New BA Manchester flights now bookable – and new Stansted routes too

Last week we wrote about the new routes from Manchester Airport that British Airways is launching for Summer 2017.

These flights were not bookable at the time.  However, the routes were officially launched yesterday and you can now book for both cash and Avios at

Here is a reminder of the routes together with the preliminary timings.  With just one flight per week on most routes, they won’t be a lot of use unless you are planning a 7-night holiday.

Alicante – 20 May – 30 September (Saturdays)
Depart Manchester 0550, arrive Alicante 0940
Depart Alicante  1025, arrive Manchester 1220

London City – 21 May – 1 October
Depart Manchester 1955, arrive London City 2055 (Sundays)
Depart London City 1945, arrive Manchester 2045 (Thursdays)

Ibiza – 18 May – 1 October
Depart Manchester 2125, arrive Ibiza 0115 (Thursdays)
Depart Manchester 1930, arrive Ibiza 2330 (Saturdays)
Depart Manchester 1250, arrive Ibiza 1640 (Sundays)
Depart Ibiza 0155, arrive Manchester 0330 (Fridays)
Depart Ibiza 0005, arrive Manchester 0150 (Sundays)
Depart Ibiza 1725, arrive Manchester 1910 (Sundays)

British Airways Vickers Viscount

Malaga – 19 May – 29 September (Fridays)
Depart Manchester 0535, arrive Malaga 0935
Depart Malaga 1020, arrive Manchester 1225

Mykonos – 19 May – 29 September (Fridays)
Depart Manchester 1310, arrive Mykonos 1910
Depart Mykonos 1955, arrive Manchester 2205

Palma – 21 May – 1 October (Sundays)
Depart Manchester 0550, arrive Palma 0935
Depart Palma 1020, arrive Manchester 1205

Nice – 20 May – 30 September (Saturdays)
Depart Manchester 1305, arrive Nice 1625
Depart Nice 1710, arrive Manchester 1835

Note that the London City service will not be bookable until 21st February.  It is possible that this is to tie in with the launch of tickets for domestic Club Europe flights which we know are launching later this spring.

If you liked the idea of Nice, be warned that Manchester to Nice in EuroTraveller prices up at 13,000 Avios return compared with 9,000 Avios from London.  This is because the flight is longer than 650 miles which pushes it into a higher pricing category.  Tax remains at £35 / £50 depending on class.

Remember that these flights operate with Embraer aircraft featuring 2 x 2 seating throughout so there is no ‘middle seat free’ in Club Europe.  You will get access to the BA lounge in Manchester or the Escape lounge in Stansted.

New Stansted services too

What did come as a surprise yesterday was the announcement of new weekend routes from London Stansted this summer.

The new routes will operate to Florence, Geneva and Nice.

Services to Ibiza, Palma, Malaga and Faro are being retained from last year, with increased frequencies to Ibiza and Palma.

Again, these routes are available for booking at

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  1. OT: Hilton enhancements (full details TBC later today)

    – points and cash scrapped, replaced by inferior version of discounts off cash rates for points (sort of like BA’s part pay with Avios but at a poor rate of less than USD 0.005 per point)
    – categories scrapped – no outright devaluation for full redemptions, but surely coming in the future
    – redeem for amazon (probably at poor rates)
    – genuine enhancement: household accounts / transfer for free between accounts
    – genuine enhancement: extend diamond for a year if you have 250 nights + 3 years of diamond (like the virgin m/paternity leave status extension)

  2. I hope the new routes do well enough to make this permanent, they have left it a bit late to release them IMO, all my summer travel is arranged for this year, as will be that of most working parents!

    It’s not worth the Club Europe upgrade at this time – the Manchester lounge has limited food offerings, and the BA booking system says ET passengers will get free drinks and snack anyway – presumably because they haven’t got BOB in place for Manchester, though I suppose that could always change! Leg room is the same in both classes unless you get seats in the front rows of CE.

    I did a dummy booking for Ibiza in May and ET was £96 with CE £250, including checked luggage, very reasonable, however I have not yet had chance to look at prices for the school holiday periods!

    • The BoB was working from MAN last week. In fact, the crew rattled through the entire cabin remarkably quickly and efficiently – presumably because not many are buying.

      The good thing about the MAN BA lounge is the relative size given the number who use it. I can live without a baked potato before I fly if a get a comfy seat with a beer, a sandwich and a great view of the runway.

      It will be interesting if BA can pull this timetable off with a single plane. The average turnaround at MAN looks about 35 mins which leaves no room for error. The final flight of the schedule is back down to LCY – doesn’t that airport shut at a certain time? – and it wouldn’t be much fun to roll up on a Sunday night then find out you have to take the train anyway because the flight is cancelled.

      • Were you flying to Heathrow though? Presumably they load up the BOB there. The BA website definitely said free drinks and snacks for ET and CE on the Man-Ibiza flight.

        • Thinking about it… this plane comes from LCY and I don’t think the BoB is operational there – only LHR/LGW IIRC – so that might explain it.

        • Exactly – that’s my reason of it. LCY (and so therefore BA Cityflyer) flights may have different contracts in place etc. I think LCY was joining BOB from “the summer” – not are quite when though. I’d imagine these MAN and STN flights are cityflyer operated and so no BOB

  3. I have enjoyed flying on Embraer and Bombardier jets on Air Canada Express where Business is 2+1 with leather seats. They are quieter than 787 in my view.

  4. Michael says:

    I’d love to fly to Ibiza on a Viscount!

    • In 1979 I flew from Tangier to Gibraltar in a Viscount. It was very noisy and was very close to the sea on such a short journey. It was like going forward several hundred years!

    • a minty biscuit?

