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Breaking: Aer Lingus redemptions now bookable on – but Boston loophole closed

The Aer Lingus Aer Club programme launched this morning.

At the same time, Aer Lingus reward availability has been loaded into

You do NOT need to be an AerClub member to book these.  You can log in with your usual UK account details and book.

This is the first time ever that Aer Lingus awards have been bookable online with Avios.


The good news ….

Some rewards are down in price.   Before yesterday, all Aer Lingus rewards were treated as ‘peak date’ pricing in the same way as any other BA partner airline.

Aer Lingus now has peak and off-peak pricing.  Apart from Easter, Christmas and the summer, the rest of the year is off-peak.

The bad news …..

Taxes have gone up.  A return flight in Business Class from Dublin to New York used to have taxes of around £75 return.  It will now cost you £200.

However, if you travel off peak, the reduction in the Avios required would mean you are no worse off.

It is also £300 cheaper than a British Airways Club World redemption from London!

The worse news …..

Dublin to Boston SHOULD be in Zone 4.  Until yesterday, it cost 75,000 Avios for a return business class flight from Dublin to Boston – which is what you expect to pay for a partner airline flight of 2,986 miles.

Aer Lingus has now moved Boston 14 miles to the west.  Dublin to Boston has been moved into Zone 5 which means it now costs 100,000 Avios off-peak and 120,000 Avios peak – the same price as Dublin to New York.

Other thoughts

The real win would be if Avios allowed you to use Lloyds Avios Rewards upgrade vouchers on Aer Lingus.  That would be an exceptional result as you could get their excellent new business class seat for the Avios of economy, as Aer Lingus does not have premium economy.  We need to see if this happens or not.

More on this story tomorrow …..

PS.  For clarity, Aer Lingus flights are NOT bookable on online. You still need to call.

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  1. Lady London says:

    Funny how whole cities can be picked up and moved 14 miles to the West.

    • Phillip says:

      True, but there are examples of midhaul flights stretching over 2,000 miles that have been kept within the RFS bands! Swings and roundabouts!

      • South Africa should actually be in a higher band but BA squeezes it in to a cheaper one, probably because of the Avios relationship in SA.

        • Santiago (7239mi) has dropped from SYD pricing 150 e/w peak J to the SIN band 105k e/w. Either that on the narrow 6500-7000 band has been stretched out a little.

  2. Can’t find one single J class seat anywhere!
    This could be a god send for us living in Northern Ireland.

  3. Sorry guys, OT – Etihad discount codes, historically how often do they show up? Annoyingly I missed the 30% one this month and I’m trying to get a business class ticket to Perth. I’m trying to get the fare as close to 2k as I can. (Or lower!)

  4. Can we now get our free 250 points that we pre signed up for?

    • Scottydogg says:

      I was wondering this as well , ive not had an email from them either to say they have gone live , perhaps it will come in the next few days ?

  5. Seems to me that for economy travel to the US, Norwegian is far better than wasting miles on redemptions. Can book one way for about £150 (or £200 with a bag and seat selection) and don’t have to get to Dublin/Dusseldorf/Berlin/Madrid beforehand.

    It’s a shame they don’t fly to Asia for cheap tax redemptions back from Hong Kong

    • Wait until Norwegian start running DUB-BOS hopefully next year. There was talk of 69USD each way, a few days ago 🙂

  6. I see SNN to BOS is also being priced at the higher end.

  7. SH does not qualify for RFS either and their taxes are highish e.g. NOC-LGW £35 in taxes one way (Ireland has low departure taxes, as does NOC airport afaik, so I’m guessing they are adding in YQ or something similar)

    • It is disappointing really because there is not a huge incentive to book off peak flights like this if they are 4000 avios and £35 in taxes, given that flights on this route are generally in the £40 to £50 cash range. Sometimes these flights do get expensive e.g. at Christmas they can be £150 one way, but whether they will ever have availability during those periods…

  8. OK while this is mainly not treat, there is one area where there seems to be value.

    From BOS-DUB one way (and presumably from NYC etc.), it is only 50k avios off peak and £90 in taxes. At my valuation, this is about £490 for a O/W business class flight, which roughly matches what you can get in sales (e.g. £800/£900 return).

    In Economy, it is 13k avios and £70 in taxes, This is one of the few times where an economy long haul redemption is actually not bad value. I value this as £174 total in cost, which for a one way from US to Ireland, is pretty good, especially as the BOS flight is only 5hrs and 55mins so not too long to have to sit in economy.

  9. Planeflyer says:

    Looks like Avios/EI are pulling the same redemptions tricks as LH does (unless they book in EI “Plus”). I just looked for a one way LHR-DUB:

    Avios price: 4000 + £76.05 (Taxes, fees & surcharges)
    Same flight on £60.99 (inc taxes)

  10. Apparently you can collect Avios on United Airlines with Aer Club! I wonder if that’s applicable to any UA flight or if it has to be purchased as part of an EI booking or something along those lines.

    • Seems to be any United flight. 50% of miles flown, good news when looking for cash US domestic flights to collect more avios than with American and crediting to BA