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How you can convert your 1,100 free Accor points into 1,100 free Avios

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On Saturday, I ran details of a super new Le Club AccorHotels (the Novotel, Ibis, Sofitel, Mercure etc scheme) promotion.

In return for filling in a few quiz questions, you will receive 1,100 Accor points if you are a base level Classic member and 1,050 points if you are a status member.  The points post instantly.

If you haven’t done the quiz, follow the instructions in the article from Saturday then come back here and continue reading!

Used for hotel stays, 1,100 Accor points would get you €22 of free night.  You need at least 2,000 Accor points before you can order a voucher, however.

You can also convert your points into an Iberia Plus Avios account at a ratio of 1:1.  (Do not convert into British Airways as the rate is 2:1).  This is meant to require a minimum conversion of 3,000 points.

There used to be a way of forcing Accor to convert your existing points balance, however small.  I thought it was dead.  However, with the combined efforts of Head for Points commentators, we have got it working!

This means – to be clear – you can now open a Le Club AccorHotels account for everyone in your family who has an Avios account and earn 1,100 Avios through it.  The only ‘catch’ is that, because you cannot transfer out of Iberia Plus until your account is 90 days old, it will be three months until you can merge these points with an existing BA balance.

Sofitel St James 350

This is what you do:

Do the quiz and get the 1,100 or 1,050 Accor points showing in your account

Make sure you have your Iberia Plus account number ready

Make sure you are logged out of your Accor account

Click here.  You will be taken to a special Accor / Iberia Plus page

Log in to your Accor account via the box in the bottom left corner

If it has worked, you will be taken to a new Accor / Iberia Plus page which will ask you to input your Iberia Plus account number and to confirm the name on your Iberia account.

If you don’t get this page, it hasn’t worked.  You need to go into your Accor account, click on ‘My loyalty card’ on the profile page and turn off ‘convert to airline miles’ as it probably got activated anyway.  Click on the Accor / Iberia link again, perhaps in another browser (Chrome worked for me) and try again.

I did for my Mum and it worked – eventually!

When your conversion is set up, you receive this email.  Important – if your email mentions having to earn 3,000 points before they convert, it has been set up wrongly.

Accor 11

Overnight, you account will zero out and you will receive the following email:

Accor 22

Your points will then appear in your Iberia account a few days later.  I’m not sure how long it takes – my wife had hers auto-convert over the weekend and they have not turned up yet.

You may find this all a bit fiddly, but persevere and it does work as the example above shows.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see  our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. It does not work for me. After I put in my Iberia number and name, the website goes blank, and refreshing lead me to the same page to fill in the Iberia number again. Anyway, thanks for the tips.

  2. Did not work on me, the point is still sitting in my Accor account, not moving anywhere.

  3. Didn’t have a Le Club AccorHotels acount; opened one easily enough, did the “quiz” and accrued the 1,100 points. Followed the above instructions to transfer the points to my IberiaPlus account yesterday and received the confirmation e-mail.
    Logged into my Le Club AccorHotels acount today and the points are still there – also had the following message on my homepage:
    “Your Le Club Accorhotels card is blocked: please contact your Customer Service via the “Contact us” section below the main menu.”
    E-mail sent to CS, but, as yet, no reply.
    Anyone else had this problem?

    • Had exactly the same message having gone through the above process for my wife and I, even though we’d received the confirmation email awaiting confirmation from Iberia.

      • Andrew H says:

        Perhaps this particular loophole for transferring under 3000 points to Iberia has been closed.

    • avidsaver says:

      Yes! Had the same message on three accounts having followed the instructions above (all reg at same address on the BA Household Account). Will also contact CS today via email and see what transpires…….Watch this space…….

    • Yes, exactly the same

  4. Thanks for this tip. Tried it and Accor account went to zero but not yet received in IB.

    Is there anything similar for Hilton or Marriott points?

    • Andrew H says:

      I did my transfer to Iberia on 13th and haven’t got them yet so don’t expect yours anytime soon.

  5. I earned 1100 points on the 15th.

    Today I checked my Accor account and saw this

    2/18/2015 12/18/2015 Account Regularization 0 -1100

    Does anyone understand what this means ?

    • it means they have been transferred to IB

      • oh sorry, that would have been
        15/12/2015 15/12/2015 FFP Systematic Transfer : Iberia 0 -1100

        Unfortunately Account Regularization 0 -1100 sounds like bad news for your points.

        If I were you, I’d contact them & ask where your points are.

  6. W its the Tesco bonus points the correct amount went into my account overnight. They had only credited 10% took them away a few days ago, then the correct 20% went in.

    Did the transfer to IB got the e-mail just waiting to see if they transfer nothing for nothing

  7. Not worked – 1100 still there, received email to say conversion request registered but my Accor account is now blocked and “contact us”. Not planning on earning any more points ( via virgin suits me better) so I suppose I’ll do just that to get unblocked then try again…

  8. Thanks for this post. I had 3000 points after the extra points for the quiz!!!
    Converted and got email immediately. Will have to wait and see how long it takes for it to go to my Iberia account.
    Also to note, it did not work on safari and struggled on internet explorer but no problem with Firefox browser. Hope that helps.

  9. Andrew H says:

    Oh and thanks for the mention, Raffles!

    • Andrew H says:

      I’ve just seen this comment on another site. If true, no wonder the promotion ended so soon!

      “Moreover, I learnt from a very popular travel discussion group in mainland china (yes! again!) that, the admin proactively advocating to open duplicated le club accounts for this game, then transfer to several (or same) iberia plus accounts and then further group them altogether (via or or household account and so on) in order to redeem a free ticket. I knew many of them opened over 37 accounts in one night in order to earn 40,000 avios (enough for a first class cx tix from china to japan)!!! I believe it may trigger some alarms by accor and therefore ended this game within such a short period.”

      • Sadly sounds quite plausible – that would certainly explain the quick uptake and closure! If they’d just limited it to accounts that were already open then the loophole wouldn’t have been available!

        • I was in Cuba when this was on so was going to do it when I got back last night only to discover it has ended. You’d hope their IT systems would pick up on the same iberia account number being used multiple times.

          • Given how dodgy the programming is of Accor’s website (was broken for weeks if you entered your Le Club number!) I don’t have much faith that they’ll have picked this up – I suppose they might be able to suss it out retrospectively though.

          • Oddly I’ve never had a problem with the accor website, I’ve had lots of problems with “combine my avios” on BA / Iberia / Avios, those who opened lots of accounts will have to hope that is working!

      • Lightweights, a number of years ago I opened 106 Accor accounts and received 105 coupons for a mixture of $60 and Euro40 used 3 for York the rest were sold on ebay for a profit of £2300~ after fees. Wonder what happened to other one, gutted. LOL

  10. Gin and Tonic Please says:

    I just checked my account and had the same ‘Account Regularization’ transaction that others have mentioned above – and I’ve not tried doing anything to link to Iberia. I can only assume my account has been caught up in a big clean up . I’ve asked for them to be reinstated – will let you know what they say…

    • Likewise. Award Wallet notified me earlier that my Accor balance had changed. Checked my Accor account and I’ve the same message. I’d done nothing to transfer those points. I’m not even sure whether I have an auto convert set up.

    • Gin and Tonic Please says:

      Just got the response from Accor – all re-credited fine.

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