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My review of the British Airways Concorde Room at New York JFK

This is my review of the British Airways Concorde Room lounge at New York JFK Terminal 7.

I don’t think I have been here before, to be honest.  That is not as odd as it seems since a short overnight flight from New York to London is not the best way to experience British Airways First Class or maximise the value of your Avios points.  I would have taken a Club World seat if one was available or, preferably, the new American Airlines business class seat, but the option wasn’t there.

My other New York trips since I started this site have concluded with flights on Singapore Airlines First Class (to Frankfurt, reviewed here) or airberlin (see here and here, and a new airberlin long haul review is in the pipeline).

Terminal 7 has a private security channel for premium passengers.  The problem is that it only has one scanning machine.  Given the large number of premium passengers and premium seats flying out of Terminal 7 – including the ‘all business class’ Open Skies services to Paris – the numbers don’t work.  A staff member was desperately trying to get people to walk to the other side of the terminal to use the normal lanes which were apparently empty.

I was probably part of the problem as I ended up needing FIVE trays for my hand baggage after they insisted it be broken out in certain ways ….

The good news, once through security, is that you are just 10 seconds from the entrance to The Concorde Room.   Like the Heathrow version (which I don’t like, see my Heathrow Concorde Room review here), this lounge is exclusively for ticketed First Class passengers and the top tier of Gold Guest List card holders.

There isn’t a huge amount going on in the lounge, but that isn’t the point.  It is meant to be a quiet space where you can have a proper meal and a waiter-delivered drink.  There is more ‘going on’ over in the main lounge.

Here is part of the seating area (click on any of the photos to enlarge):

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

And opposite:

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

Tucked around the corner is a small business centre:

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

If you don’t want a formal meal, snack are limited:

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

and, by the bar:

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

Whilst I didn’t get a picture, the selection of magazines is woeful – clearly ‘pay to play’ is at work.  (That said, the Heathrow Galleries are also ‘pay to play’ AFAIK but they do seem to draw a line.  Not here!  At least it wasn’t as bad as What Pool and Hot Tub? which Singapore Airlines is happy to give out at Heathrow ….)  There was a decent selection of newspapers.

Here are the dining booths:

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

The food choices that night were,as appetisers:

Tuna slider with avocado, charred lime, sriracha chips, brioche bun (see below)

Eckerton Hill Farms heirloom tomato with buffalo mozzarella, shallot red wine gastrique, sea salt

There is also a salad option which you can have as well as, or alongside, a starter or main.

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

The choice of mains was:

Filet Mignon with pea ravioli, baby carrot, celeriac puree and au poivre sauce

Miso glazed pork tenderloin with braised baby leeks, corn and boiled potatoes

Seared polenta crusted monkfish with cockle mariniere broth, pistou and samphire (see below)

Vegetable pot au feu with limami consomme

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

And finally for dessert which only had one option:

Passionfruit crumble with pistachio crumb, micro mint, Summer berries and passionfruit coulis (see below)

There was also Black River blue cheese with lavender honey as an additional option afterwards.

Review British Airways Concorde Room New York JFK Terminal 7

And that is about it.  If you want a pool table, book yourself on Virgin! (here is my review of Virgin’s JFK lounge).  The Concorde Room is a quiet, relaxing space where you can have a decent – although not life-changing – meal before your flight.

It isn’t the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, by any means.  I would happily go there again but I would not recommend spending the extra Avios for First over Club World purely on the basis of visiting the New York JFK Concorde Room.

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  1. Barry cutters says:

    I find the staff much frendlier in the cc room at t7 jfk than the staff in the cc room at t5 Lhr. Last time i was at the jfk one a month or so back I commented that I liked the champagne and next thing I had a fresh unopened bottle brought to me to take home. Also worth remembering they will happily put you on another flight at reception of there is space available. Eg if you want to go on an hour earlier or hour later if you feel like more time in the lounge (I’ve done both). Cc room at heathrow is decent if you are flying out to Europe the same day as landing on a first class flight. I’ve used the cabanas a couple of times to get a shower and 2h sleep. All in all ccrooms are nice places to waste a few hours before a flight

  2. OttoMH says:

    The wine list is certainly better and it does have more of an ‘air of calm’ than the other lounges. It’s a nicer place to kill time.

    Overall though, I do agree that the extra cost for F over J on a north east coast night flight is rarely justified purely on cost.

    It makes much more sense if you have an onward connection from LHR of course!

  3. barry cutters says:

    Can you still do a back to back run at JER with HBO. Im looking at saving £1200 on my flight by going to JER and back Monday evening before a Tuesday evening first class flight to JFK (23h.50m later) I’m looking at getting a flight that lands in to JER at 7.30pm and departs back to Heathrow at 8.05pm, is this do-able?

    • Yes, but even in the worst case you come back in the morning and still don’t miss your main flight

      • barry cutters says:

        sorry by worst case you mean my connecting of 35mins is tight? would I be better to stay in jersey and come back Tuesday morning?

        • No, it should almost always be fine, but once in a while you won’t be decanted into the depature area and will have to go back through security; online check-in might not work; you might need an extended trip to the toilet, etc.

        • barry cutters says:

          Thanks for the info. And thanks to raffles for giving me the knowledge to save me circa £1100

        • Same plane so if you already have a boarding pass and no luggage ….

    • Alexis Karfopoulos says:

      b2b at Jersey is fine. However, your flight will go to LGW not LHR.

      • barry cutters says:

        yes I know that. I have meetings that day near Gatwick so was hoping to go to jersey and back on the Monday night. Then leave to jfk from heathrow on the 8pm 23.5h later

  4. I thought the staff were fantastic the last time we were there, it was my son’s 10th birthday and they brought him out a chocolate brownie with happy birthday written on the plate. They could not do enough for us.

  5. Andrew says:

    The cocktails are also amazing – a full list which are made to order.

    • barry cutters says:

      that’s the states in general though. all bartenders seem to know what a cocktail is rather than in the UK where a vodka and coke is considered a cocktail in most bars

  6. Graeme says:

    Was anyone wearing shorts? 😉

  7. Tim Rogers says:

    I visited this lounge last summer, think I was flying back to London at about 8pm and I was pretty impressed. I got straight through the private security area and was really impressed by the service (espresso martini, fillet mignon and plenty of the Grand Siècle). I’d definitely visit again!

  8. Owain says:

    Anybody know what the JFK Concorde room is like in the morning? I’m booked on the 08:30 from JFK to LHR, and wondering if you get anything more than a basic breakfast there at that time.

  9. Scott says:

    I liked the JFK CCR. Got there earlier than anticipated due to it being cold and wet outside and after being soaked a few times, decided more wandering around the city wasn’t for me.
    Good food and drinks – did like the strawberry water. No problems with staff and less than a dozen people in there at it’s peak so plenty of room.
    Did spend half my time though wandering around the terminal, checking out the other lounges, people watching and the food court as it’s not that exciting place to spend hours.
    At least you don’t have a 20 min or so trek to your gate like LHR.

  10. Fenny says:

    Having no clue what “limami consomme” was, I [not] googled it. The first result was this review!

  11. Boris says:

    What is an “heirloom tomato”?

    Do they have a specialist bollocks-generation person for the Concorde Lounge?