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VERY interesting – Accor/Hertz status match AND 1000 Marriott or IHG points for everyone!

A couple of weeks after a non-functioning website went up, a new partnership between Hertz and Le Club AccorHotels has been officially launched.

Accor has previously only worked with Europcar. Adding Hertz is a positive move and broadens your options for crediting Hertz car rentals now that they are no longer an Avios partner.

The key thing here, though, is that Hertz is offering a status match to all Le Club AccorHotels members.  As a large number of HFP readers are top-tier Accor Platinum thanks to their American Express Platinum cards, it means you can walk into Hertz President’s Circle without doing 20 rentals first.  This is worth having.

For the rest of you, this is still worth doing.

Everyone who signs up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards via the links below will get 900 free Hertz points.  This is good for a one-day car rental or you can transfer them into 1,000 IHG Rewards Club points, 1,000 Marriott Rewards points or 500 miles with a variety of airlines including American and Air Canada.


Here are the full list of benefits under the Hertz / Accor partnership:

Earn 3 Le Club AccorHotels points per Euro spent for every vehicle rental at the eligible rates

Until 31st August, earn 5 Le Club AccorHotels points per Euro spent

Enjoy a 10% discount on the eligible international rates on a wide range of vehicles

Receive a status match based on your Accor tier:

  • Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Members can access directly to Hertz GPR President’s Circle Membership
  • Le Club AccorHotels Gold Members can access directly to Hertz GPR Five Star Membership
  • Le Club AccorHotels Silver Members can access directly to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership
  • Le Club AccorHotels Classic Members can access directly to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership

Note that this offer is NOT available to US residents.  Everyone else is fine.

Accor Hertz

Is Accor now a good place to credit Hertz rentals?

Potentially yes.

An Accor point gets you 2 Eurocents of Accor hotel discount voucher, as long as you exchange in chunks of 2,000 points.  3 Accor points per €1 is equivalent to getting 6% of your rental cost back in Accor vouchers.

Alternatively, if you set up your Accor account to transfer your points into Iberia Plus, you will earn 3 Avios points per €1 spent.

(I am assuming that Accor automatically transfers partner points to airlines as well as points from hotel stays.  Perhaps a reader could confirm?)

Do NOT transfer Accor points into British Airways Executive Club as the rate is only half as good.

How do I register for my Hertz Gold Plus Rewards status match?

There are separate landing pages depending on which Accor tier you belong to:

Platinum – click here to get Hertz President’s Circle membership

Gold – click here to get Hertz Five Star membership

Classic or Silver – click here to get basic Hertz membership

ANYONE can get Classic status simply by signing up for Le Club AccorHotels via this link.  You can then sign up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards via the link above and claim your 900 free Hertz points.

At no point during the sign up process does it ask for your Accor number.  I can only assume that either Accor will be asked to validate your email or postal address or the cookie carries through from the landing page and Hertz does not do additional checks.

What happens if I am already a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member?

You can get your status upgraded by adding the relevant Hertz CDP code for your Accor status tier (shown via the links above) to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account.  You will not receive the 900 Hertz points as you are not a new member.

What can I get for 900 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points?

Most people who rent a car from Hertz choose to take airline miles instead of Gold Plus Rewards points.  Some of the deals, such as 1,000 Flying Club miles per rental from Virgin Atlantic, are very generous.

If you opt to earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points, you will earn 1 point per pound/dollar/euro spent excluding multipliers. These can be redeemed for free days on a sliding scale of expense, although the redemption amounts differ by country.

This is the UK points redemption chart:

Hertz UK reward chart

As you can see, the 900 points you get for signing up via the Accor link would get you a one-day UK rental of a small car as long as reward availability was there.  You would need to pay for insurance on top unless you have an all-inclusive policy from or similar, or have an Amex Platinum card which includes free car hire insurance.

Points expire after no account activity within a two year period.  However, you can transfer them for free to your spouse or ‘domestic partner’ by calling.

