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Bits: last day for Tesco ink deals, my Hertz President’s Circle card arrives, Lufthansa to take over airberlin short-haul

News in brief:

Last day for Tesco ink deals

If you have a Canon, Epson or HP printer, today is the last day to earn 240 Avios or 250 Virgin miles with every ink cartridge you buy from Tesco Direct.

Full details are in todays Shopper Points article here.

Accor Hertz

My Hertz President’s Circle card arrives

In late July, exactly two months ago, I wrote a piece about the new status match launched between Le Club AccorHotels and Hertz.

Many HFP readers are Accor Platinum members due to the (now discontinued) American Express Platinum member benefit. This means that you are eligible to receive top tier President’s Circle membership with Hertz.

If you look at the comments to the article above you will see that this was a fairly confusing promotion.  To be honest, I had forgotten I ever signed up.  Yesterday, however, my President’s Circle membership card dropped through the letterbox.  Your card should be on the way too if you applied.


Confirmed: Lufthansa’s Eurowings to take over much of airberlin short-haul

Lufthansa has now confirmed the story that I covered a few weeks ago – that its Eurowings subsidiary is to acquire all airberlin routes which do not touch Berlin or Dusseldorf.

The only change to the rumoured position is that the deal will not begin until 31st March 2017.

The deal is a ‘wet lease’.  The planes and crew remain with airberlin but Eurowings will pay a fixed fee to lease them.  Eurowings will keep all of the revenue from the services and therefore takes all of the economic risk.

40 planes are involved, of which 35 will be branded as Eurowings with the other five passing to Austrian.  airberlin is also having discussions with TUI about the NIKI operation based in Austria.

This is, in theory, a six year deal although it is difficult to imagine the operation of the routes ever passing back to airberlin.

Whilst I accept that airberlin has been losing large amounts of money on these services, it is sad to see them go as they provided interesting Avios options.  I saved a four figure sum using Avios to fly from Palma to Innsbruck this summer.  Taking the same trip next year will be expensive.

You can read more details on the deal here.

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  1. Simon Schus says:

    Just checked my Hertz online account – the Gold Plus Rewards President’s Card is there, possible for me to print if I want. So are the 900 Gold Plus Points which will be really handy for a one-day rental that I have coming up.

  2. Simon Schus says:

    Excellent. I’ve just used the 900 Hertz Reward Points to book a one-day car rental for a wedding after landing in sunny Newcastle next Easter.

    Any idea when the Presidents Circle expires? The website says it resets at the start of the year. If it drops, I wonder if I can just status match again by then given Accor Platinum status will still be in effect? The only benefit I see is for an one-tier upgrade admittedly, but maybe I could also use it in case I’m an hour late in returning the car.

    (the Hertz status that comes with Amex is actually on a different Hertz account)

  3. Like others I received 1800 instead of 900. Phoned yesterday to transfer mrs xcalx’s 1800 to my account which updated within 30 mins. This was one of the nicer offers during 2016 (the year of enhancements )

  4. On the topic of Luft there’s a couple of nice promos to boost miles at the moment. Worth a mention.

    500 free for newsletter signup:


  5. IslandDweller says:

    Most of the Hertz PC benefits are marketing vapour. It’s as if head office have never spoken to the operational teams out in the depots. You might (just might, but no way guaranteed) get an upgrade at a really big airport like Heathrow, but at every other location – forget it.

    • Lady London says:

      if you have status then at peak times the Hertz website will show you availability when it’s showing sold out for non-status.

  6. ThatGuyOverThere says:

    Yep, got mine in the post too, but not sure I will bother putting it in my wallet.

    In my initial excitement at the status match, I looked a few times for Hertz rentals and they were consistently dearer than Avis… who also have a super-convenience branch at LHR T5… where most of my flying is … so ….

  7. Annoyingly – I status matched to Avis President’s Club the week before the Accor deal came through :-(. So missed out on the 900 points bonus!

    Ho hum 😀

  8. OT – got an offer for GLH hotels on my Amex Gold – spend £100, get £50 statement credit. Might be useful for some…

    • I’ve been having a play with the links on Amex offers. If you want to use an offer on more cards than it’s offered, or they offer it to you on the wrong card…
      If you hover over the “Save to card” buttons you’ll see the offers on each card share part of the link address “sorted_index=5”, the number being unique to each card. If you have an offer on card 4 say, but want it on card 5, copy the link from card 4, paste it in your URL bar and change the 4 to a 5 before hitting go.
      The webpage will probably error, but if you navigate back to card 5 you should see the offer appears to be saved under “My Offers”.
      I haven’t actually follower this through yet to confirm the offer credits. I have “massaged” the Starbucks offer on to another card so will give it a try when I can!

    • Seen this, but very very confused on how to book. Looking at Clermont London…. Can’t work out how to get prices, availability or bookings?

  9. So I just got back from holiday to find my MTX Connect card I requested while abroad.

    Am I right this offer for 6k miles for £17 (iirc) was a pig in a poke and should be eschewed?


    • Yes, probably. It seems that it was only for the first 1,000 people – I imagine the quota has already been filled, so unless you can actually use the data on the card, forget it.

  10. Londonbus says:

    Today of course is the last day for earning Diamond Club points. Any spend which hasn’t posted by close of play to the relevant Diamond Club card won’t earn.

    My statement is due on Tuesday – once paid up I shall close the account. Where next?

  11. OT/ – Iberia Express Sale

    Book by 31 October 2016 to receive 50% off Avios in Economy and Business classes on selected Iberia Express routes from the UK to Spain and Canary Islands departing up to
    30 November 2016*

  12. OT Bits: I vaguely recall getting an email from Amex a few weeks ago about getting a bonus 10000 avios if you spent £10k between now and November. Can anyone tell me if it was a targeted email and required registering for ,or was I dreaming?.

    • Targetted but did not require registration.

    • I emailed and asked a couple of days ago – they were happy to add it to my account.

      I just need to work out whether I’m better focusing on spending £4K for SPG/Marriott Gold, £5k for bonus 5000 avios, or applying for Virgin/Nectar cards… Could be an expensive couple of months!

  13. Air Berlin..

    If I use Avios from BA EC to book the DUS-CUR (Curaçao) service for next year, what are the chances that this route will be still operating ?

    If the service was cancelled what would BA do ? would they reroute me on BA/AA via MIA ?

  14. Genghis says:

    OT. 1k Virgin miles for turning on Tesco auto convert for me and wifely stes recently. Now to turn it off (and back on probably if promo same next Qtr).

    • Ditto, mine have posted now too 🙂

    • Tilly71 says:

      Is this from the last Q auto convert as we still have 3 weeks until the end of the next Q and last time it took them about 4 weeks to add mine?

      • Genghis says:

        After vouchers were sent last time (August I think), I turned on auto convert. Now got the 1k bonus miles they offered and turned off auto convert before next Qtr end so my points don’t auto convert to Virgin miles.