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Bits: Hilton APAC Flash Sale, Amex Platinum Cashback promo, Clubcard to Avios competitions

News in brief:

Hilton running ‘40% off’ 4-day APAC flash sale

Hilton is due to launch a 96-hour flash sale at 8am today.  Discounts are expected to be up to 40% off Best Available Rate, although the sale rooms will be non refundable and require pre-payment.

This will focus exclusively on countries in the APAC region – Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.  The Millennium Hilton Bangkok is pictured below.

Note that China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are excluded.

Full details should be available from 8am via the Asia Pacific Hilton website here.  I will do a further article later in the week looking at pricing examples.

Millennium Hilton Bangkok

Special promotion on the American Express Platinum Cashback cards

We tend not to focus on the two American Express Platinum Cashback cards much on Head for Points because they do not offer miles or points.

They are decent products, however, offering cashback on all of your spending.  You can find details of the Platinum Cashback card here and the Platinum Cashback Everyday card here.

If you apply between today and 31st January, you will receive 3% additional cashback on all of your purchases at in your first three months of membership, up to a maximum of £15.

Note that the cashback is not added to your account immediately but is credited in your card anniversary month, which is the one month period each year following the date on which your account was opened.

If you were planning to do a lot of your Christmas shopping at Amazon this year – or are planning a major purchase such as a new laptop – it is worth taking a look at this deal.  You are eligible for this deal irrespective of what other Amex cards you hold, unless you have previously had either of the Platinum Cashback cards in the past six months.

Do not apply until the offer is showing on the Amex website – I am told it will appear during the course of today.

Platinum Cashback

Two competitions for transferring your Clubcard points to Avios

It is looking like a total washout for anyone looking for a conversion bonus, to either Avios or Virgin Flying Club, with their October Tesco Clubcard points vouchers.

Both and British Airways Executive Club have launched competitions for converting via their respective portals.  If you are going to convert, you need to decide which competition to go for!

Details of both options are in this Shopper Points article from yesterday.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Any further news yet on BA’s announcement last week that they will be giving 10% off for members of the armed forces and veterans?
    Could give big savings on TP runs if it is a blanket 10% off any fare.

    • You can access the discount through the defence discount service, you need to register, but no need to pay a joining fee, seems to be a genuine 10% of the fare element, however HBO and 1st class fares are excluded.

      • the real harry says:

        so a genuine discount for business class but just (essentially) free bags otherwise?

        • Yes, and worthwhile on long haul. Apparently BA had a similar arrangement in place a few years ago which may have been enhanced, they have now reintroduced it.

        • Genghis says:

          “Military personnel feedback was that they wanted to pay more for their fares…”

    • the real harry says:

      I didn’t see that

      odd sort of idea – not that I’m against it – obviously that means everybody else is subsidising them – not exactly a major issue as I imagine take-up will be incredibly low

      but isn’t that to be interpreted as BA trying to wrap itself in the patriotism flag? – and an attempt to gain positive PR (for once!)

    • Dreadful idea.

      Why should military people get a discount when real heros like nurses, doctors and others who save or help people live get 0.

      • There already are quite a few discount schemes for NHS and emergency services – I’ve used them and saved quite a bit of money over the years.

      • “real” heroes. Shame on you. Are military personnel not helping or saving others?? (While dodging bullets and IEDs).

        • No. They are not heros.

          They take jobs and expect good pay for doing very little.

          Why should they get benefits over others?

          The real heros had no choice but to fight for this country. They were not highly paid. They battled for our freedom.

          It is for them that I respect and remember them on Sunday. Not for any career soldier who took an easy job.

      • There are also millions of people working on low salaries for charities, or working as unpaid carers at home etc. The broader point is why single out this one group for a discount.

        • Just like any other targeted promotion; to gain customers who may instead have chosen a competitor. It’s hardly giving away free flights is it?

        • Yes, I’m not against it. I don’t think it’s quite the same as other targeted promotions, though – the reason why military/veterans receive discounts (as opposed to Amex Platinum holders, for example) is not just because they might have chosen a competitor (which could be said of anyone). It’s usually something about rewarding/thanking them for their service, and the same could be said for lots of other groups.
          One practical reason could be to enhance security among the passenger population, which I think was at least part of the reason why police officers always got free travel on public transport in London.

      • I’m an army veteran, and have a permanent disability as a result of wartime gunfire. I have no problem taking a 10% discount (before taxes) from BA, whatever their reason for offering it. Good to know that some companies are recognising us, and are following the lead of USA companies and society. I think the difference between the very valuable work of other people in society, and the military, is the the real high risk of death or injury we do/did for our country. For those who may be anti-military discount, ask yourself what you were doing when you were 18? I was driving through a minefield in Iraq.

        • 100% John. And I thank you for your sacrifice to make me and my family safer.

        • James67 says:

          +1, and I hope John that you also got a decent set of wheels via motability. Frankly, I think the deal (or lack thereif) that veterabs get from the State in the UK is shameful.

  2. Sussex bantam says:

    OT. Having just completed my Marriott mega bonus target of 2 stays to earn 5000 bonus points I just received an email offering a further 5000 points for one more stay. Final stay required by 31 jan. easily done for me so a nice bit of news !

  3. Hilton also has a 20% off USA sale on until Weds.

    Fill yer boots!

  4. Conrad Bangkok is not available for some reason. Literally the only hotel available in Bangkok is the Millennium Hilton. Any chance they can open others up later?

    • I can see Conrad Bangkok in the sale for some dates in November that I was looking at e.g. 18th to 20th.

  5. There is a 10% conversion bonus of Tesco Clubcard points to Virgin Atlantic miles, although not as good as last year’s 30% bonus that you covered.