Perhaps more interestingly, Hertz points can be transferred to these airline and hotel programmes in 600 point blocks:

600 Hertz points = 500 airline miles, 1,200 Southwest Points or 1,000 IHG Rewards Club or Marriott points.  The Accor rate is not stated but I doubt it would be 1,000 points – that seems too generous.  Transfers can be made online from your Hertz account.

Next steps

If you are Accor Platinum, this is a good opportunity to get yourself top tier Hertz status for free.  It may even be worth trading off Avis and the chance to earn Avios points in return for the ‘no queues’ Hertz Presidents Circle experience.

If you have a lower level of Accor status, including the basic status you get for signing up, the attraction here is 900 free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points.  Those will get you a chunk of hotel points or a free days rental of a small car.

The full terms and conditions for the Accor / Hertz partnership can be found here on the Accor site.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Do you guys add your CC to the site? I hate to provide this if I’m not renting short term…

    • AndyR says:

      I think you have to to be a Gold Plus Rewards member.

      • Indeed – the upside is that you then don’t need to fill out any paperwork when renting and can just drive away showing your driving licence as you leave. Major benefit at some of the busy airports!

  2. sohan says:

    I use the 4 hour additional rental time that is offered with the Amex Plat almost every rental – I presume by switching to this Accor one I would lose that? Or can I still enter the Amex CDP to combine with my President’s Circle?…

    • I reckon you can swap it over OK (or book using the Amex CPD then ring to add your Hertz number). I agree that the 4-hour perk is very valuable in certain scenarios, we’ve used it for short breaks before now. Pick up at 10am, drive to hotel, check out at 10am, drive back, just pay 1 day.

      • AndyR says:

        I don’t see why it would be a problem to continue using the Amex CDP now your account shows PC? They aren’t going to know that you earned the PC via Accor when you collect your vehicle.

        I wouldn’t recommend trying to add your hertz number later, it is a complete ball ache.

        The FAQ says it is not possible also…

        I am a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member. I have made a reservation already, but I forgot to put in my membership number when I reserved. Can I add it in later?

        Please note that it is not possible to add a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number to a reservation made without it, as per the terms and conditions reported in our website: “9. #1Club or Gold numbers cannot be added to an existing reservation online.”

        • Lady London says:

          you phone them.

        • AndyR says:

          Good luck with that.

        • Agreed – very very difficult to get it added after – I did this sometimes when I could get a cheaper quote as a non-members vs member (go figure!) but was not easy. One it worked, the other I just did a retroclaim via their Twitter team. They’ve also helped with missing points on pre-paid rentals, which is a regular occurrence.

  3. I put the CDP in this morning, no change – even when I tried setting it as ‘preferred’.
    Emailed this morning, no response.
    Called hertz, and the lady who answered knew exactly what it was about as she had taken loads of calls about it today. However, as customer service don’t work out of hours and aren’t open weekends I now have to wait until monday and call back.

    The immediate bump to PC status would be kind of useful for me right now, as I need to rent somewhere next week that is currently showing as all sold out.
    The guaranteed availability alone will be useful in that respect.

    I am however, hesitant to book it online using the Accor CDP as 1) the amex one gives a bigger discount, and 2) I rely on the amex CDW cover, so am not sure how using a different CDP other than the usual amex one works with that or if the CDW/CDP are not linked to one another.

  4. Plus as mentioned I often make use of the extra 4 hours period via amex, which can be the difference between a single day and two day rental charges!

  5. And….. no sooner had I finished typing that, I got an email from Hertz confirming my upgrade to PC, and the crediting of the 900 bonus points (which I didn’t ask for).
    Status and points showed immediately when I logged in.

    For anyone else having trouble, I emailed [email protected] and enclosed a screen grab of my Accor login screen showing status, and a grab of my (digital) membership card, with my hertz membership number. Nothing else was needed.

    • Thanks for your advice. I emailed them as per the email address provided. After only 35 minutes, they responded me, upgraded me to PC as well as giving me 900 points.

  6. James says:

    Like Andy, I successfully added the Accor CDP to my Hertz Gold Profile on Thursday 29th July, but my status is still showing as Five Star rather than Presidents Circle.

