20,000 free Avios with a subscription to The Times & The Sunday Times

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Avios has teamed up with The Times and The Sunday Times to launch a generous subscription offer.  If you buy either newspaper then you will find this deal very interesting.

There are four deals to choose from, as you can see here.

The cheapest is the Classic 6 Day Pack.  For £5 per week (£260 over the minimum one year term) you receive:

  • The Times in print form Monday to Saturday
  • Access to the smartphone app and the websites (but NOT the tablet app)
  • Access to the Times+ membership scheme
  • 20,000 Avios, credited within 28 days

Times membership

Pay £7 per week (£364) and you receive the Classic 7 Day Pack.  This is everything listed above plus The Sunday Times in print form.

If you don’t want printed newspapers, the cheapest option is – oddly – more expensive than the cheapest print option!  For £6 per week (£312) you receive The Digital Pack which gives you seven day access to the tablet newspaper.

For £8 per week (£416), The Ultimate Pack gets you seven days of print newspapers plus full access to the tablet app.

Purely as an exercise in buying Avios cheaply, this is clearly not the greatest deal ever.  £260 for 20,000 Avios is still cheaper at 1.3p each than buying them from BA.  I would not be a buyer at anything above 1p, however, unless you are topping off an account.

On the other hand, if you currently pay for The Times, or would swap from your existing newspaper, it becomes more interesting.  If you are self-employed, perhaps ordering a daily newspaper for your office could be a business expense.

You can find full details on The Times website here.

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  1. The pricing structure is not odd.

    Freakonomics covered this many years when the Economist ran numerous experiments to see which pricing structures enticed greater revenue and not just greater subscribers.

    The cheaper print option generates subscribers by making them think they are gaining Print cheaply by sacrificing Digital.

    I will dig out the Freakonomics episode buts it’s a great insight into the psychological hooks and economic realities of subscription businesses.

    For instance – people will drive across town to save 50% off of a £100 shopping bill.

    They will not drive across town to save £50 from a £25,000 car.

    Yet the savings are identical…

  2. No options on just the Sunday times?

  3. Annoyingly nothing for existing loyal subscribers. Be warned if you cancel to rejoin in another householders name, you lose digital access immediately. You don’t get it again until the start date of the new subscription, can be weeks away as vouchers arrive quarterly. Without digital access Times articles are behind a paywall.

    • In the past when the Times have run offers I have had no trouble calling them up and getting it on my account. They have signed me up for a new 48 week contract, sent out a new Times Plus card and new vouchers and I have had to send the old vouchers back in to them. A bit of a faff, but it works.

  4. Tilly71 says:

    Any terms to say how long until a refund if you cancel?

  5. Tilly71 says:

    Just took a look, so it’s a contract of 12 months min so you can’t cancel and get a pro rata refund of any kind?

  6. doog1000 says:

    How long does the offer run for – couldn’t see anything in the terms?

  7. If you have school or uni age offspring available you can get an annual Times subscription for £20 via Unidays which would make this offer a bit less attractive (but the avios amount is still tempting).

    • But its just the online phone version and is rubbish! I have this and now need to call to cancel so i can get the tablet version…

  8. Jas Gill says:

    Thanks for that, suits me as I buy the newspapers daily anyway. Therefore, free Avios.

  9. I think I’ll just stick to my daily free paper and latte at Waitrose instead.

    • Good if you live in / next door to Waitrose!

    • Also relies on spending £5 every day there…

      • AndrewM says:

        But you can subscribe to The Times, and use your voucher at Waitrose in conjunction with the free newspaper offer – you are being paid 40p to take the paper away!

  10. mrtibbs1999 says:

    So you can sign up with any name and a pre paid visa. You get the avios after 4 weeks, meaning 20k Avios for £21. This is a poorly thought out offer, the abuse potential is massive.

    • Tilly71 says:

      Do you not need to pay the years subscription on joining up?

    • Im sure they would steal back the Avios..

      Dont Tesco do it if you for example: buy something, convert to avios then refund the item?

      • You could send them over to BAEC though as soon as they hit your Avios account. Don’t reckon The Times would be able to get them back from there.

        • I was more concerned with them tracking you down through your avios details (which wouldn’t be “any name” and be YOUR name) in order to get the other 11 months worth of subscription from you!

          • Oh right…see what you mean. Yes, I guess that it is possible for them to do that if they really wanted to – whether they would bother though, I’m not sure.

          • With 20k Avios on the line though… Might even be worth the risk!

          • mrtibbs1999 says:

            1) Get a few prepaid visa.
            2) Get some new avios accounts with different email addresses and contact details to your existing accounts.
            3) Sign up for the offer multiple times
            4) Move points to ba exec club making new accounts.
            5) After a while create a household account with the new points.
            6) Enjoy you pot of avios, or if caught lose a few quid for the chance of getting lots of avios.
            7) Alternatively, redeem Avios ASAP after posting and ignore steps 4-6

          • Tilly71 says:

            Can’t see that happening somehow. They would simply close your account if no money could be taken.

  11. Sussex bantam says:

    Excellent. I shall be cancelling my existing sub on Monday and taking out a new one in the Mrs name.

    Thanks raffles !

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