Bits: That £79 Tesco printer, Qatar 241 sale, Emirates status match, M&C hotel sale

News in brief:

Did you buy the £79 printer with 3,500 Clubcard points?

A fortnight ago I ran a great Tesco Clubcard offer.  If you paid £79 for an Epson XP322 printer, you received 3,500 bonus Clubcard points, worth 8,400 Avios.

Tesco has now reduced the price of the printer to £49 as you can see here.

The great news is that Tesco Direct has an unofficial (but widely discussed online) price protection guarantee.  If you buy something and it falls in price within 28 days, you can ring up and request the difference.

A HFP reader did just that and £30 was immediately refunded to his credit card!  This means that, even if he gives his printer away, he will have received 8,400 Avios for just £49!  You may wish to try the same.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?


Qatar Airways 2-4-1 sale out of the UK

Qatar Airways is currently running one of its occasional 2-4-1 business class sales out of the UK.  Full details are here.

These prices are considerably worse than some of the ex-Europe tickets we saw last week.  We are talking about £1,700 to Bangkok compared to the £800 being charged out of Copenhagen recently  However, for anyone who is more flexible on price and less keen to travel to Europe to start their trip, there might be something here.  £2,500 to Australia per person is not a bad deal when starting in the UK.

Note that availability on A380 services from London is very restricted, so try to get the Boeing 787 services instead as the second best option.  You can also book from Manchester, Edinburgh and – for flights from March – Birmingham.

Book here by 22nd November for travel before 7th July.

Qatar A350

Emirates Skywards status match

It is very rare to see Emirates offering a status match.  There is one currently running but you will need to have an address in France in order to take part.

The offer is a little confusing.  It appears that you need to hold a current top-tier card from another airline, such as British Airways Gold.  Whether you receive Gold or Platinum status will depend on an examination by Emirates of your recent travel patterns which must include substantial travel on routes flown by Emirates.

However, as Emirates is only asking for a scan of your current frequent flyer membership card, it isn’t clear how they intend to achieve this!

Emirates is not part of a major alliance, so you are only likely to benefit from a match if you fly Emirates in Economy on a regular basis and would benefit from lounge access.

Full details can be found here.  The offer ends on 30th November.  Thanks to Benedict.

Emirates A380

Millennium & Copthorne hotel sale

Finally, Millennium & Copthorne is running a short flash sale offering a headline 40% off their standard room rates at all of their UK and European hotels.

The real discount is not 40%, because that is based on the standard flexible price.  These sale rooms are non-refundable and so you should compare them to the usual Advanced Purchase rate.  You should still see a decent saving nevertheless.

You need to book by 22nd November for stays until 31st March 2016.  The sale home page is here.

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  1. MrCinnamon says:

    I am sure they will not remove the bonus points from customers after refunding the price difference. If they do that is tantamount to Tesco admiting that the £30 price differential was the cost to the purchaser for the additional Clubcard points. And that by definition would not make them bonus points but cash-bought points.

  2. Hi, what Tesco telephone number have been people been using to get the refund? Thanks

  3. Thanks Rob, got my £30 back and with hindsight wish I had bought a few more. However, happy the way it turned out on the one printer which I needed anyway. I doubt tesco will be too distressed about this, they will probably continue to ‘sell’ points but will learn their lesson and take care in future not to reduce prices within 28 days.

    • Maybe – it does make the points opps on various items more fun, though. Ie, say it’s 2500 points on a tablet but the price is a bit high vs the market. You buy it on the last day of the promotion then sit back & wait for the price to drop. You have 28 days for this to happen, if it doesn’t, change your mind & take it back; if it does, claim the difference & get your money back – the refund should cover your costs (ie fees & P&P).

      Hey presto, Avios for free

      • Always get a laugh on HFP at peoples exploits in an effort to exploit such promotions. The 3V cards, and £5 dvd preorders with up to 1000 bonus points were priceless. We got a few iterations of the latter before tesco got fedup with it but after the printers I’m sure they will learn quickly because their CS seem to have been on the receiving end of a deluge. Just sorry I missed out on all the fun in the very early days of clubcard.

  4. O/T HT to SF
    error fares from Spain
    eg econ BCN-KUL £240 rtn, BCN-Singapore £228 rtn etc

    • Honestly Harry, how do you get this info! You are a pure mine of info! Do you actually work for a living!!!!! That’s a a fab price….James67, maybe this works in reverse for you, you are always hunting down these fares….

  5. Paras Mamania says:

    @Raffles – many thanks! got the 30 pound refund from Tesco. no questions asked.

