Amazing Qatar £750+ business class flights to Middle East, Asia, Maldives, India, Australia!

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Qatar Airways is back with some more great business class fares out of Europe (and Scotland!).

These deals represent exceptional value for business class travel, especially as Qatar Airways has an excellent reputation for the quality of its seats, food and service.

£775 to the Middle East is certainly good although admittedly diverting via Europe is hassle for a short route.  The upside is that, as your Doha to  Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Bahrain connection books into First, you should be able to access the new Qatar First Class lounge on the outbound.

£860 to Bangkok or Singapore is fantastic value, as is £816 to the Maldives over peak season.  £1,500 to Australia is laughably good value. 

Remember that Qatar Airways flights earn Avios and British Airways tier points if you add your BA Executive Club number.  Most of the Asian routes below will generate 560 tier points return (140 x 4)!  The Middle Eastern routes, assuming you connect to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, would earn (140 + 60 x 2) 400 tier points return as the ‘domestic’ sectors book into First Class.

Qatar 787 350 business class

As with recent sales, Qatar is discounting heavily from selected cities in Europe.

The best deals appear to be out of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm at the moment.   This is not surprising – Qatar has to fill TWO Boeing 787 aircraft from Copenhagen almost every day in Business Class.  Scandinavian cities are competing against the cheap long-haul pricing offered by  Amsterdam is also a small country with big planes to fill.

If you have a particular route in mind, you should also try out other starting points.  Brussels has had some good deals in the past, for example.

Here are the fare rules for the current offers:

Book by November 6th

Travel between January 15th and June 30th 2016

Minimum stay 7 days, maximum stay 1 month

Here are some sample prices – remember that these tickets start in Amsterdam (full list here):

Bangkok – €1,310 (£935)

Ho Chi Minh City – €1,875 (£1,339)

Hong Kong – €1,680 (£1,200)

Kuala Lumpur – €1,865 (£1,335)

Perth – €2,390 (£1,707)

Phuket – €1,490 (£1,064)

Singapore – €2,155 (£1,539)

Tokyo – €1,875 (£1,339)

Here are some prices from Copenhagen taken from this list:

Abu Dhabi – DKK 9,995 (£957)

Bahrain – DKK 8,745  (£837)

Bangkok – DKK 10,445 (£1,000)

Colombo – DKK 14,045  (£1,345)

Delhi – DKK 8,845 (£847)

Dubai – DKK 8,095 (£775)

Hong Kong – DKK 11,145  (£1,067)

Kuala Lumpur – DKK 14,045 (£1,345)

Maldives – DKK 14,045 (£1,345)

Melbourne – DKK 16,545 (£1,584)

Perth – DKK 16,495 (£1,579)

Phuket – DKK 12,145 (£1,163)

Singapore – DKK 11,845 (£1,134)

Here are some prices from Stockholm taken from this list:

Bangkok – SEK 11,295 (£858)

Delhi – SEK 12,295 (£934)

Dubai – SEK 10,695 (£812)

Hong Kong – SEK 10,395 (£790)

Kuala Lumpur – SEK 16,395 (£1,246)

Melbourne – SEK 20,445 (£1,553)

Perth – SEK 20,395 (£1,550)

Phuket – SEK 12,745 (£968)

Singapore – SEK 12,195 (£926)

Tokyo – SEK 16,795  (£1,276)

Here are some prices from Oslo taken from this list:

Abu Dhabi – NOK 12,645 (£965)

Bangkok – NOK 11,945 (£912)

Delhi – NOK 9,845 (£751)

Dubai – NOK 10,795 (£824)

Kuala Lumpur – NOK 14,845 (£1,133)

Maldives – NOK 10,695 (£816)

Melbourne – NOK 19,795  (£1,511)

Perth – NOK 19,795 (£1,511)

Singapore – NOK 11,345 (£866)

Finally, there are a couple of deals from Edinburgh.  Dubai is £1,150 if you fly to the new airport or £1,250 to the main airport.  Other routes are around £1,800+.  Weirdly, Manchester to Dubai is £1,860 so you save £610 by heading to Edinburgh first!

When booking with Qatar Airways, it is important to NOT just look at the headline price. It is also important to get the right aircraft. You want to be booking onto a Boeing 787 featuring the latest impressive 1-2-1 business class seating which I reviewed here. The A380 and A350 aircraft have the same seating.

The Boeing 777 seating I reviewed here is fully lie flat but is in a more traditional configuration.  The A330 aircraft have recently been converted into flat seats although I am not sure that they are like.  The final A340 aircraft are due to be fully flat by February according to the comments below.

The good news is that Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam and Stockholm are usually operated by Boeing 787 aircraft so you should get the newest business class product.

