My review of the 14th century Hilton Sa Torre, Mallorca hotel – Part 1

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This is my review of Hilton Sa Torre, Mallorca.

I have split it over two parts.  This part is mainly scene setting.

We do not usually spend family holidays in Hilton hotels.  Nothing wrong with Hilton – I have reviewed some great Hilton properties on this site and there are more to come – but it isn’t necessarily your ‘go to’ brand for summer sun.

I have a friend whose opinion I respect, however, and he has taken his family to Hilton Sa Torre in Mallorca numerous times.  It was substantially cheaper than the alternatives I considered (the St Regis wanted €2,000 per night for two connecting rooms to sleep the four of us, the new Park Hyatt €1,400 even though its beach club is not yet open) so when my wife decided we should try Mallorca in August I booked us in.

I will look at pricing etc in Part 2 tomorrow.  We paid for the hotel in cash at the standard rate – no HFP favours were called in.  (I really should be more aggressive with these things!)

Today, I want to share a few pictures to convince you that Sa Torre really isn’t your typical Hilton property.

The history of the Sa Torre estate dates back to the end of the 14th century, when King James gave it to the Febrer family. The estate passed to the Villalonga family in 1540 – this date is apparently engraved above one of the doors – and remained in their hands for over 450 years.

The Sa Torre estate opened as a hotel in 2008 after a €44 million renovation.  It seems to have changed hands since then and was presumably badly hit by the property and financial crisis in Spain which took hold just as it opened.

Let’s start with the Hilton Sa Torre windmill (you don’t get one of those at Hilton Leeds) which dates from the 15th century and is apparently still in working order:

Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca review windmill

and the 19th century chapel in the grounds:

Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca review chapel exterior

Chapel interior, where the manager holds a weekly reception:

Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca review chapel interior

and the main entrance:

Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca review exterior

and the lobby (well, the lobby entrance, there is a standard lobby through the door):

Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca review courtyard

and the corridor to your room:

Hilton Sa Torre corridor

and the spa pool:

Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca review spa pool

and the kids pool:

Hilton Sa Torre Mallorca review children pool

There is also a similar sized adults-only pool, tennis courts, a kids club, a full size football pitch, a full spa and two restaurants.

What you don’t get are people.  The Hilton Sa Torre has only 90 rooms located in 12 buildings. Some rooms are in the original part of the manor house, some are in restored former farm buildings set in the grounds and the rest, like ours, are new builds.  Many families would take two rooms so there may be no more than 60 family groups even if the hotel was full – and I don’t think it was.  I doubt there were ever more than 20 groups on the property at the same time apart from breakfast.

In Part 2 of my Hilton Sa Torre review here I look at the operation of the hotel and well as showing you our rooms.

The Hilton Sa Torre website is here if you want more details in the meantime.

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  1. This is a very good hotel – have taken the family there three times over the last few years now.

    Again I have always found it very quiet during the day – no battles at dawn for sun loungers by the pool here.

    What I would say is the kids club (unless it has changed) appeared to be something of an after thought, with limited facilities. Also if you’re there for more than a few nights, you probably want a car as the dining options are limited and there’s nothing within walking distance.

  2. Just checked the Hilton website, no rooms available from mid March to end of July, points or cash 🙁
    Similar at Conrad algarve currently. I’ve had problems before with the Hilton website and phoned the hotel direct and they’ve had rooms available as I had seen them on Expedia etc

    • Very unlikely that is true. The friend I referred to is there now and booked (for peak August) 2 connecting rooms at 10 days notice.

    • I have found the Hilton website to be a bit temperamental in the past 2 weeks. Don’t know why. Try again next week.

      • It does seem like you might be having an issue, 2 days ago I booked 5 nights on points at the Conrad algarve for mid September (this year!) – so would seem odd that they have no availability so far into the future.

  3. Interesting on availability, Rob. Currently looking at options for family holiday in Mallorca next Whitsun – checked this out on a points level when you mentioned being there a couple of weeks ago and again it looked sold out on cash and points… Look forward (I hope!) to the part 2 tomorrow.

    • Do you mean both cash and points, or “points and money”?

      • I didn’t filter anything just put 16-23rd July next year in their website.
        Unavailable came up, went back week by week and it was March until they had a room available.
        Conrad algarve is exactly the same in July and August, first available room 30th June. Anything in July is blocked off.
        I know they have rooms directly with the hotel, as they have offered me a suite for a cash price.

  4. Looks stunning – I will definitely be investigating particularly to see if it’s appropriate for my 71 year old mother.

    I find their approach to animals unusual…
    Service animals allowed: No
    Pets allowed: Yes
    Deposit: 75.00 €
    Maximum Weight: 34 kg
    Other Pet Services: Non refundable 75€ pet fee required”

    So you can’t bring your guide dog, but you can bring your pet.

  5. Looks lovely, I take it that there weren’t many red faced guys, in white trainers and Matalan England tops then?

    Nice tip Rob, thanks.

    • mark1980 says:

      Not all of us turn into a bronzed adonis in the sun! Agree about the attire though….

  6. Just took a look on the website seems nothing available from beginning of November onwards?
    Are we sure it’s staying a Hilton?

  7. Sarah Silcox says:

    Interesting. We just completed 4 days there and did not have a great experience. We felt the management were inconsistent (especially the F&B side) and it really didn’t meet our expectations. We shared our feelings with the manager in duty, but alas nothing came of her verbal commitment to make it right and we left feeling we’d not return. The GM has since been in touch to admit we had a series of unfortunate experiences and offered us a complimentary 2-night break to attempt to change our perceptions, but this was only after we’d robustly made our thoughts known via the Hilton automated feedback form.

    • Hooray going there next week! Whilst I hope not to have any problems it’s good to know that if I need to complain robustly I might be in for a free weekend .

    • I’m afraid I’m not overly impressed either. The attitude of the staff is inconsistent to say the least- some are better than others. Two have been downright rude. I’ve stayed in plenty of other places in Mallorca and not encountered this.I’m getting the distinct feeling that you get exactly what you pay for here and absolutely nothing more – by which I mean any semblance of anyone going out of their way to help.

  8. Looks really nice.

    From HHonorspointssearchtool I see it’s 70k July-Sep and 50k the rest of the time, which seems pretty reasonable for the quality of property.

  9. Russell says:

    Crazy that that is a Hilton. I sort of thought the point of having a hotel franchise is that customers roughly know what to expect, but Hiltons seem to span the full spectrum of “absolute toilet” to “there’s a windmill in the grounds!”

  10. I’m curious… Is 2,000 € per night really an option for a vacation? When I was deep into collecting miles it was because such a room rate would be way out of my reach. I thought the $450 per room that I occassionally paid on vacation was already expensive.

    • Are there enough wealthy people in Europe who will pay that in Mallorca in August? Yes.

      Scott Dunn tried to get my mate interested in a Mallorca villa which was €48,000 for 3 weeks.

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