Maximise your Avios, air miles and hotel points

2,400 Avios via Clubcard with Beats headphones (and 12,000 Avios on a £299 Dyson)

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Tesco Direct is running a special deal on Beats headphones until 25th November.

As you can see from this page, 17 pairs comes with 1,000 bonus Clubcard points.  This would convert into 2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin Flying Club miles.

If you don’t want to use the points for airline miles, this page on our sister site Shopper Points shows the best value Tesco Clubcard Boost redemptions.

They range in price from £79 to £200+.  None are worth buying purely for the points but if you were thinking of some headphones as a Christmas gift then it is worth a look.


Secondly, there is a bonus of 5,000 points (12,000 Avios) on one particular Dyson vacuum cleaner range, the V6 cordless version.

There are four different models available – click here to see them.  The cheapest is £299 which, if you are in the market for a cordless Dyson, looks like a good deal with 12,000 Avios thrown in.

The offer ends on 17th November.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (32)

  • James says:

    Speaking of tesco, I converted £83 of vouchers to avios and received the standard amount… Does the 20% bonus post later?

  • Nick says:

    For reference, the Dyson V6 (incl. free P&P) which is available for £299.00 at Tesco Direct, is available for £249.98 (incl. free P&P) on the Dyson website.

    • Paul says:

      It’s £249 in Argos as well. Effectively you’re paying £50 for 5000 club card points by purchasing from Tesco – not really a deal at all

  • Graham says:

    Same thing happened to me James, no bonus.
    Am worried about the terms and conditions that mention an email should be received for eligibility for the promotion ….I didn’t receive one.

    • Andrew says:

      See the earlier thread/post when this was announced; don’t think anyone received ‘the email’.

      Yes, many folks have ‘confirmation’ from tesco that bonus will post later…

  • Bialynia says:

    I haven’t really had much luck with bonus Clubcard points over the past year or so, due to a move and change in circumstances (getting rid of my car after moving back to London from the Shires), which means I don’t live anywhere near a Tesco, so have to make do with Waitrose for my groceries. Real first world problems…

    I did miss the email about the 20% BAEC bonus post, somehow, so I appreciate the above comments alerting me to that and I’ve decided to chance it and have cashed in all my Clubcard points in the hope that the bonus will come through. If it doesn’t, no big deal.

    In the meantime, for the past couple of days I’ve been compulsively refreshing the Tesco Direct ‘Chromecast’ page, as I wanted to get another one of those anyway (I know that you can sign up for email notifications but I also know that those can sometimes take their time to come through), but they still seem to be out of stock and the bonus Clubcard points on those are only available until tomorrow, aren’t they?

    As for Beats headphones, unfortunately, for the money, they are pure garbage. I’d stay well clear of them unless you like style over sound or build quality.

    And don’t get me started on Dyson. I’ve moved a few times over the past few years and each place I lived in there was an upright Dyson and they all felt like some far-fetched prop concocted by a set designer working on the latest Doctor Who series. They were about as easy to manoeuvre as a garbage truck, with their accessories flying off in all directions, and as for the suction, you can have too much of a good thing. They’d practically be pulling the carpet up along with the underlay and the floorboards underneath it. If we ever meet our doom because of a black hole destroying the Earth, I doubt the Large Hadron Collider will be to blame, it’ll be far more likely that it will be as a result of a power surge occurring while someone’s vacuuming their living room rug. Got myself a bagless Dirt Devil for £50 and it does the job just as well without risking the future of the human race.

    • Peter says:

      Sunday mornings aren’t your thing.

    • Stu R says:

      “make do with Waitrose” …. some hardship that

      • Bialynia says:

        It’s actually pretty good value when compared to buying all your food from Fortnum and Mason.

        I’m kidding. The only thing I could afford to buy there is a plastic carrier bag.

        • Rob says:

          Fortnums is quite interesting if you get off the food floor. They have a big man cave which is full of stuff for your Dad for Christmas, admittedly not cheap but …..

    • avidsaver says:

      I hope you realise that you only get the 20% bonus on the first £100 of clubcard points.

    • DAZ says:

      How awful, you are in a extreme position there! The very thought of swapping Waitrose for Tesco is like swapping my mustard corduroys and brown shoes for Slazenger sweatpants and baseball boots, bahh humbug, where’s my pipe!

    • John says:

      100% right about headphones and Dyson. Would love to live near a Waitrose!

      • Bialynia says:

        It’s tempered somewhat by being in South East London, but then you can’t have everything. Especially if you’ve spent all your money on Dr Dre headphones and Dysons.

  • Tilly71 says:

    When you say converted to Avios, you did convert your clubcard vouchers via the BA avios page as the normal avios page in Clubcard does not include the offer bonus which will be credited to all accounts 30/11/15.

  • David says:

    Tesco 15% off iTunes and Google play store gift cards ends today.

    If you normally use up iTunes/App Store or Google store credit this is financiallly a good deal as it stands – I got £60 credit for £51 spent. (plus it stacks with the 150 CC offer).

    Also, if working towards any credit card signup bonus, good manufactured spending route (again providing you would have spent the credit amount anyway)

  • Lady London says:

    You’ve probably bought from vendors that exclude Tesco as a payout method. For those vendors it does not come up on the list of options.

  • Tilly71 says:

    Check to see if you are still registered on the redeem clubcard details, lots of people reported earlier this year their details were removed from the clubcard settings so you just need to re-register or like above check all the retailers do pay out in cc points.