    I called Hertz customer services, but unlike some other people who have posted their experiences, the agent told me that she was ‘not authorised’ to upgrade my status level and that I had to email [email protected] requesting that this be done.

    I did this at approx 3.10pm on Friday 29th July, but have not yet had a reply and my status is still showing as Five Star as at 4.15pm on Saturday 30 July.

    Could anybody please give me any advice as to what else I can try or anybody else within Hertz I could speak to in order to get my status level upgraded, although I realise I might have to wait until Monday to contact the correct department.

    • AndyR says:

      Mine took a few days to change from Five Star to President’s Circle.

    • TheFamousJames says:

      I added the Accor loyalty code to my existing Hertz 5* plus account. After 48 hours, nothing changed. I used the web form to send them an email. They responded within a couple of days and asked for a copy of my Accor platinum card. I emailed them the digital copy from my Accor account. They emailed back within another two days with confirmation of the upgrade and the addition of 900 points. Nice. Thanks to HfP for another useful tip.

      • Just sorted too – took a few emails and resending Accor status but now Pres Circle and 900 pts – good result!

  7. I have signed up the Hertz gold plus reward program via the provided Accor platinum link. From what I have read from the comment, the 900 sign up bonus point does not seem to be automatically credited. I only care about the 900 points, not any status match to elite Hertz tier. Basically, I have to email them to get the welcome bonus, correct?

  8. Hi during the hertz booking process where do I enter my virgin flying club membership number? Thanks

    • Should be on the final page (where you’re asked to confirm flight details for airport locations, etc.) – halfway down it should ask if you want Hertz points or something else.

  9. IslandDweller says:

    Just to emphasise a point made earlier. The paperwork ready / no queue benefit usually works at major airports (but not 100%, I had to wait an hour at LHR recently). At other airports and city centre locations it doesn’t work as smoothly – example Glasgow airport rarely pre prepare everything even though I’m presidents circle. And as for the guaranteed upgrade – ha! Marketing and operations obviously don’t talk because it never happens away from the mega airports.

  10. IslandDweller says:

    On the positive, I find Hertz a lot more straightforward with damage control than Europcar. Every time I’ve rented with europcar they try to charge for damage – even items that are marked on the existing pre rental damage sheet. Requires real vigilance with europcar at the car return stage.

  11. Nick Haley says:

    CONFIRMED! “I have upgraded your profile to Presidents Circle and applied 900 Points as
    per your Accor Platimum membership.” – first applied / nudged on 31st July 8pm – confirmed by email now at time of posting. Great. Now hope these ‘guaranteed upgrades’ materialise!

    • Todderz says:

      I emailed them last week when this first came up and got no reply.

      Emailed again just now and got a response within an hour. My account now shows President’s Circle status, 900 points added.

      Something for nothing is always nice.

      Yesterday I had an email from the Heathrow Rewards 70th birthday competition saying I’ve won a 2 course dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine at some posh London place. Not exactly a lottery win, but still.

      • I had no reply initially, then 2 days later (after resending) had a reply asking for scan of Accor Plat card. Have sent screenshot, hopefully status upgrade and points will be forthcoming!

  12. Simon Branson says:

    Can you send a link or instructions on how you can transfer the 900 points to IHG points?

    • It is in your Hertz account under one of the profile options.

    • Under My Account -> Use My Points -> Exchange My points

    • Russell says:

      I see ,:-My Account -> Use My Points -> Frequent Traveller.

      I shall be interested to see if transferring to IHG does work, since transferring to Marriott is no longer supposed to be an option.

  13. Genghis says:

    I finally got matched to Presidents status (had issue of having Amex Plat on acct) and got 900 points. Thanks Raffles.

  14. Russell says:

    According to Hertz Cust Serv, you CANNOT transfer to Marriott Rewards, even though the option is there in the pull-down menu.

    I have tried several times and nothing happened, asked CS what was wrong, and the quick (good) and simple answer was that it cannot be done.