Coming on Monday: Win 100,000 Avios points with Bink and Head for Points!

On Monday morning we will be launching a major new competition, exclusive to Head for Points readers.

In association with new loyalty app Bink, we are giving away 100,000 Avios points to one very lucky reader!

Bink is a new app-based loyalty platform which allows you to collect Avios at High Street retailers without showing your Avios card or the Bink app.  All you need to do it register your payment cards and your Avios number with Bink.

When you make a payment in a participating shop using a registered payment card, Bink will automatically add Avios points to your account!


The first partner is PizzaExpress.  We have tested PizzaExpress with Bink and it worked perfectly.  In a tough assignment, I sent Anika and my wife down to PizzaExpress where they ate, paid with an Amex card registered in Bink, and a few days later 260 Avios appeared in Anika’s account.  Easy.

You will learn more about Bink on Monday.  More importantly, you will learn how to win 100,000 Avios points!

Do NOT download the Bink app today – wait until Monday when we will explain exactly what you need to do to enter.

On the other hand, if you do not already have an account, as opposed to a British Airways Executive Club account, you may want to open one here at  You will need it in order to use Bink and to enter the competition.

Earn triple Avios - SEVEN per Euro! - on Accor (Sofitel, Mercure, Novotel etc) stays
Amex 'Shop Small' starts today - get £5 back on every £10 purchase!
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  1. “Anika and my wife” ?

  2. Toby Warren says:

    What happens if you’ve already downloaded it?

    Will you miss out?

  3. Frank De Jongh Swemer says:

    Also, the Bink app and Avios earning can’t be set up if you have spaces in your surname… a technical issue they are aware of, but fail to tell people about…

    • Sigma421 says:

      Darn! That’s me excluded then. Rob. Can we borrow your negotiating skills again?

      • Can’t you hyphenate or underscore your name on the app?

      • RussellH says:

        What is the situation with a household account? Ours starts with ‘The’, then our surnames, joined with a hyphen, then ‘household’

        Or could we quote our individual names and original Avios account numbers?

        Or should we be opening separate accounts for this?

        • Good question but I assume there is an answer which I should be able to get during the course of next week!

  4. Mr Bridge says:

    What is the earning rate??

    I know the Tesco gift card bonus isn’t on at the moment, but if it runs again at 150cc( 360avios) for £50, or 15% off pizza express gift cards, then for pizza express may not be such a good deal.

    are any other partners proposed?

  5. BrianDT says:

    Many loyalty cards not accepted…yet.

  6. Mr Bridge says:

    Why doesn’t Barclays / Barclaycard support Bink?

    Because we haven’t agreed a deal yet, but we’re getting close, so register your card anyway and when it’s supported we’ll let you know and you’ll be ready to go.

  7. who is Anika?

  8. Now that is a good question!

  9. Nick Haley says:

    Re: pizza express bonus 1000 avios, did anyone’s credit to Avios yet?

    • Yes, the base Avios came on 30 Nov and the 1000 bonus (from collecting with a new partner) came a few days later.

      • Nick Haley says:

        There were two promos weren’t there? 1) any new collection partner meant 1000 avios and then 2) using bink and pizza express meant another separate 1000? Then yes of course there was the x Avios per pound too.

        Don’t think my part two has showed up, unless I got confused.

        • Avios deliberately misled you. The small print to the PizzaExpress email said that the 1k is the same ‘new partner’ bonus.

    • This is the new partner bonus (hidden in small print) so if you got that already, you’re not getting another 1k.

  10. I downloaded and activated bink two weeks ago, started using it with pizza express, points from pizza express awarded few days later, plus extra 1000 point for using new retailer. Now waititng for instructions how to enter the competition for 100k points! 🙂

  11. Looking on Avios site under Pizza Express they are fully supporting Blink so I will probably only have the Avios card loaded up on the app at the moment till it’s establushed. Will be curious to know what other shops can use direct with payment card and have Avios credited.

  12. If/when this ties up with using a Pizza Express gift cards that would be good.

    Semi O/T: seen the £5/meal at PE & O2 Priority? Quite handy.

  13. I dont have smartphone can I still get this deal by downloading the app onto my PC?