    Convert by 13 November.

    Details here:

  6. Genghis says:

    I’ve just checked some prices of my up and coming stays and the prices don’t seem that great. Perhaps the prices went up 66% last week to come down 40% this week…

    • James67 says:

      It is yet another farce of a sale. Last week you could have bought the points you needed for DT KL for $50 but today in the sale it is over $100. I have not paid cash for this hotel in ages but it was never as high as in this sale. It would be foolish to pay cash for any Hilton in Thailand, none of them ever offer quality and value for money, except perhaps DT Surin Beach, when compared to what else is available on the market.

  7. OT – BA/ Amex spend £500, get £100 back. I emailed to ask them to add it to my card, which they have done. Anyone used this on a BA holiday booking? It says spend on excluding travel insurance so should work, but before I use it to fund a better hotel room, would be good to know for sure.

    • Who do we email re the £100 off £500, do you have to mention a reference? Cheers

      • I just used the message centre in online servicing, said I knew the offer was out there but can’t see it on my card and asked if it was possible to be included? The very nice man replied next day and said he had enrolled me. As long as it works on Holidays I am laughing.

    • rams1981 says:

      It worked for my wife

    • Chelseafi says:

      I had a balance of £530 due on my Venice holiday for next April, I paid it off & received the £100 credit within 24 hours

  8. OT: Shop Small is back 3 Dec
    Save to Card to get a £5 statement credit when you spend £10+ in-store at participating small businesses between 3 December and 18 December 2016. Valid once per Card per business. Terms and payment restrictions apply

  9. OT/
    Anybody know when Virgin availability opens up? i.e is it 355 days or whatever like BA?

  10. rewardscollector says:

    OT/ Anyone know when the 1000 bonus points will arrive from Accor’s meeting planner promotion?

    • Natalia S says:

      I asked Accor about it a couple of weeks ago and was requested to send the invoice from my first event – only then they would credit.

  11. OT – Just got an email from Avios for 1000 Avios for paying with a card linked to the Bink app (?) and an ongoing 3 Avios per £ before the 21st November.

  12. FYI – seems like there is no longer an upgrade bonus from Gold to Platinum. Rang up twice to confirm. 🙁

    • That is not good news, just got one in before the old page went for 20K. Someone did manage to get an offer of 15K points on the phone or email a couple of weeks ago that was posted on the comment s here. The T&C’s for referring from PRG seem to have changed also, it doesn’t say you can refer to Platinum from Gold anymore like it used to. Although going to the link still offers the Plat at 35K and not the normal 30K. Looks like the referrer gets 9K whether they go for the Gold or Plat (I think it was more for the Plat).

    • Ok. Thanks for the update.

  13. O/T: RBC offering 50% Transfer Bonus to Exec Club until 17th Dec. Minimum transfer 10,000 avios at 1:1 per RBC point.

  14. Genghis says:

    Didn’t think you were a hotel points fan, harry, given your place in the sun? 🙂

    • the real harry says:

      I guess a few of you might think – is that harry having a laugh? is harry a bit schizo? Doppelganger? poor harry – silly sod.

      nope – it’s not me – it’s some joker/ moron imitating & irritating/ trolling me & I think I saw the same thing happening with Alan at the weekend

      one person can see the ip addresses & the email addresses & that’s Raffles

      • LOL I don’t think it happened to me – that was just someone else that happens to share my name – the Gravatar shows the real comments though, one of these days you might go for it? 😉 😀

      • the real harry says:

        Alan, I have such an elephant hide – but I have to be polite here and not say I couldn’t give a wotsit but just say it’s like a wee drop of mist rain on a Scottish morning, all this trolling lol

        Of course I don’t like people to think I am being a complete [email protected] when I’m not – it lessens the impact when I am actually being a complete [email protected] 🙂

        • Hahaha love it 😀

          #squillsforpres 😉

        • On my iPhone I cannot see the email address linked to comments. I am back in the office tomorrow for the first time in 2 weeks so I will be able to kill off fake harry comments more quickly!

  15. the real harry says:

    O/T remember how Sainsbury’s Travel Money (or whatever it’s called) was caught out by the Brexit result? Still offering yesterday’s rates @ 7am – despite being a Travelex operation.

    Just wondering if the Clinton/ Trump result will lead to another opportunity.

    Those who got 10% on the $ that morning – remember it was old harry 🙂

    I should have bought max £6000 USD but just went for a couple £K European, still quite lucrative, though.

    • I don’t think the elections are going to have as much impact compared to the brex it vote and I can’t see it getting stronger than it has recently against the pound based on the vote, as it would not be clear how the economy will change.

  16. Conrad Rangali Maldivesown from $1050 to only $690/ night in the sale!

    Whooop so only +$10,000 USD for 12 nights instead of $14,000 USD…

    Or rather back in my real world, I’m staying on points & free night certs instead.
    #Smug #ThanksHfPs!

  17. Completely OT – I need to buy around £1000 worth of Chinese Yuan ahead of a trip to North Korea. I noticed on an old ‘Holiday Tips’ post that someone had had success reserving currency online at Tesco and paying in-store using their Curve. This was a few months ago – has anyone managed this since?

    • Johnnycl says:

      Not Tesco, but I’ve used Curve at Moneycorp before (dependent upon the cashier, not till system).

      Would love to visit DPRK someday, bet it’ll be a fascinating trip.

    • Genghis says:

      How long will you be in China for? Spreads are rather wide in U.K. so my advice would be to withdraw from ATMs when you’re in China.

  18. Any IHG las sale likely – thought there was one this time last year?

  19. Any chance of an IHG flash sale? Wasn’t there one this time last year?