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Iberia extends its Economist offer – 13,200 Avios and a year of magazines for £179

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Iberia Plus and The Economist have rolled over their special offer for taking out a subscription.  It was due to end on 31st August but has been extended until 31st October.

As you can see at this link, you can earn 13,200 Avios in Iberia Plus if you take out a 1-year digital and print subscription to The Economist. The cost is £179.  This works out at 1.35p per Avios.

Alternatively, you can earn 10,200 Avios with a £145 print-only or digital-only subscription.  This works out at 1.4p per point.

This offer is particularly attractive if you are self-employed or run a company.  Whilst I am not a tax expert and you should obviously take your own advice if necessary, it would be hard to argue that The Economist magazine is not an acceptable tax-deductible purchase for most business people.  If we were talking What Pool and Hot Tub? it would be a different story  but ….

Economist Iberia

The price charged seems to be in line with the price charged via other channels so you are not over-paying.

You will need an Iberia Plus account to take part. Once the Avios points arrive – and as long as your Iberia account is over 90 days old – you can convert them to British Airways or via the ‘Combine my Avios’ function online.

The Economist changed the rules of this promotion last year, after a large number of people took out a subscription and then cancelled it for a partial refund a few weeks later.  Your subscription is now non-refundable.  However, £179 for 13,200 Avios plus a full year of The Economist in print and online is certainly not a bad deal.

The very cheap Canadian deal no longer seems to be available.  (It isn’t a geo-location issue – I tried it with a VPN set to Canada and it still did not come up.)  If you have any friends in the United States who may enjoy The Economist in print (you could access the digital version yourself), there is still a deal to be had.  The cost is $190 (£142) for 13,200 Avios.

Note also that the DIGITAL ONLY version for US residents is $152 (£114) and you get 10,200 Avios for yourself …..

The offer now runs until 31st October 2016.

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  1. Why would anyone get the UK version when the USA is cheaper or am I missing something?

    • If you want a hard copy? Soft copy I don’t understand

      • Are you for real???

        Hard Copy = Printed matter

        Soft Copy = Online version

        I can’t believe that I am responding to this!

        • What Genghis meant was, if you just want the soft copy, he doesn’t understand why you’d choose the UK subscription over the US subscription, when it’s more expensive and the access to the online soft copy is identical.

          • Thanks David. That’s exactly what I meant. However, I actually like flicking through the hard copy mag and so would get it delivered to UK

            Myer – I don’t really understand your point (maybe I’m being a bit thick this morning).

          • Myer thought you didn’t understand what ‘soft copy’ was, rather than not understanding why you would get the UK soft copy…Love the way we are all helping with the comprehension questions this morning – HfP Teamwork!

          • 🙂 There’s some really good discussion this morning – a serious distraction from my work…

          • Myer thought you didn’t understand what Ian had said and got all snarky and rude when in fact it was Myer not understanding what you had said. 😉

  2. Is there anyway to access the US version of the digital only version from the uk? 114£ for 10200Avios is an excellent deal!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      works fine, can access your online version anywhere through the website/ipad app

    • Yes, just sign up! The digital edition is global I think so (unlike the paper version) the content is identical wherever you aign up.

  3. If your Iberia account is less than 90 days old at time of purchase, are you able to convert for Avios at the time when account turns 90 days old? Or will it not work?

  4. thesaver79 says:

    As with any business expense, if it relates wholly, exclusively and necessarily for business purposes you can claim it. It’s probably not justifiable for many Limited Companies out there.

    • You’re having a laugh. Have you see the average limited company tax return? There is a reason there is a thriving ebay market for taxi receipt books ……

      • Although this might be justifiable I’m not sure blatant fraud is quite the same 😉

    • I would’ve thought that The Economist (along with the FT) is one of the publications which probably *is* justifiable on that basis…

    • The ‘necessarily’ test is only applicable for employees. Ltd Co’s and self-employed persons only ‘wholly and exclusively’.
      E.g. As an employee I find it hard to justify paying for the Economist as part of my role and therefore cannot get tax relief but I can on my Accountancy membership subs.
      However, my wife running a limited co could – so as long as the subscription is only used for business use and no personal pleasure is derived from reading it 🙂

  5. Slightly OT pls – I signed up for an Iberia account (about 2 months ago) and did the Vinoseleccion deal to activate the account. I’ve had my membership card through but when I try and log in online, I’m being asked for a PIN. I can’t see any PIN on the paperwork.

    Can anyone help pls?

  6. I have had a subscription to the Economist for about 20 years and will probably renew despite their recent leftwards lurch. It expires on 31st Oct and last year I let my subscription lapse and took out a new one in my wife’s name. To get the points I started the replacement a couple of weeks early, so was slightly annoyed when a new offer started on 1st Nov with even more Avios.
    But I was still well in front as I would have renewed anyway.

    • Hi Mark – finally had my return flight for next year ticketed and my BAPP charged – only took 3 months

      • Hi Liz, mine too and I have downgraded to blue and will cancel my wife’s blue.
        Have a good trip.

      • BA must have been doing a batch lot, as mine also were ticketed and charged for travel next April/May.

  7. Does anyone know approximately how long these points take to post? I ordered the the online subscription via Canada a week ago, and haven’t received any Iberia Avios yet.

    • I placed an order on 22nd Aug and haven’t received them yet. Their call centre have confirmed the order has the promo code on it but seem clueless as to when the points will post.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      took couple months when I used it earlier in the year

      I never expect these points deals to post much quicker than 6-8 weeks

    • Remember that you are relying on Iberia for action here.

  8. I’ve tried to get this offer, but the economist website keeps saying ‘Please enter a valid IB + card number’ is anyone else having a problem with the site recognising their IB+ account number?

  9. Anyone had their points posted to the account yet?

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