      • I vant, I vant…a Viscount! (You have to be a child of the 70s for this to make sense)

  5. Hi, may I ask a off topic question. I am very new to this and not sure what to do. I took advantage of Expedia hotel deal with Malaysian Airlines deal with a flight from LHR – BKK return on business.

    I did receive a Malaysian Airlines Booking Code. But when I try to go Manage on the airline website it says my booking cannot be processed online and to phone the airline.

    I phoned the airlines to see if they can add in my BAEC number so I can benefit from the their points. The customer services says they can’t do this. I’m not sure what to do now.

    Am I able to dd the BAEC number at check in desk on the day? I am afraid of losing the tier points.

    any help would be appreciated

    • You would be fine giving your number on the day for getting the Avios and Tier Points. In the meantime though try going into your expedia booking (log in and go to ‘Itineraies’) – you should be able to add your BAEC number there

      • thanks for your help Mark. I have tried to add it in the itinaries section and will see what happens. fingers crossed

        • i’d suggest using to make sure you have the right PNR for your booking, then try on the Finnair website instead – it seems a bit more reliable on dealing with Oneworld bookings than some of the others.

    • If your flight qualifies, you can add your BAEC points after you return.

    • You’re fine. The very worse case scenario is that your number doesn’t get added and you ask BA to retrospectively add the points, which can be done online.

    • I’ve had this issue with tickets booked with Expedia before with both Qatar and now Cathay. Currently my code doesn’t get me access into the Cathay website – I phoned expedia who were very helpful and actually put me through to someone at Cathay. The Cathay employee couldn’t explain why the code didn’t work either but he did move my seats which is what I wanted and confirmed that the flights were ticketed – MyFlights is showing the seat change so something has been done !I will check-in at the airport anyway because I have luggage.There should be no problem with you giving your BAEC number to the check in staff at the airport – you should also be able to add it in your expedia booking ( I did that with Qatar last time). Finally yes you can claim for the flights after you have flown but IME it’s easier not to have to do this.

      • Sometimes you get two booking codes – My Flights will show the actual code recognised by the airline as well as the one you were shown on booking, and the former is the one you need to use.

        • I asked the CX employee whether I was using the correct number and he said yes! He had no idea why it wasn’t working. Anyway seems to be okay – famous last words.

    • To add to comments, send an email to MAS Customer Services and ask them to add your BA number to the booking, I have done it before with no issue, and all done in a few hours. The MAS website often gives problems, a quick email with request usually works.

      Just to add to the confusion, Malaysian don’t use the Amadeus booking system (6 digit PNR which BA and some one world airlines use) and their system will give a 5 digit PNR which i don’t think the Finnair website recognises (may be wrong, been a few years).

    • I’ve had the same problem with Malaysian, I’m sure there’s a function on the BA website to “claim missing points” though. Shouldn’t be a problem.

  6. James67 says:

    OT BA; looks like no cc conversion bonus again. A trip to Madrid prize this time.

  7. Man – Malaga ET just over £300 in August with a bag and BOB. Not sure how competitive this is going to be with Ryanair and Easyjet doing the route from Man and Liverpool.

  8. Nick Haley says:

    O/T and apols if covered elsewhere… anyone received a letter from Amex saying their BA Exec Club is no longer registered inside the UK – and until they change it no points will be transferred to their account?

    Amex knew little about it, so I called BA and it turns out it’s been a computer fault. If you get this letter all you need do is call Amex to tell them so, and that you’re still registered in the UK. If however, we don’t see our points going over at the next statement date, perhaps there will be some more noise and heat applied to this one!!

    • I got this letter once years ago, but that is because I genuinely had moved my BA account out of the UK to take advantage of the lower 800 tier point threshold for Gold!

      • Nick Haley says:

        Looks like it’s just me…for now. But they said they’d had a couple of calls about it.

  9. New Stansted – Florence flights, I hope this doesn’t mean they’re dropping their City – Florence route!

    • the real harry1 says:

      interesting – lived in Firenze for a year & the nearest airport was Pisa!

  10. OT – I have read this somewhere before but can’t find it.
    I have BA Amex Blue ( downgraded and am holding it until 2-4-1 used ). I am referring my husband , but we want the Black not the blue, but the referral link only offers option of blue. Am i right he needs just to apply for Blue, then upgrade immediately by phone ( once accepted ? ), and I will get 9000 miles for referral ? Thanks

    • No. It’s easier. On the application page, there is an option at the bottom to switch to the paid card. Job done.

  11. This list of destinations is a roll-call from three decades ago. Is there really still interest in these? The Northern English (ex-Manchester) will have done all these routes, minus London City, sooooo many times before teenage, a long time ago.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Nice, Mykonos, Ibiza and Palma are probably still amongst the most sought after and expensive summer destinations available. Not everyone wants to go to Turkey.

  12. Booked Manchester to Malaga, Club Europe. We will be heading East of Malaga into one of the cubic, white pueblos I adore – sans chain hotels!

    The thought of flying on an aircraft just 4 seats wide over such a distance worries my mother. The narrowest I remember flying on from Manchester to Spain in the 70’s was an old Dan Air BAC 1-11 which was 2 on one side and 3 on the other. I remember the seats at the over-wing emergency exits faced each other – I have never seen that since. I also remember people having to crouch to board a Dan Air Comet at Alicante. I was grateful to be travelling BEA on a shiny new 737.

    Thanks Raffles!

  13. I would to review one of the very first BA flights from Manchester-Malaga – at least since the BEA days (yes I was there then too) – and in Club Europe. What would be the most appropriate channel? My TripAdvisor reviews run into many, many pages and I have more of their points than they know what to do with. Some editing may be required :-). I will be with my mother who never ceases to provide an alterantive opinion to my own.