Get £38 of Airbnb credit with your first booking as a “business traveller”

Back in April I shared my first Airbnb experience and since then I’ve used it quite a few times.  Just this week I found an Airbnb accommodation for a few friends who are coming to London and had never used the service before.

As well as being a good alternative for leisure travel, Airbnb has recently started targeting the business traveller.  Once you have registered as a business traveller you will be offered specific benefits.  Plus, after your first business stay you will receive £38 in free Airbnb credit.


You need to have a regular Airbnb account before you can sign up as a business traveller.  If you don’t have one yet, you can create your account on the Airbnb website.  You can find the how to and whys in this article I wrote in April.

(If you sign up via my refer a friend link here, you will get £25 to spend on your first leisure Airbnb booking.)

How to set up an Airbnb business account and get your £38 voucher

Once your Airbnb account is up and running, visit this page of the Airbnb website, click on get started, enter your work email and confirm the email address.


What are the advantages of having a business account?  According to the company:

  • Easy to expense and charge to company
  • Stay at places ready for business travel
  • Business amenities (speedy wifi, workspace, iron …)
  • Book a place large enough for the whole team
  • 24 hour check-in
  • 24 hour business travel agent lines
  • Get £38 credit for any Airbnb stay when checking in on your first business stay

Your business travel receipts are kept separate from your other Airbnb receipts and you can even charge the stays directly to your company.


You will only be shown places that fulfill the neccessary requirements for business travel, or at least what Airbnb thinks are the necessary requirements!  The company filters out of all the rooms which it believes are unsuitable for travelling professionals.

After your first stay booked via your business account you will receive a £38 credit to use on any Airbnb stay.  This does not have to be used for another business stay – it can be redeemed at any Airbnb property.


Whether or not you have given Airbnb a try in the past, the lure of a £38 voucher may tempt you to give the business scheme a go.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Still not sold on the airbnb idea. I prefer certainty

    • James F says:

      They’re useful for certain types of stays. I’ve used it for places really close to out of the way locations that major hotels may not serve, or where hotel prices seem relatively steep (Newcastle during the Great North Run weekend, Bath), but the certainty of a regular hotel is nice

  2. Mikeact says:

    I was/am, maybe, going to give them a go in Singapore. However, I’ve had correspondence on both sides, “totally illegal in Singapore ” to “no problems at all”.

    • I’ve used them I Singapore and wouldn’t recommend it, building management had posters up everywhere saying if you see travellers report it to security ect.

      However they’ve been great everywhere else

  3. Raffles this works out even better. £25 off first stay if signing up via your referral link. Then £38 off your second stay after registering for a business account. So £63 total off first 2 stays.

  4. I used this twice in August (own and wife’s accounts). I found very cheap options in Poland at less than €10 and used ‘country’ €10 vouchers. As a result both first trips cost €1 each (airbnb minimum transaction). Obviously didn’t go to Poland and didn’t cancel bookings and got my €50 (£40) vouchers next day after “business trip” which we used in our real trip to Ireland.

  5. I’m a weekly business traveller (4* Hilton, Marriott etc) and regularly use Airbnb for expensive cities such as Miami Beach and Copenhagen. For the last two years I’ve stayed in a spacious 2 bed apartment in Miami for $150 night near Collins Ave, vs $250 night for the very poor Marriott. Last week I needed a last minute overnight stay in Copenhagen, cheapest available hotel was £480 due to a conference in town. I got Airbnb walking distance to airport for £35. Next month I’ll be working in Durban for 5 weeks and Airbnb will be my first choice for a decent size house. Can’t fault it. As a lone female traveller it’s perfect. Beats avoiding the hotel bar every night and the usual cheesy chat-up lines.

  6. We have an internal garage that was converted into a one bed flat back in 2010 for use by one of our sons and his partner to live while they saved a deposit for their home. It pretty much became a dumping ground for the families junk. So mrs xcalx decided to give the place a bit of a makeover and try Airbnb.

    So mrs xcalx became a host on the 24th August , the next day a guy from New Zealand booked for one week from the 28th . She then had a one day booking (no night required) from a guy doing a gig in Leeds who just wanted a place to relax during the day. This was followed by a booking from a lovely couple who were nearing completion on selling their house and needed a place for 7 weeks while the builders finished their new home. So quite a start and she is booked until the end of October and only had 4 empty nights since starting.

    For a nosey search Morley, Leeds and choose entire home do not enter any dates. Comes up around the £50 mark. Host Helena.

    No prizes for guessing which beach is in the background of host photo.

  7. whizzbee says:

    I used this recently because my employer had (surprisingly!) enabled it for business use.

    Worth noting that the £38 credit for me turned into £42 when booking a personal trip in Canada – not sure whether this is due to exchange rate (i.e. it being stored as, say, $50 in their system) or something else!