Bits: Regus Express to open in Heathrow T2 and T3, 20% off at Radisson Red Brussels

News in brief

Regus Express to open in Heathrow T2 and T3

Heathrow Airport is getting two new Regus Express business lounges.

After bringing their first Regus Express to T5 back in 2014 (photo below), the global workspace provider is expanding their partnership with Heathrow Airport.

Terminal 2 will get a landside Regus Express with nine meeting rooms and a drop-in business lounge. The Regus Express in Terminal 3 will be airside with ten meeting rooms and a business lounge.

Details about the opening date have not been released yet.

These are not traditional airport lounges.  You will get free coffee and a place to sit, but they are designed for working.  There is no free food and definitely no alcohol, free or otherwise!

The Regus airport lounges are not part of Priority Pass or Lounge Club but they are part of niche loyalty card scheme Dragonpass.

The full press release can be found here.

Regus Heathrow

20% off at Radisson Red Brussels

Radisson Red is the new contemporary Rezidor brand which focuses on music, art and fashion.

We haven’t had a chance to review any of the properties yet – after all there are only two hotels so far, one of them in America, but from what we’ve heard, it looks like an interesting concept.  Glasgow is on the way so we may be able to take a look at that one next year.

If you are heading to Brussels anytime soon, you might want to check out the new Radisson Red.  You currently get a free beer tasting and 20% off your stay when booking via the Radisson Red website.  This is valid for stays until 30th April.

If you have an American Express Platinum card, remember that your Club Carlson Gold status will give you additional benefits with your stay.


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  1. My free Regus expires in about 6 months. What’s the cheapest Gold out there? Maybe one paid for in Egyptian Pounds?! I’ve seen about 20 eur a month which isn’t too bad.

    I think the freebies are all but dead.

  2. space to rent says:

    Regus suck big time. I was client for two years and all they wanted to do was nickle and dime you to death. Phone system went down one weekend when I needed to do conference calls abroad with no warning or apology from the centre manager who really didn’t care. Awful awful company.

    • I built HFP off Regus, 3 years of free hot desking via a free Gold!

      I would never take an office there though – too dull. We are now in a WeWork – pretty much all inclusive, including free beer, and a big social programme. And table tennis tables etc ……

  3. As this is Bits..

    O/T Where’s IGGY?

    He’s in Dubai, middle right a bit, at the foot of a skyscraper.

    This looks worth winning…

    987000 points

  4. the-very-real-arry says:

    Any idea where the T3 Regus will be? 10 mtg rooms etc would fit into Swissport’s old space which would rule out No1 expanding…

  5. Concerto says:

    Never got any extra points for that silly IHG competition.

    • IIRC the T&C’s state points will post in Jan 2017.

    • T&c’s – Bonus IHG® Rewards Club points for continuous play shall be awarded directly into the entrant’s membership account in one single tranche between 1st January 2017 and 14th January 2017. Bonus points will be added to the membership account number given on the entry form and it is solely the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the membership number/details given are correct. If a membership number is not given or is entered incorrectly then the bonus points shall be forfeited.

  6. I bet hotels in Brussels are hurting for business these days.

    • Sheraton just went bust and will probably not reopen.

      • It was total rubbish… A relic.

        Biggest loss is old Hilton rebranded as “The Hotel”. Really nice property with organgerie at the back.

  7. OT: What are people’s recent experiences with Supercard?

    Are they still messing about with those extra transactions that effectively wiped out the FX saving?
    Headed abroad and can pick between Supercard/Curve/Revolut to use.
    Figured I’ll use Revlout for first £500 of cash withdrawals but torn on what to use for regular purchases.

    • Not sure about what other’s here think of Monzo, but I have been impressed with them so far.
      As a prepaid card, you don’t get the regular CC benefits, but their limits are quite high – Once your identity is confirmed, you have a £250/day ATM withdrawal limit (with no fees and the MasterCard rate). There is currently a rolling 30 day limit of £1,000 at ATMs, and £3,000 per year, but combined with regular card spend I haven’t had an issue. Max annual top up is £60,000.
      There is a max single card payment of £1000 as well, but I’ve had no troubles splitting payments in required. Shout out with any more questions.

      • Top-up is only from debit card though, isn’t it? If so, then apart from ATM limits I don’t see much benefit over using Revolut?

        • Yep absolutely correct, you can’t top up from Credit Cards.
          Just a personal preference when I was doing research into them, it seemed to me that Revolut had more reports of failed transactions and system downtime, but that was just my opinion at the time!

        • Ah OK, thanks 🙂

    • I like Curve. Yes it charges 1% fee but it’s quite reliable and you get the benefit from the underlying card (i.e. 2.5% (net; 3.5% gross) on IHG black if you’re trying to hit your £10k spend). I gave up on Supercard due to failed transactions. Revolut is good too (1% top up via Mastercard or Visa) and free ATM withdrawals up to £500 pcm currently (going to £200 for new customers and for existing customers from the start of Feb). I have a Monz(d)o card but cannot see the benefit of the card over using my Halifax Clarity so gave up on it.

      • Yes, I am hoping to use Curve with IHG Black
        Also have Lloyds Avios Duo; so will try that first.

      • Thanks! Sorry brain wasn’t in gear and forgot about the 90 odd comments on this very subject in recent Curve article….

    • Raymond Hennessy says:

      I use my Supercard mostly in Hungary. We bought a house there and are furnishing it/getting work done bit by bit.and have had no problem with the Supercard, biggest transaction on it being about £900. Only had it declined once, and that was due to a fraud check on the underlying IHG card. So I’m quite happy with Supercard.

  8. Johnnycl says:

    OT: Does anyone have the Tesco Direct bonus points code that was floating around a week or two ago?