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How to earn quadruple Avios AND triple points with the current Hilton promotions!

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There are two interesting Hilton HHonors promotions running until December, both of which I have covered on Head for Points before:

For points collectors, on the ‘points and points’ option, you have ‘Triple Your Tripwhich I covered here.  You receive double base points on weekday stays and triple base points on weekend stays.  No minimum stay required.  This offer ends on 31st December.

For Avios collectors, on the ‘points and miles’ option, you have a special BA / Hilton promotion which I covered here.  This offers quadruple Avios at London hotels and triple Avios at other participating Hilton hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  No minimum stay required.  This offer ends on 13th December.

I had assumed that these offers were mutually exclusive.  It seems not.

Revive Hilton

Here is a reminder of the usual Hilton HHonors earning options, ignoring the bonuses above:

If you choose ‘points and points’, you earn 10 base points and 5 Hilton HHonors bonus points per $1 spent

If you choose ‘points and miles’, you earn 10 base points and 1 British Airways Avios per $1 spent

If you register for both promotions, and set your Hilton HHonors earning preference to ‘points and miles’ with BA as your airline partner, it seems that you will receive:

double or triple points on the ‘points’ element and

triple or quadruple Avios on ‘miles’ element

Let’s assume that you spend the equivalent of $1,000 (£660) on a London hotel on midweek dates.  You would receive:

20,000 Hilton HHonors points (10 x $1,000 x double points) which I would value at £60, and

4,000 Avios points (1 x $1,000 x 4) which I would value at £40

That is a 15% return on your spending, which is not a bad return for a hotel promotion during the busy Autumn period.

Another quirk

Even if you don’t want to earn Avios from Hilton stays, you should still register for the British Airways promotion.  Here is a screenshot from a HFP reader:

Hilton screenshot

His account was set to ‘points and points’.  For some odd reason Hilton worked out how many Avios he would have earned, had he chosen ‘points and miles’, and then gave it to him as additional points!

There is no guarantee that this will work for you but it does absolutely no harm to register for the BA offer and see what happens on your next ‘points and points’ stay.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. OT- just booked a return flight LHR to TKO, HKG to LHR. The inbound only became available today. Online it was telling me that there was only £20 of taxes and charges to pay for the inbound route but when I called to pay it was £170 each I had used a 241. Anyone know why this is?
    Thanks Head for Points for all your help. Only managed it due to you!

    • Sounds like the £20 was if you booked the HKG-LHR as a separate booking, whereas it seems like you called and added it to an existing booking (understandably if you wanted to fully use your 241). I believe Hong Kong, like Brazil, allows no fuel surcharge on one way flights out of the country but if booked as part of a return, then it is allowed. I may have gotten that wrong but I am guessing it is something like that.

    • ex-HKG flights have a capped fuel surcharge imposed by the government which is why you’re seeing a low cash rate for a one way from HKG.

      If you add a return from HKG this does not apply as it is an ex-UK booking, so you’ll pay a lot more.

      • Spoke too soon, my flight to Tokyo has just been cancelled. Is there any perks i’ll get for an avios cancellation?

        • They usually can put you on any flight to TYO, booking into revenue bucket if avios seats are gone. Unfortunately they’ve fixed the loophole which allowed you to get TPs and avios for such segment.

  2. Rob, are you able to confirm that the 2844 BA Avios actually got posted to the BAEC account of the HFP reader. I only ask because I once registered for BOTH similar options in the past and the BA Avios bonus points showed on my HHonors account, but never got posted to my BAEC account.

    • No, he didn’t get 2844 Avios – he got an extra 2844 points because he was registered for points and points. The screenshot shows all the entries in the points column, not miles column.

      • So if he had chosen Points and Miles he would of got 4x 284 = 1136 BA Avios.

        And in my example if I’d done P&P I’d of got… 1275 HH pts + 637 HH pts instead of just 508 BA Avios…

        Hmmm, might give this a go at my London stay this coming Monday, rather have the extra HH pts at the mo, saving up for another Conrad Maldives redemption.

      • Got it, thanks!

      • The Bish says:

        Dear Headforpoints, thanks so much for the Hilton tip. I registered on the links for the Triple Hilton Points as well as for the Avios and got the lot on Points and Points. So very happy with just over 35000 points for a 2 night weekend stay! Keep up the good work and the tips coming.

