Deals (non-flight deals!) to be had in the January sale!

Links on Head for Points pay us an affiliate commission. A list of our partners is here. (not British Airways Executive Club) has launched its January sale.  In order to take part, you would need to use the ‘Combine My Avios’ function on or to move your points across to

Oddly, there are no flight deals available!

Don’t dismiss the sale entirely, however, because there are some genuine deals to be had.

The home page for the sale is here.

HOTELS is offering discounts on 100 hotels in key destinations.  This is for travel between March and May 2016, for rooms booked before 24th January.

The cities included are Dubai, Boston, Marrakech, Istanbul, Algarve, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Copenhagen, Nice, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Here is the interesting bit.  Avios has reduced both the ‘pay with Avios’ price and the cash price.  This means that, even if you have a very small Avios balance, you can still get a good deal here.

One problem is that it is not clear which hotels are reduced.  When you dig around, though, there are some deals.  Let’s take Hilton Dubai The Walk from 16th to 23rd April – a photo of a typical apartment is below. wants Dh 7,501 for the entry level room including all taxes (£1,387).  The price is just £616 or 108,000 Avios or some combination of those.

This is a substantial saving.  Before anyone thinks of it – you cannot claim a Hilton ‘best rate guarantee’ against this because is treated as a ‘membership site’.

Hilton Dubai The Walk

PACKAGE AND CRUISE HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS has sharply increased the discount you will receive if you redeem your points for a package holiday.  You must book by 24th January for travel at any point in the next year.

The deal is valid with any tour operator that Avios can book, which is most of them.  Simply find the holiday you want in a tour operator brochure and call Avios to book.  You will pay the brochure price.

The discounts are:

Redeem 5,000 Avios and save £100

Redeen 10,000 Avios and save £200

Redeem 15,000 Avios and save £300

The minimum spend required to claim a discount is just £750.  Redeeming 15,000 Avios at a hugely generous 2p per point to save £300 is an impressive deal.

More details can be found here.

The small print online says that “Further discounts can be applied at a rate of £50 per 10,000 Avios”.  However, the document I was sent says clearly that the cap is a £300 discount for 15,000 Avios.  I get a feeling that you can increase the discount beyond £300 but you will only get 0.5p per point if you do.


Avis car rentals are reduced by up to 25% depending on destination as long as you pay with Avios points.  You need to book by 4th February for pick up dates before 16th March.

More details on the Avis discount can be found here.

There are also some “earn extra Avios” deals as part of this sale which I will cover later in the week.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this one Rob. Do you forfeit your status if booking this way?

  2. Peter K says:

    Used the £200 off for 10k avios on a last minute deal in Dec. Got a holiday for £600 + avios rather than £1250. Made it all the more enjoyable! Thanks for pointing out the offer Rob.

  3. Peter Taysum says:

    I used to work for Carnival UK (P&O and Cunard) and when I checked prices for cruises previously the Avios site were very competitive, they were actually offering (considerable) money off brochure price for P&O. Would you also gain Avios booking this way?

  4. If I book a night at a Hilton hotel through this sale and use it tagged on to the end of a 5 night redemption stay will they refuse my status benefits on the last day? I know technically they should but what are the chances of them actually doing it for a last day? And what would happen if they did? Would the breakfast just be charged to my room for the last day?

    • TBH I think it’s unlikely they’d do that – most places would be pretty reasonable. What you wouldn’t want to do is mix a paid-for booking with either a redemption or a third-party booking as that could make the whole thing non-earning for points. Not an issue since you’re combining with a redemption.

    • From my limited experience in Canada you get vouchers for breakfast when you check in

    • Last year I had asked the same question to the Hilton the Walk in Dubai. Actually the receptionist told me their rooms were cheaper on I asked if I would keep the benefits of my Gold status and she said yes minus the points. I assume they still implement this.

  5. O/T but on the topic of car hire/travel

    Looking for 6 days hire from Newark airport for a trip down to Atlantic City and Philadelphia in march. Will also need to get into NYC (times square) on the return.
    We’ve looked at dropping the car back in NYC but then you get charged the extra for one way rental. for the regular NYC visitors, or USA car renters:

    1)Newark, easiest way into Times Square would be the New Jersey Transit to Penn station, then Subway to Times square? – Would the subway be suitable with two cases?

    2)I’ve been checking various sites for the car hire, am I correct in thinking the Avis UK site includes full insurance, where the US site you pay daily? is this common practice, If so the UK site is much much cheaper (30-40%). – Not keen on using excess insurance and having a lump sum placed on my card.

    3)I’ve found a broker (Atlaschoice) that are offering the same car with Avis for much cheaper again it also says it comes with a free tank of fuel, I’ve never used a broker before, let alone a company that doesn’t try rip you off on the fuel how do you make sure Avis stick to their side of the deal?

    4)Will also need to get back to JFK for a 8pm flight, and a few hours in the Concorde Room. Whats the best way this time of day 5pm rush hour? Uber? Train?

