Get bonus Avios with Shell’s silly Pump Challenge game

Shell Drivers Club is the loyalty scheme for Shell garages in the UK.  Joining is simple – pick up a card at a Shell station when filling up and register it online.  You earn 50 bonus points just for registering your card.

Shell has now brought back a silly but fun promotion to earn bonus points which first ran last June:  The Pump Challenge.   Full details are here.

The person who devised this should be congratulated for appealing to the inner child in all of us.

Shell Pump Challenge

This is how it works.

Next time you visit a Shell garage, you need to get your petrol or diesel bill to land on an EXACT amount of money, to the 2p either way.  Manage it and you get a bonus.  Miss it and you don’t.

Here are the bonuses available (remember that 2 Shell points = 1 Avios point):

£30.00 – 50 Shell points

£40.00 – 100 Shell points

£50.00 – 150 Shell points

£60.00 – 200 Shell points

£70.00 – 300 Shell points

£80.00 / £90.00 / £100.00 – 500 Shell points

You get a 2p margin of error each way so any total amount from £29.98 to £30.02 would get you 50 points.  This is apparently because it may not always be possible – because of the way the price totals up – to always land on an exact amount however carefully you try.

The logic is interesting.  Whilst some people may spend less than usual (if you tank only takes £45 of fuel you will stop at £40), some others will spend more.  There will also be ‘breakage’ from people who fail to hit the target.  Some people may miss one target and then decide to spend another £9.99 trying to hit the next one.

The bonus points are on top of the standard points.  You earn 1 Shell point for every litre of petrol you buy, and 2 points = 1 Avios.

As well as Avios, 500 points can be turned into £2.50 of Shell vouchers or £2.50 of Waitrose vouchers. The benefit of taking Avios is that Shell converts (once a quarter) your points in multiples of 20 (ie 10 Avios) with no minimum, unlike the 500 point minimum for other rewards.

Of course, if you buy enough Shell fuel to get to 500 points on a regular basis, you will effectively be ‘paying’ 1p per Avios (since 500 points is worth 250 Avios or £2.50 in Shell or Waitrose vouchers).  This is not necessarily a great deal.

The Pump Challenge runs until 4th January so heavy drivers could do quite nicely out of it.  More details can be found on the Shell website here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Hingeless says:

    Very OT – when did they bring back a choice of starter in club world? A genuine enhancement back to what we had before (today’s choice on SYD-SIN is caprese salad or asparagus n something).

  2. Not worth paying 5p a litre more for Shell.

    Would mean those Avios would be even dearer to buy.

  3. Concerto says:

    Shell? Boycotted since 1999, when I ordered 20 pounds of vouchers and they never turned up, not even after numerous calls to their ICC. You see, Shell is so poor it has to outsource its call centre to India.

    • BA is closing the 2 UK call centres and, presumably, outsourcing to India ….

      Will be like the BMI days again ….. ‘Hello Mr Robert Sir …..’.

      • Phoned the Bronze line 2 days ago when trying to change a 241 booking. Call was answered in India. Agent couldn’t explain the 365 day rule (which we had run into, but forgotten about) eventually put us through to the UK call centre (after a very long delay) who explain in terms we understand what the issue is. If the UK call centre is outsourced to India it will indeed be a return to BMI days of hang up and phone again until you get an agent who makes sense. Was really irritated by this experience as we ended up paying the offline booking fee, which we could have avoided if he’d been able to explain in the first place.

        • Lady London says:

          They had me in tears last week because they just hadn’t understood something, and were being obdurate and not putting me through to the Executive Club. I’d had to call in again as I’d just got cut off from the Executive Club due to phone problems, when I was already speaking to them. The person in the BA Indian call centre that I got through to when I called straight back, thought I was trying to make an unjustified EU261 claim, when the reason for the call was nothing of the sort. At minute 52 of the call, they had me in tears. At 1 hour10 minutes approximately, the supervisor I had to argue for 15 minutes to be put through to, mentioned they were not putting me through “as 2 hours delayed on the ground is not enough for a claim”…. This was completely NOT the reason why I was calling.

          I’d go a long way to avoid dealing with BA’s so-called ‘customer relations’ team in India again. I booked with someone else this week because I just couldn’t face the possibility of doing anything right now that could mean I’d have to deal with that BA call centre in India again.

      • BA is closing MAN and NCL?? I missed that announcement!