    • Im am registered for points and miles and have been smashing this double promotion. I can confirm BA miles are posting correctly to my BA Avios account….

    • Nick, I guess you’re talking about the Q1 bonus earlier this year. You should of ccontacted BA and Hilton and some a missing points /Avios claim.

  3. Nothing got posted to the BAEC account. The article indicates the system worked out what should have been posted, but then posted them to his Hilton account.

    Not sure how the figures worked out, as the first line is not a multiple of his base points, which I understand it should be.

  4. Slightly O/T, staying at a Hampton next week, will be trying out my Amazon Fire Stick on the room’s TV to watch my own Netflix, etc. Betcha it’ll be in he Black Friday deals.

    • Tried mine at the Hilton Dublin last month. It would not work. Although I only tried it once.

      The connection between the stick and the TV seemed to work but it would not allow the device to connect to the wifi.

      My experience is that the actual wifi quality and set up can vary between hotels so it is worth a try but as it eats bandwitdth I suspect that hotels that can identify the type of device that is connecting would block Fire Sticks and similar devices.

      Give it a go but don’t plan on spending your stay catching up on boxed sets. Let us know if it works.

      • Indeed, a lot of hotel WiFi is hopelessly slow and even web browsing can be difficult, let alone streaming! Also given most of the WiFi networks require logins they don’t always interact well with these dongles (that’s if the HDMI port is even usable on the TV!). Streaming local content from your laptop to the stick might work though (e.g. the likes of Videostream for Chrome)

    • You’d better hope the TV has HDMI. I just stayed at the ultra modern looking Doubletree Lisbon and the Samsung LCDs only had Scarts on them.

      Also the WiFi logon access page wouldn’t work in Chrome as the it blocked https access due to an insecure cypher. Not great when you only have android devices with chrome installed.
      Bizzarely changing the https to http brought up the correct page and allowed me to logon.

  5. Worked for me for a one night stay (£98) in late Oct.

    Points Earned: 5868
    Miles Earned: 508

    Base: 0
    Bonus: 2000
    Miles: 0

    Base Points
    Base: 1275
    Bonus: 0
    Miles: 0

    Base: 0
    Bonus: 1275
    Miles: 0

    Base: 0
    Bonus: 1000
    Miles: 0

    GOLD VIP BONUS – 25% 2015
    Base: 0
    Bonus: 318
    Miles: 0

    Base: 0
    Bonus: 0
    Miles: 127

    Base: 0
    Bonus: 0
    Miles: 381

  6. Sebastian says:

    I’ve got to say, the Hhonors is a loyalty scheme that you can seriously arbitrage. For instance in the ezample Rob gives for a £670 stay, you can get five nights at some Hilton hotels and virtually a one way flight to Prague off peak. That’s a pretty good deal.

    • That and HH Gold benefits is why it gets a lot of loyal customers.

      • The only problem is that they are significantly more expensive than the competition. The Hilton in Berlin, for example, is often twice as expensive as the Sofitel just nearby. The London Hiltons are always much more expensive than other chain hotels of a similar standard. That’s why I can never justify bothering with one of their Gold challenges – I know that I would just end up spending an awful lot more on the actual stays.

    • My recent 6 night reward stay @ the conrad maldives, with the triple points promo, and aided by the fact they awarded points for the seaplane transfer (that they shouldn’t do and mostly don’t), resulted in me getting more than enough points for another reward night back there. So basically a $2400 bill, $1120 of which was for seaplane transfer, got me points worth $1600 in stay credit in the Maldives. That’s what I call a good return 🙂

  7. Rob I presume the end of December / 13 December dates are stays up to rather than booked by.

  8. I’ve had exactly the same thing happen last week after 3 nights in Malta = ~20k points.

    Couldn’t for the life of me figure why so many were being lavished!

  9. InsideFlyer Tom says:

    Interesting article. I have often had Hilton credit my account with bonus points (or even miles, despite me being on “points and points”, that I have no idea of the reason for.

    Not that I am complaining, I should add.

  10. Do I get Hilton points for a stay booked on priceline?

  11. I’ve been spending roughly £600 per week in London most weeks and yielding circa 20,000 points and 3000 miles. A bit gutted this week as I am staying at the new Hilton Bankside and it isn’t on the quadruple points list.

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