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BA bits: win a trip to Prague, use Apple Pay to buy your flight

Two bits of British Airways news in brief:

Win a trip to Prague

BA is running a competition giving away return flights to Prague.

To be honest this is not the most generous prize as the flights are only Economy and accomodation isn’t included!

(The entry page says ‘What more could you want?’ to which the answer is probably ‘a free room as well please’ ……)

Clearly budget cuts are hitting the marketing department. However Prague is a pleasant destination for a short break so it may be worth entering.

All you need to do is enter your name and email address on this page of the BA website and you are automatically entered into the prize draw.

The competition closes at midnight on 31st October.

BA A318

Use Apple Pay to pay for your BA flights

The latest BA app feature makes paying for your flights easier.

If you have recently updated your app, you can now book flights using Apple Pay. This makes the process of booking much quicker as you won’t have to enter your card and payment details every time you make a booking.

Simply add Apple Pay to your different payment choices on the app and next time you book a flight, you can do this with the tap of your finger.

Currently this feature is only available for UK issued cards when booking BA flights departing a UK airport.

In addition the app has introduced another new feature.  The cash upgrade offers which occasionally appear in ‘Manage My Booking’ close to departure will now appear in the app as well.  This may well increase the popularity of these, especially if the app notifies you when an offer becomes available.

You can find out more about the BA app on this page of the BA website.

PS.  Another relatively new app feature is multiple check-in.  You can now add up to eight boarding passes on one device, as long as they are all part of the same booking, which means that a whole family can check-in online.  This is a genuinely welcome improvement.

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  1. Apple Pay’s a bit of a risk for the sake of a marginal convenience. I imagine you’d be losing your double Avios on a linked BA Amex or the insurance benefits on a linked Platinum (though stand to be corrected.)

    • I don’t see any reason why using apple pay would make any difference to bonus points/benefits.

      • Genghis says:

        I can but I have never used Apple Pay so don’t know the mechanics of how it works so cannot really answer. I’m thinking whether it’s akin to Curve / Supercard?

    • Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

      I don’t see why you’d lose double points. Apple Pay transactions are listed as the retailer as normal so I’d imagine this would make no difference.

      I’ve used Apple Pay during Shop Small and they had no trouble applying the credit.

      That said, in the update notes I’m sure it said that only Visa and MC were supported currently. This isn’t too surprising as Amex don’t seem to give a damn about fixed their appalling Apple Pay support (especially in store)

      • Appalling support? What are you on about? I’ve found Amex’s Apple Pay integration to be the best around!

        • I love Amex / Apple Pay. Amex informs me (via alert on the phone) of a purchase usually before the cash register has spat out the printed receipt!

          Never had a problem with it.


        • Oh! Matron! says:


          Amex: Add card to apple pay, done
          Santander: Add card to apple pay, be texted a number, done
          Lloyds: Add card to apple pay. Call number. Speak to someone. Done

          And yes, to be notified of a transaction before the person in the shop has given you a receipt is wonderful. Only Amex does this…

        • Curve will notify you instantly.

          Very cool abroad when you instantly see the £ price.

        • Genghis says:

          For me some transactions from Monday evening and yesterday have not yet posted to my Curve card so it’s not truly instant (for some transactions). No idea of why.

        • Nate1309 says:

          I also find I receive the update before the receipt. Apple pay was how my friend found his AMEX card had been cloned and someone was making purchases via his card fraudulently, rang AMEX and told them he was watching purchases pop up on his phone and they sorted it all out within minutes.

        • If you have the Amex app on your phone then any card transaction generated a notification.

          If you have a smart watch you get the notification to the watch too!

        • Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

          Their implementation of Apple Pay is excellent with the transaction updates etc. They’ve nailed that side of it.

          But payment terminal support is abysmal. Most places support high value Apple Pay now (including WorldPay terminals) but not for Amex. Similarly many retailers who accept Amex do not support Amex Apple Pay. There are countless issues with it.

          Some places have nailed it (M&S, Apple Store, MOTO Service Station) but overall acceptance has been lacking. McDonalds, Tesco, Post Office, Morrisons… so many places where Amex Apple Pay simply doesn’t work.

        • RIccati says:

          And now…

          ApplePay DOES WORK anywhere with NFC reader/contactless payment even if there is no advertisement or explicit support.

          I have done payments with iPhone at the Post Office and a some shopping mall in the depths of Continental Europe.

    • You won’t lose anything, it is as if you used your card. This just nakes it simpler.

      • Don’t you lose the Section 75 protection for purchases over £100 if using a credit card via Apple Pay (or any proxy for that matter)?

  2. MoNkEyMaN says:

    To quote the terms and conditions of the BA competition, ” Domestic connections and other add-ons are not included and any additional travel costs must be organised and funded by the winner and their companion. ”
    Thanks a bunch London Airways!