    • Bookings on the UK site should include more insurance, yes, due to UK guidelines.

      Broker may well be cheaper – it is a very competitive market. Excluding insurance US rentals can be virtually free at times.

      Taxi from Newark Airport is not hugely expensive, you may find it makes life easier.

      The subway from JFK drops you in Times Square with no changes, as a plan B.

      • Great thanks! – just checked the avios site, their Avis bookings are also cheaper than the site. (dates outside the promo above).

        • I have been pricing up Car hire for a one way drop off in the US and it varies greatly. Cheapest I have is with and they will let you part pay with Avios if you want. Avis direct and through BA much dearer and BA will not let you redeem part points.

        • Thanks, take it you call for the pricing? cant seem to find 1way on the Avios website.

        • Yes you have to call – they are very helpful. I haven’t booked yet – holding out to put the spend on a new BAPP next month as cost is around £600 – hope the price they quoted me last month holds out!

        • Cheapest I have found is $300 surcharge for taking back to a different state! Which is a bummer!

        • Lady London says:

          Mastercard often has a free One Way drop within the same country for Hertz. Hertz agents can book it – it doesn’t always show up online. I’ve used this a number of times over the years in a few countries and it can save a lot.

          Within many States in the US, provided you’re dropping off within the same State it can cost not much or zero. This experience is based on Hertz not Avis though.

        • I hired through Enterprise from Miami to New Orleans. No drop off charge was applied.

    • With Avis, if you can return the car to a rental location within the same state, it is usually cheaper than returning out of state (I found a big difference comparing SFO-LAX versus SFO-LAS)

      • Our next 3 planned US trips are all going to be picking up in one state and dropping off in another so we will have to suck it up as they say! We love doing fly drives – starting to work our way around all the states!

      • Very useful this car hire stuff for future reference, got a 2 week car hire in Texas coming up in May

  6. O/t the Holiday Extras 15% statement credit can now be signed up @ – Barclays, TSB, MBNA, Lloyds issued Amex cards

  7. koroleon says:

    For package holidays, which agents work with BA flights? We’re looking to fly BA to one of their Greek island destinations this summer; I checked Kuoni and it offers BA flights but it looks overpriced. No way to use BA Holidays with this offer?

    • Have you got the BAPP card? I am doing the same – holiday in Greece using BA September. Using BA flight + holiday, not only is the cheapest pricing I’ve come up with so far for CE flights plus hotel but you also get an extra avios lump sum and if paying with a BAPP 3xpoints. It’s the best I’ve come up so far. I’m not sure that if you fly with Kuoni you would collect avios and or Tier points. Can anyone help on this? I thought travel agent fare buckets didn’t always attract points and I specifically need these flights for re-qualification of silver.

    • Avios may be able to book it – they are a big standard travel agent at the end of the day. Ring them.

  8. Found a hotel i liked in Reykjavik at 30 percent discount when compared to Any ideas if will join in on this sale? (I’m just thinking about bonus avios for using BAPP card!)

  9. A question I’m sure has been answered before – apologies.

    Will hotels booked using avios in the sale honour status, in particular Accor?

  10. O/T
    Raffles have you ever covered Rewards for Thoughts?

    Can’t remember seeing it. 600 easy points for signing up – available on Avios a/cs, not sure about BAEC

    • carpentr says:

      I do a lot of survey sites, and have been very disappointed with Rewards for Points. While it sounds great the reality for me is that many emailed surveys change before your eyes into less lucrative offers – it doesn’t ‘play fair’ in the way that other sites do.

      • Agreed – I gave up with them after many time doing half a survey, then being told I didn’t qualify for the full survey (or rewards).

        • I just got the successful 600 points message after my first real survey, 10 mins input.

        • Andrew H says:

          I have earned 9000 avios from Rewards for Thoughts this year. One advantage that RfT has over E-Rewards is that you get the avios deposited into within 24 hours.

          You will get offers of 25 avio surveys and 50 avio surveys. The 25 avio surveys are obviously shorter, and usually take 5 mins approx. The 50 avio surveys can take anywhere from 10 mins to 20, and occasionally 25-30 mins.

          You need to be patient. The surveys should filter you out within 2 mins max but most of them are a lot quicker.The avios are deposited into your account on weekday mornings at 9am, although on Friday it can be mid morning. They don’t do it at weekends but you will still get surveys.

          I try to aim for two 50 avio surveys a day and I’m usually successful. On a couple of occasions I have done six or seven a day!

          Definitely worth it for someone like me who doesn’t earn the huge bonuses you lot get on credit cards 🙂

      • Looks like I already signed up for but you can sign up again with BAEC details

        • Coincidentally just got this from erewards

          Hi harry,
          Congratulations – you’ve been rewarded!
          Your Reward redemption details are below. Please save this email for future reference.
          Your Reward 250 Le Club Accorhotels Points
          Your Le Club Accorhotels account will be credited within 250 Le Club Accorhotels Points
          within 6 weeks.

          Then I guess they autoconvert to IB

        • Yes they will.