Apart from Oslo, which is further and uglier (!), all of these departure points are easy to reach from the UK and a pleasant place to stay for the night if a stopover is required.  I would have a serious look at these deals for your long-haul travel plans over the next six months.  Have a play around at and see what you can find.

You should also do the maths and consider whether it is worth cancelling any Avios redemptions in order to rebook on a Qatar cash ticket.

The list of Copenhagen deals is here, the list of Stockholm deals is here, the Amsterdam deals are here and the Oslo deals are here.  Other destinations apart from those listed may well be available at sale prices if you search.

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  1. Andy Green says:

    right now I am wishing I had a crystal ball….. Are BA going to have a similar offer to their 2 for £2014 Business Class Deal over Christmas and the New Year? This was released 28th November last year…

    • Even if they do, I’d rather go ex-EU with QR. It’s better (IMHO) than BA First.

  2. James67 says:

    Note to Brian: AY, RJ and BA have all been sub £1100 exUK to BKK in J. Possibly QR in a 241, I don’t recall. EY was very close, about £1200, from EDI this summer with the 30% off breaking deals on a Tuesday or Wednesday. China Airways via AMS with inclusive KLM connections from the regions is often about £1250 but I think their J product is very old unless it has been recently updated.

  3. pointsarb says:

    [Raffles edit – it was on the HFP Twitter feed but the available spots I was given have gone. I am there. I agreed not to exceed a certain number.]

  4. pointsarb says:

    Ok no probs Rob, hope to see you there!

  5. pointsarb says:

    Ps. sorry did not know it was already on your feed.

    • Not a problem. I know exactly how many spaces are available and if 100 HFP readers had jumped in chaos would have ensued! Hence Twitter and only Twitter.

  6. andijs2000 says:

    So it took a little bit of planning, but have secured an Avios flight to Stockholm (ARN) (return) and an ARN-DOH-HKG with return a week later in April 2016.
    Needed an overnight in DOH on the return which has cost about £130 in the airport hotel but all brought in for under £1000 and all the extra Tier points for BA Exec so well on the way to Gold again.
    Usually do a business trip to HKG and China each spring, so looks like I’ve bagged a good deal on this.
    Thankyou Head For Points.

  7. Ross Down says:

    OT – 12,000 Avios is back with digital Economist sign up. Link below:

    • Ross Down says:

      Sorry, 9000 Digital, 12000 Digital and print.

    • James67 says:

      Thanks, I missed out big time last year by procrastinating one day too long. I see they have not repeated the sam mistake again, however, I note that there is a 14 day cooling off period for EU residents. They wouldn’t be so stupid to post the points within 14 days, would they?

      • they added some new small print which requires you to keep the subscription for 12 months to get the avios payout. Question is when do they issue the avios?

        • Takes several months now for the Avios to pay out. Also, cancelling proves a real bugger. Still a good deal though if you read the magazine anyway.

      • In order to qualify for the Avios in this offer, you must maintain your subscription for at least one year.


        • There are some cheaper locations too, just pick a hotel in that country, and have the sub sent there! Hilarious. Think we chose Hanoi or somewhere equally mad. Just look for the cheapest country.

        • And you can normally redirect to a new address. I guess in a possible worst case scenario you could find a (say) £120 sub and get it redirected, pay for a year & get Avios @ 1p

        • ie read Economist as well, which is a good read

        • Lady London says:

          That sounds a great idea Polly. I might give thought to having a subsscription delivered to a school in a developing country.

        • That’s another great idea to send it to a school. Might look for one in HKT, or the local hospital. Must check the cheapest country again, as we could do with another 12k on my daughters account, which we were too late to apply for, by one day!

  8. Jack Flyer says:

    Amazing deals. I got the BRU-DXB and the ARN-HKG earlier in the year and now they’re back – £700 and £780 respectively. The airline is amazing. I cannot recommend enough. BRU departure even better as a nice Eurostar trip gets you there easily. Food fab, booze plentiful (not so much in the lounge though) and seats great. Staff very good but a bit disjointed. These really are the best deals going. The one I did miss is the £1350 ARN-MEL, but it will be back… Enjoy (and don’t forgot you’re practically BA Silver with one of these deals (after the 4 BA short hops you need).

    • When was £1350 arn-Mel? I don’t think I have seen Australia flights this cheap other than ba error. I may have to go to oz in the new year but don’t really want to commit yet, except I assumed this is as good as it gets?

  9. Londonbus says:

    So let me get this right:
    BA rev ticket to say Copenhagen.
    then QR CPH – DOH – BKK/BKK – DOH – CPH
    BA rev ticket back.

    Then all you need is two more BA flights and you have silver?

