Earning Avios via Aer Lingus AerClub – and what it means for you

After interminable delays, Aer Lingus has begun to contact members of its Gold Circle loyalty programme to tell them what their tier level will be in the new AerClub programme.

You cannot log in until 28th November, which is when members will receive their access details for the AerClub website.  At present members are simply being told which of the tiers – Green, Silver, Platinum and Concierge – they will be.  Judging by some of the complaints flying around on Twitter, this has not been error-free.


You can find out more about AerClub on this page of the Aer Lingus website.

Even if you never fly Aer Lingus, you will want to keep an eye on AerClub:

Avios points will be transferable to and from AerClub and avios.com / British Airways Executive Club / Iberia Plus via ‘Combine My avios’

This means that it is a no-brainer for every Avios-collecting HFP reader to open an AerClub account because there are bound to be interesting redemption or collection opportunities which you can take advantage of, moving points back and forth from the UK schemes as necessary

That said, you cannot sign up at the moment – although you can register your interest via this page.

Earlier this year Aer Lingus promised 250 Avios to anyone who pre-registered their interest and subsequently joined.  This offer now appears to have ended.  I haven’t yet had an email inviting me to join and collect my 250 Avios but I would expect to be at the back of the queue whilst the transition from Gold Circle is completed.

Once AerClub launches we will covering it in details on Head for Points and, as with Iberia Plus, we will keep you updated with potential points earning opportunities that can be accessed from the UK.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Does this mean the end of super low tax redemption flights?

  2. Cuchlainn says:

    Just got AerClub email – Silver …. means nothing until rest of tiers / benefits are known.

    Fingers crossed for possible 241 Amex opportunities or continuing low taxes, as only 90 miles due south 🙂 🙂

  3. So does this mean that for two days only, I’ll be able to move miles from Diamond Club to Aer Club? 🙂

  4. Does that mean Aer Lingus will now be part of One World with status recognition to the other airlines?

  5. Scottydogg says:

    Ive been looking forward to this scheme going live . I live on the isle of man and Air Lingus Fly IOM to Dublin . I’m hoping for some cheap redemptions on this route as its only 80 miles

  6. Lady London says:

    IIRC Aer Lingus flights could be redeemed with UA miles. Wondering if this will continue.

  7. O/T, sort of – I recently flew LHR-SNN with Aer Lingus. As BA Silver, I expected to be able to use the Aer Lingus lounge in T2 with a guest. When I turned up there, they said I was allowed in, but no guests. They even had it printed in large font on the inside of their folder! Seems strange that I was earning TP on the flight, but not afforded the same status. The flight was booked via BA, and the tickets issued with a BA flight number. Grrr.

    • the real harry says:

      but that’s comparing very different things

      tier points vs an assumption you would get similar membership rights (as a BA Silver) in a different/ non-BA airline’s lounge

    • BA status card holders are allowed in purely as a favour. Aer Lingus is not in oneworld, remember, so you don’t have your usual oneworld guesting rights.

  8. I booked a Gold circle economy rewards flight to San Francisco earlier in the year (for departure in under 2 weeks) and was surprised to be charged €307 in taxes & charges, obviously something else in there. Still better that than letting the 4,800 Gold circle points roll over as 9,600 Avios. The United option of 60,000 points and £38.90 in charges much more appealing, must look out for another offer to get bonus points when transferring from IHG to top up my balance.

    • May be too late for you now – but better option would likely have been to pay for the Economy flights and use points to upgrade (at least 1 way) to Business class… the “charges” on Aer Lingus “Free” flights have always made them a joke – points were best used for upgrades…

      I for one am very disappointed by how this whole thing is being handled – especially at EI not joining One World.

  9. Aer Lingus starting direct DUB-MIA flights from next September. Wonder will AA codeshare on it. Could open up some additional redemption possibilities.

  10. the real harry says:

    O/T noticed this
    Krabi flights commence 6th December 2016.
    Auckland flights commence 6th February 2016.

    must be some redemption opps (new routes)?

    or Ex-EU opps in the sale?

    • mark1980 says:

      Indeed – anyone any idea when the next Qatar sale will be? They usually have one mid-November dont they??

      • Yes it happened in Cairo

        • Do UK based people really take ex-CAI QR flights for holiday (not including TP runners)? Seems more trouble than it’s worth and you can’t get that much sleep.

        • Yes, I know people who do (not with kids). The new airport hotel makes it easier. The TPs would always play a decent role though.

      • Just started today although not crazily generous.

        • Mark1980 says:

          I am looking for some ex-EU fares in J to Australia for March preferably less than £1500pp. I saw the Cairo deal and nearly went for it but it would have involved 4 flights as there are no direct Cairo flight from the regions. Not ideal with a 19 month old in tow. Also it wasn’t really a sale fare was it? It was more to do with collapse of the Egyptian pound…

  11. Got my email saying I was to a green member which makes sense seeing as only applicant in current gold circle membership. Worrying thing is it said I have 0 tier credits! Considering I have 2250 gold circle points (i.e. one European flight away from gold) this would be very annoying if they reset everything to 0 upon launch especially as they said in there FAQ they would credit existing applicant balances with tier credits to keep progress. Interestingly have a flight that would get me gold status booked for November 29th, 1 day after aerclub goes live according to article, so I am really hoping my 0 tier credits is an error and I can get over the line before the year end (or whenever they will set the collection point to end!)

    • Your points will be wiped. I’ve had numerous conversations with Aer Lingus CS. With Gold circle ‘applicant’ status, no points will be carried over. Only members with tier status can carry over. This is confusingly worded in the FAQ. I have 9000 points that will disappear.

    • I got the very same e-mail, but EI told me that i will get 250 welcome bonus points and my applicant gold circle points of 4600 will be added at some kind of a conversion for my loyalty or some tire bonus, right now it says 0 tires and still no access details and i have a flight from SFO–DUB tomorrow Nov 30th. My sister who was also GC came over last eek and their was no clue or gc number on her boarding pass so very strange.

  12. Just got off the phone with Aer Lingus, as I have a booking this week BDL-LHR via DUB, then later in December LHR-BOS via DUB.

    He told me that as they are no longer accepting Gold Circle members and Aer Club is yet to be launched (28th Nov is the launch date he said) my BDL flight will not be eligible to earn any tier points, basically that flight is stuck in the middle. He suggested that use my BAEC number however that will only earn me avios and not tier points. He then went onto say that when Aer Club is launched there will be no facility to “back date” any tier points flights, despite me registering my interest in Aer Club months ago.

    For the LHR-BOS flight he said that will be eligible for Aer Club tier points as it would have already been launched.

    Has anyone got any advice on this?

  13. Mark Whitelegg says:

    I traveled with Aer Lingus from Dublin to Orlando in business class in November, due to Aer Club being delayed it seems I get no tier points, no Avios either although I was asked to enter my BA Exec club number when checking in. Does anyone know whether, by entering my BA Exec number, I might get some Avios after all? Very poor from Aer Lingus if you can neither get Gold Club or Aer Lingus benefits.