Good Tesco promo returns – 100 Clubcard points (240 Avios) with £20 gift card purchase

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If you’re in your local Tesco this week, make sure you pick up a copy of the December ‘Tesco Food Family Living’ magazine.

Inside, you will find a full page advertisement for gift cards and a coupon which looks a bit like this.  (Not exactly like this, as you are looking at the 2013 version!)

It is on page 103.

Tesco coupon

It gets you 100 bonus Clubcard points (240 Avios) with the purchase of a single gift card of £20 or above.

This will, with 100% certainty, stack with the ongoing offer of 150 bonus Clubcard points when you spend £50 or more on gift cards, excluding Tesco-branded gift cards.

If you pick up two magazine and purchase 2 x £25 gift cards, for example, you would earn:

150 bonus Clubcard points for spending £50

2 x 100 bonus Clubcard points for spending two lots of £20

That would give you a total of 350 Clubcard points (840 Avios or 875 Virgin Flying Club miles).  Assuming that you would otherwise have spent £50 in cash at whichever retailer you go for, these are arguably virtually free miles.

If you don’t want to use the points for airline miles, this page on our sister site Shopper Points shows the best value Tesco Clubcard Boost redemptions.

(EDIT: I amended the example above because I was reminded of what I forgot whilst writing this.  To get multiple ‘150 points for £50 spend’ bonuses for the same transaction, you must be able to break down your order into chunks of £50. Buying 5 x £20 vouchers does not work because you cannot break that down into two chunks of £50. Buying 4 x £25 gift cards, on the other hand, does trigger two lots of ‘150 points for £50’ bonuses.  Clear?!)

This is a very decent offer and I would pick up a few copies of the magazine if you can.  The vouchers are valid until 31st December 2015.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Time to stock up on all GC’s if you can find the mags. Tesco sell a gift card which covers a high majority of garden centres in the uk, if you have one nearby why not buy in bulk for next year’s gardening. Points can be earnt in bulk and at no cost if you plan ahead

  2. No online code, ie is it in store only?

  3. Janeyferr says:

    This not being able to drive malarkey is really hurting my pointsing, as I can’t go around the big Tescos looking for magazines, on top of not being able to go to cheap motorway-side IHGs.

    • Count yourself lucky, think of all the time and effort you are not compelled to make for the sake of a few hundred clubcard points, the trepidation at the till when you hand over the coupons you cut out of a magazine, or travelling to a holiday inn express to check in and then leave (or worse, stay the night).

      A few months ago i had a Tesco till operator refuse to scan my clubcard when buying some 3Vs, advising ‘you dont get points on gift cards’ and having to inform her you do. Then watching as they all failed to activate. Her wanting to bin them all and then calling the duty manager over. Me telling her to scan them again and sub total them every time. She still refusing to take my clubcard! and then half way through deciding to stop sub totalling them, so some then failed again. And then advising that i was buying too many (4) which was why it didn’t activate the first time, and that she shouldn’t let me have so many points!

      • “travelling to a holiday inn express to check in and then leave” is this a common practice? Is this worth it? I’m keen to know / find out, Id hate to be missing out on all the tricks!

        • Fairly common practice for me! I will be doing it at the HI Brent Cross in a few days to complete my Accelerate challenge.

        • I don’t seem to be able to sign up for this. I keep getting an error message. Perhaps I am too close to the end?

  4. is it only in Big Ts or also Metros?

  5. Andrew M says:

    Can the gospendits be paid into NS&I or any other accounts? Ive got some conditional spend vouchers which would cover the fees.

    • Beats buying those other cards AFAIAC even if no ‘finance’ destinations allowed. (I don’t know the answer on that.) You’d still be able to use them quickly.

      I wonder why Tesco don’t stock Amazon cards?

    • No, that loophole was closed a year ago

  6. Chris Corbett says:

    Seems like if you already subscribe to Apple Music then you can load up your account with ITunes Gift cards with the 20% discount on offer until Sunday AND get the bonus points meaning you can get a 20% discount on your subscription and all the bonus points on offer (incl the voucher points). Would that be right?

  7. £96 cost
    get £90
    less fees = £77
    less post = £70
    net £26 for 4800 Avios = 0.54p

  8. Sussex Bantam says:

    Well that worked out beautifully. Was about to buy a £100 present at Argos – switched instead to buying 4 * £25 gift vouchers. 400 points via the coupons, 300 more from spending 2 lots of £50.

    700 clubcard points = 1680 Avios = 17% discount off the £100 spend. Thanks HfP !

  9. I’ve got 4 of these coupons. The coupons are all same – ie same barcode and number below the bar code.

    The coupon says “Coupon can only be redeemed once”

    If I buy 2 x £25 gift vouchers in one transaction, and the cashier scans 2 vouchers, won’t the system reject the second scan because it has detected that I am trying to redeem a coupon more than once?