  6. Many thanks. £30 refund processed efficiently and with no grief.

    • Interesting. I rang at 1005 this morning and no a mention of losing the 3500 bonus points.

      We’ll see. But if they disapear in the next week, Tesco will be getting a printer back.

  7. called Tesco and refudnd rejected unless they took back the 3,500 points. Instructions in a note from manageemnt this morning. Anyone else getting this? Thanks

    • Sounds like it’s for real as we heard it from several sources, let’s hope they don’t make it retrospective.

      • I didn’t even have to mention I calling about the printer, seriosuly. I said I was phoning about a product that went down in price. Immediately she said is it the Epson XP322 printer. Then she started to read some instructions on her screen. Sounds like this issue has caused quite a stooshie!!

  8. Sorry also to add, she said she wouldn;t be surprised if the points were taken back retrospectively as the policy is not to benefit from both “bonuses” e.g. points and price going down. However they could be on shaky ground I would say with that one if not informed the person at time.

    • So shaky that I doubt it will happen. The points were an incentive to buy, a contract was formed when we bought & the item was delivered. They subsequently made a voluntary partial refund because of their price promise. End of.

    • MrCinnamon says:

      I agree with harry. As I said above, the bonus Clubcard points came with the printer and to drop the price and take back the bonus points is clearly acknowledging the price was raised by £30 to cover the cost of the bonus points. I doubt it states anywhere in the Price promise guarantee that bonus points will be reclaimed. They could justifiable retrieve 30 Clubcard points for the cost of the printer after refunding the £30 but not the 3500 bonus points.

      If they do I suspect they may have a major “headache” with all the people who wish to return the printer and have a full refund.

  9. I haven’t read through all these comments but I just got a £30 refund on the printer no problem

  10. MrCinnamon says:

    I have spoken to Tesco Direct today who have confirmed to me that the Price Promise refund of £30 will NOT affect the bonus points credited to my account when the printer was purchased.

    I do have this in writing.

    • Caroline says:

      Well done. I saved a copy of my chat with tesco. They did not mention once but taking abck any bonus. Just offered the £30.

  11. John O'Sullivan says:

    I use tesco points to double up for train travel on red spotted hanky. This offer means for £49 up front I get around £72 of train tickets and a printer. Essentially Tesco paid me 20 odd pound to take a new printer away. Can’t argue with that. My OH finds this computer game I play perplexing. She reaps the rewards though. By going away for two weekends with IHG for c£90 b&b per weekend (bristol, 2 nights in exeter and plymouth) we are getting two free nights in Porto, following 4 nights in the Hilton in Lisbon (2 free, 2 significantly reduced) courtesy of HH and AE. We are also off to London to stay free in the Waldorf (HH) with Tesco paying for our train travel to get there. Nearly all my heads up come from H4P so thanks for that. Combine with MSE advice for regular free cash and I get something worthwhile at least once per week. Companies mistakes add to the rewards. I once got £500 credit from Salamander because when I opened an account with them they made a mistake by offering me too big an interest free OD (which I took out and put into an ISA). They gave me two months to pay it back but said if I couldn’t they’d credit my account the extra OD they’d allowed me (£500).

  12. I also have in writing from Tesco Direct the bonus points will be removed if I get the refund so I have to choose which I want. Maybe they are cottoning on to it or it is luck of the draw?

  13. Sussex Bantam says:

    I don’t think they are on shaky ground at all – they could legitimately argue they were refunding the original purchase and crediting you with a new one.

    I know that isn’t what is happening unless they confirm it at the time but what are you going to do if they just deduct the points ?!?

  14. What are you going to do if they take the points back? Small claims court? Good luck with that. I think the issue fee is about the same as the 30 quid….sometimes life is a bit too short.

  15. Anybody actually lost the points yet?

    • i did 2 price matches on Saturday, points still showing. As the transactions were not cancelled / refunded then i am not expecting to lose them! I reckon Tesco would have to go in and do manually. Also with the distance selling regs etc then i dont think Tesco would dare.

      In store I think Tesco got wise to it, on Sunday they steadfastly refused to refund a friend for the price difference even with the printer reduced in price on the shelf and after coming out with all sorts of references to Tesco Direct price matching instore. They insisted he bring in the printer then they would provide a full refund and then allow to purchase at the reduced price.

  16. Latest December Tesco magazine has the 100 bonus clubcard points coupon when you spend £20 on gift cards instore. Makes £50 of branded gift cards now earns you 250 cc points.

  17. XXMTNN £10 off a £60 spend using promotional code @ Tesco Wine

    Not as good as 500 points but similar in value terms, free delivery, get some Avios in with Amex