Bits: Airportr ski equipment offer, BA refusing to budge on ‘two tickets’ baggage transfer

More news in brief:

Airportr offering free transfer of ski equipment this winter

We’ve covered Airportr a few times on Head for Points.  This is the luggage collection service whereby your suitcases can be collected from your home or office and taken to the airport for you to pick up in the departure terminal – or in some cases they can even be checked in for you.  On your return, you can drop your cases with them whilst you head straight to your home or office – and at London City on BA domestic flights they will even find your luggage on the carousel for you.

We reviewed the service here if you want to know more about it.

Until 31st March, Airportr will transport your winter sports equipment for free when you pay for at least one suitcase to be collected.  Given that ski and snowboard equipment is even less fun to carry around than suitcases, this is well worth a look.  Details can be found on the Airportr site here.


British Airways refusing to budge on checked through bags

Late last year, all of the oneworld alliance members were told that they could, if they wished, now refuse to check through bags between oneworld airlines when the passenger was travelling on a separate ticket.

In plain English, this means that if you were flying British Airways to Doha and then connecting to a Qatar Airways flight to Delhi – booked on a separate ticket – BA would refuse to check your bags through to Delhi.

British Airways jumped on the opportunity to do his because it is a money saver – they are no longer liable to compensate you if your bags fail to connect.  They really pushed the boat out, however, by also refusing to check through baggage between two British Airways flights on separate tickets.

This is astonishingly inconvenient.  In the Doha example above, the passenger now needs to collect their baggage in Doha, clear immigration in Doha – which includes paying for a Qatari Visa, go the Qatar check-in desks (luckily Doha is a one-terminal airport) and then clear security again.  Some people have found themselves separated from their luggage because they did not have the necessary visa to go landside in order to re-check their bags.

Cathay Pacific made the same changes as BA.  However, within a few weeks, they backtracked under substantial pressure from passengers.  You can now check through a bag on two Cathay Pacific flights when booked on separate tickets.

BA will not budge.  If you thought it would, you should know that travel agents are receiving a continual bombardment of emails from the airline – two in the last week alone – reminding them not to do this.

Here is typical example from last week (the bolding was in the original):

“It is important that you never advise customers that the airports may be able to through check-in when they have tickets issued on separate bookings, as the airport teams are unable to assist resulting in frustration for the customer at check-in.

In addition to not being eligible for through check-in, customers travelling on separate tickets issued on different PNR’s will need to collect their bags at the transit point and re-check in, their baggage allowance and lounge access may differ depending on the fare paid for each sector and Conditions of carriage guidelines only apply for the disrupted sector and not on any separate connection.”

Charming.  It saves a few quid though, so …..

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  1. BA and Cruz, or more specifically IAG and Walsh are focussed on profits in 2017 and 2018 and to hell with 2019 and beyond.

    We can all see the reason. Cruz and the exec board will be on a bonus scheme that pays out within 2-3 years of joining.

    Shareholders aren’t much help – they’ll be funds also targetted on 2-5 year plans.

    What we need is less listed companies.

    • the real harry1 says:

      I assume you mean fewer – but how likely is that to happen? – unless consolidation means fewer but greater.

      The biggest problem our Earth world has is: too many people.

      Do you all know the stats? I beggars belief in IMV that NOBODY ever talks about population numbers as an issue, probably because it is generally politicians speaking and they don’t want to be seen as eugenicists etc.

      1800 1 billion
      1900 2 billion
      1960 3 billion
      1975 4 billion
      1985 5 billion
      1999 6 billion
      2012 7 billion

      All very worrying – I guess I’ll be long dead when the sh!t hits the fan – I am concerned for my kids’ sake, of course

      • but…you had kids regardless?
        (presumably due to them having desirable heritable characteristics?)

        • the real harry1 says:

          good memory lol – 3 – averages count, though – and in Western Europe I’m helping keep up the numbers 🙂

          yep of course as soon as we stray into the bit about restricting high childbirth – esp if we talk about poorer countries or Islamic countries where reproduction is higher for understandable reasons – we run into trouble

          let’s ignore those factors and concentrate on the fact that the world has too many people, unless we are to accept that increased brain power will bring increased ability to do many things we hold dear, perhaps at the expense of some pleasures such as space, food, environment etc

        • Harry, do you have an FT username, I’ve connected with Rob & Genghis, got some info for you…. 🙂

        • the real harry1 says:

          nope never joined & I’ve deliberately not been anything but a passive user over there for the last few years, give me a hint 🙂

          maybe I’ll join up this year

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Twitters where its at 🙂

  2. This kind-of goes against the expectations, but can a passenger instruct check-in staff *not* to check-in luggage all the way through to the final destination?

    Eg on a cheap fare from Washington to Glasgow via LHR, only check the luggage as far as LHR?

    • You can ‘ask’ but not ‘instruct’… some airlines and staff will, some won’t. BA Americas staff are under orders not to, but if you can check in at an AA point you may be ok, they tend to be open to requests.
      Also self-serve machines are your friend here (albeit limited in location) – the ones that print bag tags ask you where you want the tag issued to, and if you’re competent enough to do it without staff intervention…

  3. Does anyone know whether the same applies to Iberia? I’m considering a cheap redemption to South America via Madrid with a separate positioning flight…

  4. Can anyone help please? In November I am using my Lloyd’s Avios voucher to travel Club World to Chennai on route to Colombo. The plan was to buy an economy ticket with Sri Lanka Airlines checking our bags through from London to Sri Lanka. However if I can’t check the luggage throughI think I’ll need an Indian Visa. Is there’s any way round this? Thanks.