  10. Just come back from Tesco. It worked, but not exactly how I expected.

    I got 150 + 2 x 100 (350) on the purchase of 2 x £25 gift cards, but the value of the gift cards (£50) was deducted from my qualifying spend. Which means that the “bonus” points were not 350, but rather 300 points.

    Still good though, especially as I’m getting 2.5 Avios per £1 on my new Lloyds Amex.

    • You never get base clubcard points for gift cards, regardless of offers, promos or coupons. Gift cards (tesco and other branded) have always been excluded from qualifying spend.

    • That is bizarre ….

    • This is the first time I have heard of this happening, as long as you spend £50 on branded gift cards you always get 150 cc points, add your two coupons makes 350 points. You never got base points for gift card spends so very strange your total points amount.

    • Kevin, are you saying you got 350 points but that you expected 400 (ie 50 base, 150 bonus for £50 of cards, plus 2x 100 for coupons?) ie you only got 300 points more than you expected for £50 of Tesco spend

      Or are you saying that the receipt only showed 300 points in total?

      If the former, I’m afraid you have never got base spend points for gift cards so 350 points is the correct total.

      If the latter, that is the first time I have ever heard of that happening and is a significant IT error by Tesco that could affect anyone who buys gift cards in the future.

  11. BeThatGuy says:

    Mixed success today at my local Tesco Extra (Cheam Park Farm).

    Had a good old browse of the cards on the rack and decided to go for:

    1 x iTunes £25 (20% discount so £20)
    1 x Pizzaexpress £20 (20% discount so £16)
    1 x National Book Token £20 (no discount so £20)
    Total spend – £50
    Expected bonus points – 100 + 100 + 150 = 350

    When I got to the till the checkout lady said they had been told they could only sell a maximum of 2 gift cards in any one transaction!! When I pushed her and said there was nothing in the Ts&Cs about that she rolled her eyes and put the 3rd one through – computer said yes…

    Sounds like a local “made-up rule” to me – now just have to wait and see what actually gets automatically credited to the account !!

    • classic ymmv

    • avidsaver says:

      Whatever points you have earned should be showing at the bottom of your till receipt. These gift card bonus points are always credited immediately and show up in your online account two days later in my experience.

    • BeThatGuy says:

      Oh well, did slightly better than expected in the end. From my account page:

      22/11/2015 TESCO SUTTON-CHEAM EXTRA £56.00 450
      22/11/2015 TB CREDIT CARD SPEND – TESCO STORE 3235 £56.00 28

      So 28 base points (1pt per £2 on non-Tesco lines) plus 450 bonus.

      Thanks Raffles 🙂

  12. I went to 2 Tesco Extras and a Metro in Devon yesterday and none of them had the magazine. I asked in one of the Extra stores at customer service but they said they’d never even heard of the mag… 🙁

    • None in any of the 4 Tescos I’ve been to in Sheffield/Southam/Daventry. They all have the massive Christmas gift catalogue.

  13. Following the information that you are better to buy 4x£25 cards than 5x£20 cards. If I want to buy £600 and it’s only available in 20s. Should I buy in groups of 60 or 100?

    • Groups of £60 as you’ll get 10x 150 points.

      Groups of £100 would only get you 6x 150 points.

    • I’ve finally got my hands on some of these magazines now. I bought 5 x £20 gift cards today, used 5 vouchers and earned 800 clubcard points..

      • Did you get the 150 bonus twice with buying 5x £20 gift cards? Thought it would only work with £25 ones?

        The Next ones they sell are only in £20 denominations so this is definitely interesting!

  14. Just seen this offer by email from Tesco,
    You can get £30 Pizza Express and iTunes Gift Card Multipacks for £25 – saving you £5.
    Wonder if that’s combined with the above?!

    • The 150 points for £50 spend + bonus 100 points from the mag will definitely stack with that offer if you buy in the right multiple

  15. One more question! I’m looking to buy showing from amazon. Tescos don’t do amazon giftcards. Is there a way around this? Ie. Buying Debenhams giftcards, and then buying amazon giftcards in Debenhams?

    • One more question! I’m looking to buy SOMETHING from amazon. Tescos don’t do amazon giftcards. Is there a way around this? Ie. Buying Debenhams giftcards, and then buying amazon giftcards in Debenhams?

      • Buy the Amazon giftcards in Morrisons for 10p off per £50, to get 10p off a litre in petrol station?

        • Sorry, 10p off per £100

        • Thanks Harry, but I’ve got loads of 100 point coupons and I’d like to take advantage. The airmiles would mean more to me than the petrol. Although if it comes to it, I’d rather something for my purchase than nothing 🙁