    • Not really. CPH-DOH-BKK will give you 560 tier points. Since the last devaluation the cheap fares give 5 tier points. So if you take 4 of those you get 580 points and are still 20 short for Silver. However, if you have any Business class flight or higher priced flights giving 10 tier points then you are good.. Do check the class and tier points on the BA calculator

      • obviously that was CPH-DOH-BKK return and the 4 flights in question are BA short haul revenue flights where cheapest fares earn you only 5 tier points

      • No, you can buy the next class up which gives you 10TPs per sector, which I am doing for our DUB flights. Last sectors this week out and back next week, then silver. Thrilled to bits. Repeat every two years! So retain silver…can’t wait …

      • James67 says:

        From BKK one can take a ‘jolly’ to Hanoi on QR J to get extra TPs required. Other inexpensive options would include MAS to KUL or Sri Lankan to HK or Guangzhou.

    • James were you on BA or MAS ? We love the BA F to HKG as a jump,off too, sleep most of the way. It is an amazing experience. Know you don’t like the Doha layover but it was good for us to try it on our last trip. Not at all a bad option if people are looking ex EU .

      • I’d stay at the airport hotel on the 8hr package and catch the connecting flight in the morning. They have 2 4ft beds in the twin rooms and you can see the Qatar lounge from your room( well we could from our room 🙂 )

        • James67 says:

          That means they could probably see you from the lounge too!
          Did your Maldives dilemna resolve itself yet? Don’t worry about rain, highly unlikely to be persistent at begining and end of thie season and may not see any at all. Besides, IMO rain in tropics and subtropics is fun, not like here, much heavier and dramatic and at times the power of it is quite spellbinding. Everything, including yourself, dries out very quickly too.Even if you cannot take advantage of this sale, remember you were happy with your originl plans or you wouldn’t have ade them so don’t let it spoil your trip.

        • Tropical rain??? Love it. There’s something spectacular about their downpours. All over very quickly, and the forests seem revived instantly. Short showers usually, but worth it’s mostly dry rest of the day. Think we had a couple of bad showers recently in HKT . But worse was the effect of the Indonesian fires. Oh developed v b cough from the effects. We did go,to,PHI PHI island on a local boat which didn’t help either… So mostly any time of the year ok to travel.

      • James67 says:

        I have done both: loved MAS (apparently now MAB, whatever that stands for) a380 but it’s too expensive post devaluation. Currently my trips are BA, booked WTP to Glasgow in sale last winter and UUA both directions for £904 all in rtn. Slept over 9 hours so cannot complain. I loved DOH as a transit airport, the problem is that if you go from the regions it is often a middle of the night transit which I guess can probably be avoided on some LHR schedules. Will only consider exEU when I can make a short break out of it or I have run out of avios and AA miles.

  10. Mud Island Mlungu says:

    Picked up 2 tickets Odlo to Maldives for £813 each…. Sweet…

  11. James67 says:

    OT: AA reducing earnings on BA. Interesting that they did not wait until they devalue their own scheme. Hopefully changes to AAdvantage are not so imminent as many believe.

  12. FYI, today has seen the biggest divergence ever between HFP articles published on the same day. This articles has been read 9x more than the one on the Emirates Elite credit cards!

    • James67 says:

      Surprising it surpassed one of the 3V articles, exciting as the sale may be. How about number of first time visitors?

      • QR sales = 3V activity! Now sadly we only got QR sales to focus on, long may they last.
        Bit worrying about this AA deval. Didn’t get anything from my a advantage account, announcing this change. We were banking on upping our AA accounts from our BA J flights. Once we get silver that is, we don’t need the avios or TPs .

      • I was talking purely in terms of the ratio, not total numbers.

  13. Waribai says:

    Slightly OT but just an update for those heading to CP Heythrop Park via Points break.
    I’m currently in the premises so to speak.

    Pros: Lovely building and grounds. Good food
    in the restaurant this evening with attractive kids options too. Decent swimming pool. Occupancy seems less than 10% so we’ve pretty much had the run of this place!

    Cons: No suite upgrade for Spire status. Only upgraded to a King Exec. Not sure why considering the place is empty! Maybe points break?!

  14. Seriously tempted at these fares, but have been put off by the battery problems on the 787.

    Any further news regarding this? Apparently they never found out the cause of the battery fires but they have engineered a protective box to put around the batteries in case they catch fire again?

    • James67 says:

      I was too at the start but there now seems to be plenty of 787s flying around quite happily. Always possible, but unlikely, the industry is keeping quiet on any issues. I have not yet flown 787 but I’m no longer concerned about doing so. Probably much safer than the trip to the airport.

  15. Hi
    Feel very stupid at the moment!
    Trying for first time to book Qatar Airways offers to Dubai from Brussels.