    • Also closing its finance department in Glasgow with the loss of 380 jobs…

  4. As an very infrequent fuel buyer, and with Shell as opposed to other petrol stations right nearby, it’s a simple solution for me to auto convert what Shell points I do earn to … which keeps that account active without me having to think about it.
    This game is just a bonus for folk like me – glad they’re running it over Christmas too when many will be using more fuel for family visit journeys!
    I guess Shell also have a trade off in that usually their points are earned per litre, so they won’t be giving point on all those part-litres we buy aiming to reach the round £.00

  5. Any winners of the Shell 1m avios from last month yet??

  6. Trickster says:

    One very easy way to achieve this is is the pay at pump feature via the app, and set a filling limit. The pump cuts off for you! Can’t see anything in the terms and conditions that state you can’t.

  7. Wally1976 says:

    Passed a Shell garage on the way home last night…120.9p a litre for diesel. Compared to the 111.9p at Tesco (plus clubcard points) I don’t think this promo will tempt me!

  8. I put £400 a day in two of my lorries. 4 separate transactions of £100 plus BA Prem Plus card at 2.5 avios per pound isn’t too bad!

    Although not much of a better deal than Tesco with credit card used as club card

  9. Just had a long call with the KL/AF help desk….perfect English, issue resolved, AND based in Wembley….how very refreshing!

  10. This is good to know as I usually fill up with V-power anyway

    • Am I the only person to have now started carrying a number of plastic 5 litre fuel cans (bought on those occasions I have run out of fuel in the last 15 or so years, which have been a number of times due to the constant reduction in functioning petrol station sites in rural areas – bizarrely I always seem to run dry about 1 mile short of the nearest garage so find it quicker to walk than call the AA) in their car so as to try to hit the magic £80 dead or 500 Shell point target?

      Unfortunately its quite difficult to achieve a nearly empty fuel tank at the same point as being within say only 30 minutes drive of my garage back at home as I really don’t like the idea of leaving five 5 litre cans of fuel in a locked car for several hours with windows closed. Garage is a bit different as its fairly well ventilated and I can leave each can some distance from the next one.

      Also what regulation are there about how much fuel you are technically allowed to leave stored in your garage back at home or in a parked or moving car in fuel cans?

      In reality though I don’t usually actually seem to have found the nerve to fill up more than one 5 litre plastic can extra beyond what my car’s fuel tank will hold. Also am concerned about someone at a petrol station reporting me to the authorities as an apparent potential arsonist.

      I can’t really see how this promotion actually got past Shell’s Health and Safety people as its obvious that it encourages this kind of behaviour due to the extreme difference in points awarded between a £70 and £80 fill. As to hitting the exact £10 amounts so far I have always hit them exactly but the 2p over run allowance makes it very unlikely one would fail to hit a £10 target accidentally. The main danger though is going on filling with fuel too far so you then can’t get an exact £10 worth in your fuel tank.

      • the real harry says:

        welcome to hfp autistic club – there are a few of us, mostly harmless

        • I always thought that I was undiagnosed partial Aspergers myself (high on the plane spotting and phone number memory stakes and also somewhat prone to being poor at diplomatic skills – or good at plain speaking as I would see it – but oddly hating of routine, menial and repetitive tasks at work that I would be presumed to like with such a condition) but would certainly not care to be called High Functioning Autism as the psychiatrists now seem to want to have it. Anyway as I own my own home with no mortgage and have more than £15k cash savings so there are no financial advantages to be gained from such a diagnosis in my case.

          But anyway the whole of HFP (including all the love of meeting all the convoluted rules to gain status and extra miles to obtain redemption flights or to get in special bits of airport departure lounges offering a few increasingly poor quality bits of free food or to stay free or at lower cost in normally ludicrously overpriced hotel rooms) is quite clearly inherently designed for the needs of the partially or fully Aspergers suffering flyer.

          Even so this is the first time that I have seen an extra mileage collection opportunity clearly designed to put the HFP reader at possibly significant imminent risk of self incineration. Speaking of which current fuel safety rules currently seem to allow you to carry a maximum of two 20 litre metal jerry cans or Unlimited amounts of fuel if you can manage to prove a special need and also that you have carried out a full blown Risk Assessment. See

          The cheapest 20l metal jerry cans I can currently find are the ones for £16.79 including delivery available at Although in view of the brevity of the current Shell promotion I think I will probably stick to using a couple of 5l plastic fuel cans (which I already own) per vehicle.

          My only other question is whether one could possibly get away with filling two vehicles from one petrol pump without shutting it off between one vehicle and the next. I reckon it would be safe as long as you have two drivers and an assistant to hold the still running pump hose between vehicles, although I expect there’s bound to be a health and safety law against doing that somewhere…………………..

        • the real harry says:

          couldn’t you just have a friend drive the 2nd vehicle to the other side of a pump island?