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Get £20 for free when you load £50 on a Moneycorp prepaid MasterCard

Foreign exchange group Moneycorp, who you will be familiar with if you travel from Gatwick, Stansted, Southampton, Southend or Bristol on a regular basis, has launched a new prepaid explorer MasterCard for holidaymakers.

As a special offer, Moneycorp is offering a £20 bonus to new customers who order a card and load it with at least £50.

Full details are here.  This deal is branded as a Facebook offer because it is primarily being promoted on there. Moneycorp has confirmed to me in writing that anyone who applies via this link will definitely get the bonus despite not clicking through from Facebook.

Moneycorp Explorer prepaid MasterCard

The explorer MasterCard can be operated in £ or six foreign currencies:

  • Pound Sterling
  • Euros
  • US Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • South African Rand

If you have a balance remaining on the card after your trip, you can convert it into a different currency in preparation for your next trip.

There are no foreign exchange fees when using the card as long as you are buying something in the same currency which is loaded to your card.

The full list of fees which do apply are here.  You will not incur any fees if you do not use the card at an ATM, use it in the UK, or use it in a different currency to the one loaded on the card.  There is no fee to order the card.

The exchange rate used to load the card is the same as that used by Moneycorp for online foreign currency orders.  In a test yesterday it was offering me €1.1565 per £1.

Some people like the security of prepaid travel money debit cards.  Regular readers of Head for Points will know that I am personally not a fan because it is an extra level of complexity over using your standard credit or debit card.  However, the incentive of a free £20 credit for ordering a £50 card means that this is a good opportunity to give them a try.

You must be a UK resident aged 18+ to apply and you can only order one card per person.  Cards take 7-10 days to arrive.  You can change the PIN at any UK ATM.

The ‘free £20’ offer is available for applications until 31st August.  The application page is here.

PS.  The small print says that the £20 free credit may take up to 90 days to be added to your card, so do not expect it immediately

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Shows as MCC member financial institutions – automated cash disburse. Any idea if that means it’s classed as a purchase?

    • That’s a yes, got a cash advance fee too. Balls

      • Wally1976 says:

        Commiserations and thanks for the info Nick, saved me going down the same road.

        • Genghis says:

          No fee on the Curve. At least it has its uses.

        • No worries, I need a way to get some amex spend up and this would have made my day. Still it was worth a shot!

        • Right on the Virgin bit, have others confirmed dedicate Amex card results ? I.e. Non mbna issued.

        • Charlie says:

          My Amex plat appears to have treated it as a regular purchase

        • Thank you to all of you that took one for the team to find out! Ordered mine yesterday using BAPP. I am guessing this means that online currency order through Moneycorp will also be treated as purchase if using the correct card?

  2. Card arrived today. Ordered at the weekend, loaded £52. Haven’t had a chance to withdraw yet – anyone tried withdrawing at ATM?

  3. Ross Parker says:

    It is strange that Moneycorp have told you in writing that anyone who clicks through from your link will get the £20, because rule number one of the T&Cs says:

    “1. The offer to receive an additional £20 (the “Offer Amount”) is exclusively available to customers that successfully place an order for a new white explorer multi-currency MasterCard® in a single journey starting at and load an initial amount of at least and equivalent to £50.00. The white explorer multi-currency MasterCard is subject to separate terms and conditions and eligibility requirements.”

    It’s hard to see how an applicant from outside Facebook could challenge them if they decided not to give the bonus. Promises to third parties are not relevant. It’s not clear Moneycorp track journeys with cookies, but to avoid the risk, why not go via the Facebook ad (which you can find by searching “moneycorp explorer” within Facebook).

    • You can do if you like, I don’t get paid for the sign-ups! However, I am dealing with the Product Manager at Moneycorp for this product so when he says you will get the money, you will get the money.

      He probably avoids paying Facebook a commission this way too ….

      • I’m all for doing that 🙂 Quite handy it going through as a purchase too with Amex.

  4. My purchase of a Moneycard is now on my Amex Platinum account and has earned points and no surcharge, so I assume is a purchase.

  5. KoalaLee says:

    MoneyCorp won’t let me order an Explorer Prepaid card because they could not verify my identify?!