    • Yeah! I was about to post the same comment. How unbelievably tight is that?!

      • Come on, I’m sure CEO Alex Cruz agonised over the sanctioning of this competition 🙂 .

        ‘Prize flights are subject to availability and capacity control’.

        Looked at random dates(four night stay) in Jan for two travelling: BRS-PRG-BRS = £137.96.

      • If the roll out buy on board in time they might make a nice profit from the “winner” :):):)

        • Good point Will-perhaps Alex didn’t agonise over it all as much as I’d imagined!

    • czechoslovakia says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised if you had to pay your own taxes & fees either.

  3. vindaloo says:

    The Apple Pay restriction to U.K. issued cards is a bit of a show stopper since practically everyone’s card was issued in Ukraine or Uruguay.

  4. When I try to enter the BA competition, I’m getting an error message after I click submit: “Sorry. We regret to advise that this section of the site is temporarily unavailable. 413”

    Just me?

  5. rotundo says:

    Re. cash upgrade offers: “This may well increase the popularity of these, especially if the app notifies you when an offer becomes available.” Can anyone confirm whether the app does notify in that case?

  6. Sussex Bantam says:

    OT – I’m trying to add my Nectar account to AMEX to sweep up the last few remaining points but I keep getting an error message saying that it hasn’t been possible. Anyone had a similar error ?

    Its only 51 points so I’m not too bothered but the principle is irritating me !

    • I’ve had that on both mine and husbands account – had to ring up Amex and get it manually added which they can do no problem – then transfer out!

      • Same here. They explained if you’ve ever linked that Nectar card to a previous Amex account it will reject as it sees it as a duplicate

  7. OT I saw in the comments last night that IHG has their bonus offer on again until 16/11 – I’m sure I’ve asked this before and forgotten to write it down but If I purchase pts with my IHG black card do you get 4pts/£1 for the foreign purchase and if so will it also work using Supercard or Curve to save on FX fees. Am I right in saying that a foreign spend bought in the U.K. Supercard charges £1+100%? Thanks.

    • Supercard doesn’t charge for foreign spend so use this if it works, unless using the IHG card directly you will only earn standard points. If using it to buy points in the US then I would assume a x3 bonus for spend I don’t think you would get the x4 bonus as well but could be wrong and if wrong maybe worth using it direct.

    • Genghis says:

      If paying in USD:
      – paying with IHG black you would get 4 points / £ (perhaps valued at 2p) but you’d pay a 3% FX fee (3p), net -1p
      – paying with curve linked to IHG would get 2 points / £ (value 1p) but you’d pay a 1% FX fee (1p), net flat
      – paying with supercard linked to IHG would get 2 points / £ (value 1p) paying a zero FX fee (0p), net +1p (I don’t think it matters where you’re based, just what currency you’re charged in)
      Someone please correct me if not right.

      • Ok thanks – I had written down in my Supercard notes that an internet purchase in the U.K. in foreign currency was charged £1+1% – maybe I have that wrong – I’ve not tried it so not sure. Still worth buying the pts as I am finding the prices of hotels in the US are getting higher when pricing up a refundable room plus taxes.

  8. rams1981 says:

    supercard doesn’t have a foreign fee %. They did try and charge fees for the moving exchange rates post Brexit but on a trip in august was back to just one charge at the time of purchase.

  9. I believe at the time of launch they aren’t even accepting their own credit card via ApplePay.
    No reason/excuse given and it’s certainly not an Amex issue as they’ve been on ApplePay pretty much from launch.

    Given the state of the entire company, I’m not surprised by this massive oversight.

  10. O/T – my parents are flying to HKG with my sis and want to use up their Avios to upgrade. If I book 3 people into PE, is it possible to upgrade to CW for only two people in the booking? Also, is it possible to check CW upgrade availability on a flight before booking?

  11. O/T- Can anyone advise me of the BA definition of short haul flights, in terms of time or miles.
    B A customer relations are giving me different answers, so I am still unsure if I will be receiving complimentary catering on my trip to Larnaca Cyprus, in March 2017, or not.
    Love this website.

    • Larnaca will be classed as short haul, so will be BoB in economy come March.

      The key words to look for are “Domestic”/”EuroTraveller” (short haul) vs “WorldTraveller” (not short haul).

      You have the further complication that to at least Moscow (not sure of anywhere else), depending on what flight/plane you get, you could get either !.

      • Genghis says:

        I thought Moscow was all World Traveller / Club World vs Euro Traveller / Club Europe?

      • Moscow is not BoB on any flight and there has been no suggestion of this. It’s the service not the aircraft type that determines whether it applies. Even if that means LED and DME get different products.

        • Scallder says:

          If you did a dummy cash booking, I presume you can tell as in the information bit above the prices it would say whether BOB or complimentary food?

  12. Thanks Dave.