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(Now fixed) Tesco glitch – 3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin miles for £60 LEGO spend!

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Tesco Direct launched two new LEGO promotions on Monday:

1,000 Clubcard points (2,400 Avios) for a £60 LEGO spend

500 Clubcard points (1,200 Avios) for a £30 LEGO spend

These are both attractive deals if you have any lovers of little plastic bricks in your household.

LEGO Star Wars

However, up to midnight on Monday night, Tesco Direct was mistakenly giving BOTH bonuses on a £60 spend.  Buying £60 of LEGO got you 1,500 Clubcard points plus your base points – that was 3,600 Avios or 3,750 Virgin miles.

This deal is now over.  You will only receive the expected 1,000 points (worth 2,400 Avios) on a £60 order.

Even though the glitch has been fixed, you should still take a close look at this deal if you have kids or are expecting to give any presents to a child soon!  LEGO makes a great gift or can easily be resold on eBay.  .

The Tesco Direct home page for this offer is here.

‘Click and Collect’ delivery to your local Tesco store will be free as you are spending £30.  The deal runs until Sunday 31st July.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Maurice says:

    OT: Re IHG.
    Does anyone know if there is any advance warning when the list will go live? Or is it a matter of ‘keep trying’?


  2. how long for tesco points to show from ordering ?

  3. h1tvd says:

    just bought £120 worth of lego for my son for collection tomorrow, excellent

  4. Dont forget to go via avios shopping portal for an extra 2 avios per £1

  5. worked here
    1562 points for 62 spend
    paid with BA Amex for an extra 93 miles
    clicked through avios shopping portal for an extra 124 miles
    Every Little Helps 😛

  6. Fantastic! 2 orders through – And they are all on my wanted list so win win.

  7. James67 says:

    Was waiting for lego promotion to come round again, would have been happy with the 1000 so a great bonus. £240 worth for over 14.5k free avios and Christmas shopping started in July! No eBay hassle for me. Thanks Rob.

  8. Clive says:
  9. Kevin says:

    Has anyone booked IHG hotels via the HFP double rewards club base points website and eventually receive the extra bonus points on top of your Ellite status base points?

    • What do you mean? You don’t get the elite bonus doubled, if that’s what you mean – only base points.

      If you mean you haven’t had double base points, wait 28 days then send me the info and I will chase it. Literally 99% have posted ok so far.

      • Kevin says:


        Sorry for the confusion. I got my elite bonus points but haven’t seen the double base points yet. Perhaps I would need to give it few more days for them to post the double base point. Will definitely send you the information if no sign after 28 days.

  10. barnaby100 says:

    It might be that if you buy and select click and collect and a tesco metro then decide to refund when you collect that they just do a till refund and no points are deducted. Just to add- I do not intend to do this but that is what happened to me last time with lego and another time with something else It might just be my tesco metro of course.

  11. Kevin says:

    I got an accelerate target to stay in two different countries outside of my country of residence. May I know if using reward points to book a free night stay would meet the accelerate target?

    • No, reward bookings only count towards targets that explicitly require reward bookings (eg targets for a “cash and points” stay) I’m afraid.

  12. OT but just got a letter from Halifax saying the clarity card no longer gets the £5 reward from 30th Sept onwards due to cap in interchange fees for MC and Visa.

    • Useful, I was about to take one out just for this feature. Many thanks.

  13. Awesome post! Jumped on to it, and as of now, its still posting 1,500 bonus club points.

  14. How annoying, now that I’ve actually got time to order something it’s not working! Now it’s only showing 500 bonus points in my basket even though I’ve got £63 of applicable Lego products in there.

  15. Lavar56 says:

    All finished now it seems.
    £60+ now correctly showing 1000points…

  16. Waribai says:

    Jumped on this yesterday and did click and collect. Not sure now though if I can make it to Tesco before our holiday. If I don’t pick it up, what will happen to my points and any money paid?

    • It would be automatically returned after a certain point and your money refunded. Not sure how long they give you.

      • James67 says:

        It’s two weeks, and it would appear they enforce it rigidly. I thought I might have a few extra days over Christmas and new year given my local collection store was closed for three days but this was not the case. I called customer support and eventually got to reorder (it was either chromecasr or nowtv) at the promotional rate with bonus points even though the offer had ended but they were reluctant.

  17. I got 1000 poits this morning. When I tried returning goods with points allocated a few months ago the points were taken off.

    • were your points added into your clubcard acc mine are not showing yet ?

  18. Andy S says:

    Slightly OT, got an email from BA today saying convert 5 quid or more of tesco points to avios and get entered into a draw for up to 1million avios. Including a nice big “convert now” button.

    But the small print says the promotion runs from 1st to 31st August, crafty bu&&ers! I wonder how many people fall for it and convert now – I almost did!

  19. Collect 1000 extra Clubcard points when you spend £60 on LEGO
    Excludes Tesco Partners. Offer ends 31/07/16

    Few days left then

  20. The points for all my orders are now showing on my clubcard account – thanks Rob!