Last chance to receive 4,000 Clubcard points (9,600 Avios) with Tesco pet insurance

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Back in January I wrote about a very generous Tesco pet insurance deal.  As this offer is coming to an end soon, here is a reminder for those who didn’t see the original article and would love to get a big Avios bonus for getting their furry friends insured.

If you take out pet insurance from Tesco Bank before 1st March 2016 you will receive 4,000 Clubcard points.  This converts into 9,600 Avios or 10,000 Virgin Flying Club miles.

The offer is working OK.  People are receiving their 4,000 Clubcard points roughly 6 weeks after applying.

Here is how it works:

Simply enter the code TOPPET and your Clubcard number when getting a quote on the Tesco Bank website.

There are four different levels of pet insurance to choose from which you can compare on the website, but only Extra and Premier Cover will give you the 4,000 Clubcard points.

Out of curiosity I did a quote for my cat here in London and also checked what the price would be in Wales. The result is not surprising – just slightly annoying.

If we lived on a farm in Wales, Extra Cover with an excess of £60 would cost just £8 a month.  This would mean that, based on 1p per point of value for the 9,600 Avios, I would effectively be getting a years coverage for free.

In North West London surrounded by busy streets the same insurance costs £20 a month. 4,000 Clubcard points is still an attractive incentive to switch, as long as you are not currently paying something similar via another insurer.

Clubcard vouchers

The rules for the Tesco pet insurance promotion are:

  • You have never had any pet policy covering this pet that has been declared void or been cancelled by Tesco Bank.
  • You are the owner and keeper of the pet.
  • You and the pet on the policy live in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.
  • Your pet is at least 8 weeks old.
  • Your pet is not on the list of uninsurable breeds.
  • Your pet is not used for business, commercial breeding or for monetary gain.
  • And if you’re insuring a dog: Your dog is not trained to attack, used for commercial guard or security purposes, or for any form of racing.
  • If you cancel your policy within the first 30 days you will not receive the Clubcard points.

Unlike the recent life insurance deals where Tesco was giving you the Clubcard points in quarterly chunks, you will receive the points all at once here. This means even if you decide after a few months that the policy isn’t right for your needs, you can keep the full amount of Clubcard points.

It does not say how long Tesco will take to award your 4,000 points but readers who took out the policy after I first wrote about it said that the points arrived within 6 weeks.

Remember this offer is available until 1st March 2016 and is not available if you visit the Tesco Pet Insurance site from a link on a price comparison website.  You must go direct.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    I took out the policy 6 Jan but as of yesterday I was still awaiting the points. Chaser email sent to Clubcard customer service.

    I can report that I had no problem with cancelling the policy when my cat tragically went missing.

    • I’d have waited for the points to hit your account before cancelling.

      • So would I.

        • Mr(s) Entitled says:

          Why? I’ve a copy of the T&C’s, I have written proof from Tesco that my policy ran more than 30 days, and I can verify payments made for said policy.

          No point paying for a cat that is no longer with me. The pain of loss was great enough without adding the pain of needless financial loss on top!

          • Good luck in getting the points! You could call the pet bereavement counselling helpline. Shame there’s not a similar helpline for lost points.

          • There is, it’s called HfP!

    • Msybe Fakekitty went off in search of the points!

  2. Bluejosh says:

    It’s not asking for my club card number anywhere in the process but is saying my club card discount had been applied. Is it just picking this up from my name/address etc and should I be concerned?

    • didn’t ask for mine (or anyone else’s as far as I can tell) – system managed to match me up and I got the points a week or so ago. Presume as long as name / address / email matches you’re fine

  3. OT: Did anyone else ever have problems getting paid back money of the VISA giftcards into their bank account? GoSpendit owe me a few hundred pounds since a few weeks and have not replied at all to a complaint I made over the phone, but only said it looks as of money was paid out OK. I asked them to refund several giftcards but money for one card only was refunded, though all cards were taken off my account with them.
    When can I take it to the financial Ombudsman? Is there a waiting period? Do people have any other suggestions in regards to this situation?

