100% bonus on Heathrow Rewards transfers (it makes the sign-up promo worth 6,000 Avios!)

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Heathrow Rewards, the loyalty scheme for shopping at Heathrow, has quietly launched a 100% bonus on transfers to various airline programmes.

This is not mentioned on the front pages of the Heathrow Rewards website.  However, when you go to the page to redeem Avios (log-in required) it says:

Earn double miles on all Heathrow Rewards Points to Avios transfers before 31 December 2015

The same message appears under:

Emirates Skywards

Virgin Flying Club

It does NOT appear for:

Etihad Guest

Lufthansa Miles & More

Heathrow Rewards

This is why the deal is especially interesting:

As I wrote last week, you can currently earn 3,000 Heathrow Rewards points by opening an account and spending £100 in one day.

This is a very generous offer – the most generous I have ever seen, actually.

Combined with this transfer bonus, it is fantastic.

Open a Heathrow Rewards account, spend £100 in a day and you will receive your 3,000 points.  Convert these to Avios, Emirates or Virgin and you will receive 6,000 miles!

Whilst the 3,000 point offer runs until February, the ‘double miles’ offer requires you to make the transfer by 31st December.  You should therefore try to make your £100 spend before Christmas to ensure the points arrive at Heathrow Rewards before 31st December.  You might be pushing your luck if you make a transaction between Christmas and New Year.

You can read more about the 3,000 points sign-up bonus in this article.

It would also double up with the ‘up to 15,000 points for a jewellery or electronics purchase’ promotion that is currently running.  I wrote about that one here.  Spend £4,000 and your 19,000 points (15,000 bonus points plus 4,000 base points) would earn you 38,000 Avios.

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  1. Rob, On the original thread you suggest “Even £1k may not work. You would earn 100 points but that does not mean HR treats it as a £100 purchase.2 in regard to forex at the airport
    The bonus reads to me as £100 spent not 100 points earned. Is there a reason you don’t think a £100 foreign exchange purchase would work. If it is points based then as WHS is double points this month would therefore a £50 purchase there qualify.

    • I know how it is written but I am sure that the HR IT system would not let the FX one wash.

      It is possible that 100 points from WHS on a £50 spend may work but I would not want to bet on it

    • ankomonkey says:

      In the past when I’ve given my Heathrow Rewards card when buying currency the points rate has always been 1 point/£10 spent. I suspect their systems can recognise forex spend. I also suspect they would not give the bonus for £100 of forex spend.

  2. I can’t confirm if WHS has 3rd party gift vouchers at Heathrow but would bet on their own ones counting towards spend. Despite the t&cs, stamps from WHS definitely counted for a previous sign up. If you still send physical Christmas cards it’s a good time to stock up. On another tack, does anyone know if you can “churn” addresses for HR accounts? Yes, I know I can add d, e and f to an address but it does start to qualify for “how far would you go”… Can I empty a, b and c at double avios, close accounts and start again?

    • Sandgrounder says:

      I made a mobile phone topup at WH Smith last time I took advantage of a bonus, credited no problem. My local store is usually well stocked with prepaid debit cards of various flavours, hopefully such things are available at LHR.

    • Sandgrounder says:

      I have found that a well-placed full stop is enough to allow the re-use of an address.

      • You would presumably – flying within the EU – be able to buy £100 of stuff @ Heathrow, then get a refund in your local High St WHS.

  3. Sadly I don’t think the bonus is applicable if the heathrow points were earnt by transferring from emirates …

    • Correct. Those points are ring-fenced and can only be redeemed for shopping vouchers.

      • Raffles – Here you could convert 6000 Emirates miles to 2000 HR, then create a £20 voucher. Would the £20 voucher be able to be used towards the £100 spend (ie. only £80 of cash, but still a total of £100 spend)? Thoughts?

  4. This reminds me I must get round to sending in the receipts for some points I didn’t get added earlier.

    I may also set up a new account. I do legitimately have 2 addresses here Number and Numbera. I generally only use Numbera for spam email addresses, and only the relief postman ever delivers to the other door.

    • Landside Caffe Nero takes Heathrow Rewards and just happens to be selling £25 gift vouchers with a £5 extra (made up to £30) if bought this week. £100 probably a bit steep for coffee – but might suit some for gifts

  5. Could this work?

    Convert 6000 Emirates miles to 2000 HR, then create a £20 voucher. Spend the £20 voucher towards the £100 spend (ie. only £80 of cash, but still a total of £100 spend)? Thoughts?

    • That works fine, yes

      • Hmm interesting! Could a voucher be created from account 1, a new account created (account 2), spend the £100 signup (£20 as a voucher from account 1), and then credit the purchase to account 2? Basically can you use a voucher from one account and credit the purchase to another? I’m ready to press the button on this 🙂

  6. PlaneSimple says:

    I’m currently away but travelling home through Heathrow in a couple of weeks. I am not currently a Heathrow Rewards member. If I sign up today will I be able to (before 2 weeks time and getting my card which will be sent to my home) download a virtual card to use at arrivals in Heathrow?

    • Yes, you can download the card on an iPhone. At worst, retro claim the points – they go on within 48 hours in my experience. Last time I did it I took a photo of my receipt, emailed it and it was added with no problem.

  7. Can you combine or merge points between two different heathrow rewards accounts?

    • You certainly can. Can be done by email to customer services or over the phone. Sometimes easier to just take care of by email. Just provide relevant acc numbers and names. Usual transfer time is 2 days roughly.

      • Cheers, I did see somewhere you had to call up but email is easier.
        I take it there won’t be any problems as we only signed up my wife today to get the bonus sign up amount to make both accounts 400 points.

    • Yes, if in different names at same address. It is tucked away in the rules. Needs a call.

  8. Anyone know when these will credit? Firstly for the initial transfer and then for the bonus – is it applied at the same time?

  9. Some answers to the queries above based on recent experience. No WHSmith T5 don’t sell gift vouchers (couldn’t see any in 2 stores airside, anyway). The 3000 bonus points ‘new member spend £100 in one day’ didn’t automatically add, had to ask. A £150 spend in Dixons Travel adds a further 150 + 500 bonus + 100 new member standard points making this deal worth 7500 avios (if points redeemed for avios in double up promotion by 31st December).

  10. Does anyone know how long it takes to credit to you BA a/c once you request a transfer ?

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