    Found flights individually:
    1. Manchester to Brussels return – 18 May
    10:45MAN 1h 20 Direct arrive 13:05BRU Brussels Airlines
    16:45BRU 29 May 1h 20 Direct arrive 17:05MAN Brussels Airlines £79 £157 total for 2

    2 Qatar
    Brussels Dubai
    Wed, 18 May 2016 16:15 BRU 23:30 DOH Business
    Wed, 18 May 2016 23:30 DOH 03:10 DXB First

    Sun, 29 May 2016 06:30 DXB 06:40 DOH First
    Sun, 29 May 2016 08:05 DOH 13:50 BRU Business

    Obviously easy to book as 2 sep but need to book all in one to check baggage through.
    This is where my problems come – tried Expedia and Opodo multiple destinations and both say no flights available on that combination.

    Can anyone explain how I do this – only 2 more days to book the offer. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • You can’t. I am guessing there is no interline deal between the airlines (eg why should Qatar pay up if Brussels delivers you late? Why should Brussels give you the Qatar baggage allowance?). You will need to book separately and hope for the best.

    • Gill, I would leave your departure back to the UK a longer interval, if only to allow for a delay arriving back in CPH from DBX. And no, luggage cannot be loaded, as you are flying ex EU for a reason, to avoid taxes etc so the flights must be kept separate that where the risk comes in which we refer to on the flight articles. Hope you get it booked up it’s a great experience flying J on QR. You will never want to turn right again!

  16. Is there anyway round the insane 14h stop over in DOH on the Copenhagen to BKK route?
    Also do you have to sleep in the airport for 14h?

    • No, you can leave – but it is £10 for a visa to enter the country!

      There is a transit hotel in the airport which is meant to be impressive. I may be checking it out next month.

      • I think the 14h is overnight annoyingly so can’t really do much other than sleep! Its even more frustrating as there is an earlier flight which you could catch but it falls outside the fare rules.. what are the chances of getting on that flight when you get to the airport?

        • Nathan, we tried asking when we checked in, to see could we get on the early am flight, but they said no, claimed it was full in J. It probably was. Worth asking though. But there were only 4 of us in J on the day flight. And the scenery from the window ie vast mountain ranges and roads of Iran was quite fascinating. The Oryx hotel is lovely downtown.

        • Qatar is on a par with Saudi Arabia in awfulness, maybe better on the execution front. Worked there 6 months. Don’t recommend.

          Funniest thing I did was my driving test @ 4am in the morning in the pitch black (Ramadan), 4 of us stuffed in the car with the examiner, the other 3 were Indians, we took it in turns. Reverse parking, dodge around the bollards in figure of 8, hill start in reverse up a crazy artificial hill @ about 45 degree angle, 5 mins road test.

          Needless to say: I passed lol.

      • Does this fare count for the free limo/hotel thing? is there anyway to check before you book

        • Yes, but do check the t and c . It states connections over 8 hours if there isn’t a shorter connection available. We did pay more for the shorter connection from CPH , could have had the flight for approx £220 pp cheaper from AMS . But chose the shorter more pricey one from CPH to HKT. 787 all sectors, really comfy .

        • does that mean they aren’t available because they are all sold out?

        • They said it was a full flight. So we stayed with our long layover…

    • Nathan, Ours was about 10-12 hrs on way bk from HKT but they transit you through to the downtown hotel in a limo each way anyway. Quite lovely 5 star hotel. So I would t worry about it….once your layover is over 8 hrs they look after you…

      • hmm.. the AMS – BKK route although a bit more money, a lot less transit time etc.. but a night in DOH might be fun… decisions decisions…

      • Just been told that my booking isn’t eligible because there is an earlier flight even though it’s not part of the offer. So 20 hours in Doha at a cost :/ never mind

  17. Just moved back home to Spain and this offer came perfect on time as I was thinking of going to Japan for cherry blossom next year (again!). Economy departing from Barcelona for £300 return, not just to Tokyo but to any Japanese destination (including the far away Okinawa and Sapporo!). The best bit is that QR flies HND, not NRT and uses the 787! Paid £25 extra to do a multi city and I’m flying to Okinawa and coming back from Sapporo. Sadly, I cannot afford business class tickets or chasing TPs as I’ve decided not to work for a while but hey, cannot wait for this trip (hopefully the GBP remains strong vs the YEN).

    Remember the offer ends tomorrow 6th November!

  18. I’ve just booked my first ever ex EU longhaul – BCN-DOH-PER-SYD and return SYD-DOH-BCN in J, for 740TP. Not the 787 but the positioning suits me, and cheaper than LHR-SIN-SYD and return in WTP on BA for the same dates, paid for with the Lloyds Avios Amex so no exchange rate markup either. Thanks Rob for letting us know of these great deals.

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