    • the_real_a says:

      Rather than me copy it out, the information is here

      However, make sure you have raised a formal complaint with Blackhawk and got a complaint number/reference. This ensures its dealt with by a senior team rather than some outsource worker in the tropics.

    • Did you pay by credit card? If so, gift card likely <£100 so cannot use S75 but I'd ask them to use their weight to assist in this matter.

      • I did pay with a credit card in Tesco, but I do not have the receipts anymore as from previous statements. I often bought 2 x 50 £ cards though, would this then hit the S75 threshold?

    • I’m so glad I got rid of all of mine in time. HMRC have just paid my entire balance of giftcards into my bank account 😀

  4. My points have hit my account, but my mums haven’t as of today, and policies were taken out same day different address different account will give it another week and chase.

  5. Well you are jumping the gun before you take complaint to FO you need to write to company a good old fashioned letter and give them a reasonable amount of time to look into your complaint. I would give them 2 weeks and send letter by registered post, that then shows you have tried to settle dispute with company. If you have then heard nothing phone FO.

  6. Why would you cancel a policy before the bonus offer has been credited to your account, I think they have the right to not pay you the bonus as you havnt kept a policy going.

  7. Reminds me of the cold call I had this week about my Sky TV box and satellite maintenance (I dont have one) where I strung the poor sap on for half an hour, before saying “Even if I dont have a Sky box or satellite, can I still take advantage of this tremendous offer”. I think he smelt a rat though when he asked me to set a password and I told him it would be “SodofF” with caps at the beginning and end of the password.

  8. We have been lucky in that, several of my BA Household Account members that all have their own Tesco Clubcard and that fortunately live at different addresses have all been able to get their pets insured under this offer!

    • What are the chances that all the cats get run over on exactly the same day?

    • How did you get them all on the same BA household account if they are all at different addresses?

      • TGLoyalty says:

        A/the parents home?

      • Different family members have Clubcards at their own home addresses but for the BA Household Account they all happen to live with me.

        • Jonathan says:

          Does this only work if the said household members don’t use their own BAEC number on their own flight bookings? I’m assuming BA would catch on otherwise.

          • BA has zero interest in whether you pretend relatives live at your house or not in order to fit them into a household account.

        • Linked to this so only a little OT… I added my family to BA exec and as they regularly fly to oz but are not part of any FF scheme! Have joined them to my BA household account (NOT an one) .

          They have gained some avios via avios suitcase but combine my avios says their details do not match though have checked and they all do. Any idea why or how to go about dealing with this without ringing customer services? My family are happy to gain avios but not to put any legwork in.

          The accounts have been open less than 90 days but thought that rule only applied for combining avios from Iberia?

  9. This offer has been thoroughly abused, there is next to no chance a similar offer will come back in the future so good luck to everyone who took part.

    • So have numerous offers in the past but they keep coming back…

    • Has it though? Tesco are getting insurance premiums for at least two months – has it even been confirmed that cancelling gives a refund on the annual policy? If people were claiming on the accidental death clause for this rather frightening epidemic of squished moggies then I could see there would be clear fraud unless said squished moggy could be produced but when it’s a simple cancellation of policy within the T&Cs…

      • Just got my policy and says is an annual contract with a 0% loan payable monthly, I didn’t see this on the application website. If I cancel after a month or two then seems I still owe for the year. Are we simply all assuming Tesco will tear up the contract or is it likely they would risk upsetting bad customers who are just collecting club card points for avios by making them defaulters on the loan?

  10. Does this then work out at very good value? Are we effectively paying £8-20 for 10,000 Avios?

    • 0.2p per Avios sounds like good value to me. If you use Avios + cash don’t you save 0.66 p per Avios point used?

      £20 for £40 worth of Clubcard vouchers also sounds like a pretty good deal.

    • interesting

  11. When do you cancel in order to only pay 1 month? Sorry i am being stupid. But surely 30 days will go into the next month

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