 15th and June 30th 2016

Minimum stay 7 days, maximum stay 1 month

All of the Paris deals are summarised here.  The Brussels deals are here.  My listing of special fares from Amsterdam and Scandinavia which ran yesterday is here.

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  1. Good lord. If I were flying anything other than EY F for my coming redemption to Dubai I would be cancelling and booking this.

  2. Good thing about the Middle East fare is that minimum stay is only three nights as the flight from DOH-DXB is considered First. Booked a nice long weekend from Brussels

  3. These require such a good timing, quick decision making…and it is so difficult to take decisions on the spot with no firm plans:-( and no big time! I would need at least the weekend but this is ending on Friday.. What to do?

  4. Do the middle east first class connections include access to the new F lounge in Doha?

  5. what about ALG-PHL om a350 its under 800GBP

  6. Someone noted on FT yesterday that you can book Sofia-Dubai for £580 rt. Ok, it’s not round the corner, but still…

    • Need to be careful you don’t drop under 2,000 miles to Doha or you would not get long haul tier points. And, hey, Sofia ….?!

      • 2001 miles, apparently. *Just* squeezes in.

      • What does ‘hey, Sofia’ imply? That it’s too far from London or that you wouldn’t be seen dead in the city? If the former, it’s a three-hour flight, so only an hour more than Oslo – some might feel that’s worth it if the onward flight is cheap enough. If the latter, it may not have the cultural variety of Dubai and the other Middle Eastern cities some people like to frequent, but it is an interesting city nevertheless…

        • It was mainly around the fact that Sofia is not a convenient connection for most people in the UK. I accept that I have no knowledge of whether Sofia Airport is a decent place to spend a few hours.

          • Okay. I was thinking in terms of Sofia being interesting for a stopover for a night – given the uncertainty, I would usually only do an ex-EU if I could stay a night in the starting-point.

  7. Hi James67,
    Thought I’d reply to your post, on yesterday’s sale thread, here as its not so long.
    Haven’t made a decision yet, although about to email travel agent.
    I can get decent flights for the times we want st the moment. Yes I was happy with original plans but it just means switching the holidays round and it also means I might not waste a 241 I was probably not going to be able to use.
    I was hoping for a £1k sale fare ex eu to MLE, so £700 ish is too difficult an opportunity to potentially give up. I’ll know more later today.
    If I did change it may mean BA F direct to Dubai rather than current Qatar to Dubai via doh, on a380, which is not a bad substitution.( if I can get 4 seats in F)

    • James67 says:

      Good luck with it. You could also check BA to AUH if DXB isn’t available. I think Rob posted they are now flying 787-9 to AUH. Try to establish good relatio ship with travel agent, probably best to chat to them directly than email. They and hotel too would be wise to accommodate you rather than risk losing the business.

      • Thanks James,
        I’ve used agent the last 4 years to Dubai and she has said as long as I re-book 10 weeks prior, to our stay in April, we can switch the deposit.
        Have also managed to get 241’s in F every year, so hopefully it may work out better.
        Just have to try and switch a London Hilton non redeemable booking now, hopefully they’ll be forgiving as I’m going to spend 760k Hilton points by changing it…..fingers crossed.

        • James67 says:

          Sounds like you are getting resultsand everything falling into place. I don’t do much with Hilton these days, had too many disappointments. If you get no joy with regular customer care then worth a shot with head office. That worked for me when I had a hilton stay I really needed to be hilton turn into an ihg stay when the old hilton wembley changed hands.

          • Hi James67,
            Hilton changed, deposit to be re-used in Dubai next October, 4 flights Oslo to MLE booked 39462 NOK….bargain …. plus 2 nights in HIA hotel in Doha. Hopefully on Qatar but can’t complain if I have to pay.
            All I need now is BA availability next October for Dubai.
            Thanks for your help.

          • James67 says:

            I’m sure you already know the date the seats should be released so just check as soon as possible that day. I have no idea how many seats BA usually release but I would imagine more on AUH than DXB.

          • Not so sure. There was, a couple of weeks ago, a mass release of Dubai seats for Easter next year as I mentioned in the comments at the time. Abu Dhabi tends to see more seats open up earlier.

            Worth noting that the Abu Dhabi is often the earliest Dubai / AUH departure from Heathrow. Unless you want to arrive in Dubai near midnight, getting the Abu Dhabi flight makes more sense.

          • Hi Jason, your hotel will probably covered by QR if your layover is over 8 hrs, which is a nice bonus if they pay. Your MLE trip sounds great. It’s on our bucket list.

  8. Mogensen says:

    I regularly pay 200-300 pounds for a 25 min. economy class jump r/t between aar-cph flight in an old ATR72 aircraft with SAS. These QR fares are incredible! Got mine secured yesterday…

  9. While I can appreciate that these fare are amazing for business class. If I am flying to Dubai for example, it seems like a lot of hassle to have to fly to Europe and then connect in Doha. If I am positioning the day before, my door to door time will end up around somewhere in the region of 24-36 hours at a cost of £900-£1000. Given that I can pick up a direct flight in Y for around £400 with a door to door time of 11-12 hours, I would aim to fly day time flights where I’m perfectly happy watching movies and reading a book so don’t need a flat bed. Given all of this I’m just not sure I can be bothered with the faff just to fly J to the Middle East.

    The fares to Far East and Australia on the other hand are seriously tempting me…

    • I agree, seems silly to double or triple the travel time to DXB, I would only do this if I needed to be in the European starting point already, or I was at the end of a BA year and short of TPs to reach a higher status. I feel the same way about east coast of North America hence passed on the CPH/OSL to JFK deals.

      • Agree for flights to East Coast but feel far less keen on the night flight back in Y!

    • Fair point, not sure I would do it myself because of the extra Doha flight (I would do it on, say, Etihad or Emirates ex Europe). The tier points and, frankly, novelty value would swing it for me if I was travelling solo though.

  10. Lady London says:

    I guess most people know Eurostar sale is open for their subscribers now, open to all from Thursday, Quoting £64 return to Brussels. Misleading and possibly illegal as they advertise Paris or Brussels for £32 headline, then you find out they’ll only sell you it as a return fare.

    • Where are they advertising that? I can’t see it but I highly doubt it’s illegal.

      Every time I’ve looked during a sale in the past one way has been half the price of a return anyway.

  11. I’m fairly certain it’s not free to get to Brussels airport on a Eurostar ticket. You have to buy the Any Belgian Station ticket which is £6 more – presumably much more than what an individual ticket would cost.

    • Ah, didn’t know that – apologies. It was included once upon a time I’m sure and I knew they still sold through tickets – didn’t know a cost was now involved!

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