    • Tried to signup but after being ruled inelegible for the first 10 surveys I tried I gave up.

      • Worth another go as they start you off with a 4 minute survey to earn the 600 points, it’s really just a profile

        • Now you mention it I think I got this point for the profile then zilch in ongoing points earn

  11. Can anyone help with the best way to solve mismatching account details. I have made a mistake somewhere but I can’t find it!

  12. O/T
    Get 4000 Clubcard points when you buy Premier or Extra cover (scroll down)

    If you’re a new Tesco Bank Pet Insurance customer with a Clubcard you’ll receive 4000 Clubcard points if you buy Premier or Extra cover between 29/12/2015 and 01/03/2016. Simply enter TOPPET when quoting. This offer is not available if you get a quote or purchase from any price comparison websites.

    Not sure this is for me, probably just worthwhile for real pet owners, unless somebody here can find a workaround 🙂

    Might try a rescue cat worth nothing later lol

    • However, you ARE allowed to keep the points if you cancel after 30 days. Lowest cover, monthly direct debit springs to mind.

      My wife & I are already on 30K points so it would have to be next quarter in any case.

      • 1yo indoor healthy tabby worth nothing still costs nearly £17/ month, if you can get a pet quote below £10/ month I guess I would be in 🙂 [has to be at least ‘extra’]

        might play with the parameters later

        • Bingo – worked out how to get Extra cover for £8/ month

          Try young 2YO male dog, small non-pedigree cross, neutered & no trouble, living with middle-aged married couple somewhere quiet eg Welsh countryside 🙂

          4000 Tesco points = 9600 Avios

        • ii couldn’t see where to out your club card number

        • Got to love the effort you make 🙂
          We have 2 year old cats if you wouldn’t mind getting them cover Ben and Holly 🙂

        • ben & holly = 2x 9600 points in my books, just use mum’s address as well 🙂

        • yes – there was a space to put in poppet & clubcard number – which they said would give a keener/ best price – I didn’t put in my clubcard number for obvious reasons in the quote so maybe could achieve better than £8/ month

        • Looks like if you up the excess to the highest amount, it will reduce the premium by a bit

        • Harry, did you see anything regarding when the points are added on this one? Is it quarterly instalments?

        • Do they cover hamsters?

    • This is fine just to get the points but be careful for real insurance. With Petplan the vet handles the claim for you, whereas with other insurers you have to pay and then try to claim the money back from the insurer.

  13. rams1981 says:

    has everyone received their avios from the Iberia Groupon deal? My first 2,000 have hit but the rest have not

    • NO, none – and I am not even sure if they have posted, as their website redemption form sometimes says they are still available, and at others says the codes have been used already.
      The Groupon help page talks of technical problems…
      I have emailed them, and IF (!) I get any sense out of them I’ll post on the original HFP thread.

    • I’ve redeemed my vouchers on the 23rd and have not received any avios yet 🙁

    • Get worried – very worried. You possibly did not validate them correctly.

      Can you go back to Groupon and re-validate them?

      I think there’s an expiry date coming up for claiming the Avios from Groupon.

      Don’t get caught out.

      • I wouldn’t say ‘very worried’ as you can refund it via Groupon anyway (not sure what the cut-off is – 14 days? 21 days?)

        • Andrew H says:

          While I got my 2000, I haven’t received the 304 Iberia Plus store bonus, nor have I received the 300 from AmazonBuyVIP/Showroompriv.

          While it’s nice to get this offers, I really wish Iberia Plus would make some improvements to the speed they process these bonuses!

  14. Imbruce says:

    Slightly O/T has anyone used Juicy Rewards to book flights using Avios?


  15. Are we expecting a BA avios sale similar to previous years (ie £1 taexs on rfs)?

  16. Re entering clubcard number for pet insurance this is what they have just told me

    “Our system automatically finds your Tesco Clubcard number 🙂 If you take out the policy with us, we’ll be able to check that the Clubcard number is on the policy and that you’ll receive the points”

    I have done my cat 5 years old neutered and chipped £5.35 a month

  17. Daftboy says:

    Just to follow up on the hotels point, the cash cost of the Maldron Dublin Airport is much lower than that quoted on the hotels own website – £82.50 vs ~£110 (€149). Doesn’t seem to require any use of Avios. This is a good deal, with the only thing I am missing out on being 1 reward night. I’m happy to take the hit on that.

    I have been looking at booking this hotel for quite a few months in advance of a 7am ex-DUB departure in the summer (en route to LAX via LHR) – may be useful for anyone in the same situation.

  18. Hi Raffles,
    Did you send any HFP e mails this morning as for the first time ever did not receive any from you (part of my daily ritual) linda

    • Emails went out OK, and I got mine. Someone else reported that they didn’t get theirs though. Nothing has changed with them at my end and MailChimp, who send them, is the biggest and most reputable email group out there. Someone said that their Shopper Points email didn’t arrive either which is even odder, although both share the same ‘From’ address.

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