Avios Ireland: 250 Avios via SuperValu for EVERY eShop purchase, however small

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We wrote about the relationship between Irish supermarket chain SuperValu and AerClub a couple of weeks ago.

Basically, 1 SuperValu Real Rewards point (which you get for spending €1 instore) converts into 1 Avios point.


Until 2nd March, you will receive 250 bonus Real Rewards points for every online shopping transaction made via the SuperValu eShops.  This contains over 100 retailers.

Because you can earn the bonus an unlimited number of times, there may be some potential here for multiple purchases of low value items.

You can read more about this offer here and there is a FAQ here.

PS.  Why didn’t Aer Lingus buy aerclub.com?  Picking a programme name where your ‘best guess’ URL takes you to German nightclub site with photos of pole dancing women, amongst other things, doesn’t seem like the greatest idea …..

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  1. Time to seek out the cheapest item delivered competition!

  2. It appears you need to register a rewards card to make a purchase and these are picked up in store

  3. Oh, that’s me out then.

  4. Did I miss your feedback regarding the issue that many of your readers are missing 250 Avios for Aer Club sign up?
    I recall that you intended to speak to some Avios contacts at the show you attended last week, and also note that there have been a number of further reader comments about these missing points in various articles since then.
    What was the feedback from Avios/Aer Club?

    • “Did I miss your feedback…” – yawn, please do keep up the passive aggressive commenting.

      • I didn’t meet anyone who would be responsible for this – but I promise you if I ever have contact with the head of AerClub I will raise it.

        • Thanks Rob, I believe it was Avios people you may have met with

          Avios people are nothing to do with the 250 points as they have told me many times and aerclub are just ignoring my communications….

          A mass twitter/facbook posting may help the cause people….

        • Kev2717 says:

          You should be raising it now. We signed up. You got commission. We got zero.

        • He seems to think your link was a commission-generating one – I suspect it was just a shortened one to make it easier to link to!

        • No, it was an affiliate link but unless you booked a flight at to same time – unlikely – it doesn’t earn anything.

        • Ah, fair enough (and logical, can’t see them paying much in affiliate if the sign-up is only 250). I can’t work out why I was chosen to receive the sign-up bonus either – I had it many many months ago, well before launch!

        • They don’t pay anything!

        • Haha sorry yes – I meant ‘anything’ rather than ‘much’ 😛

        • the real harry1 says:

          Get real – it’s either £2.50 you’re talking about (@ 1p) or more like under £2 (@ realistic)

          I didn’t get mine either, CBA to waste any time chasing it

        • £1.88 at my valuation 😉

          Amazingly FlyBe Avios just posted. For a flight I took under a week ago. With no intervention/chasing required – I’m shocked!! 😀

        • the real harry1 says:

          only taken Flybe 2 years to get their Avios award procedures working, then

        • Indeed. I’m shocked they actually got them working at all based on the experiences I’d read here!

      • Kev2717 says:

        A few thoughts:

        1. The 250 AerClub Avios has not been delivered to many of those who have signed up, many of whom did do for said reason. Multiply this X no of non-fulfilled customers and AerClub (Avios) is doing rather well out of it. IT issues or not, this hardly sets AerClub off on a good footing. Disingenuous? Arguably, yes.

        2. At what point does this become “an oh well, you win some, you lose some” issue? 2000 Avios per person and there would be more angst and comments

        3. This point has not been mentioned. If you look back to the HfP article about the 250 Avios, Rob’s link was an affiliate link. That means that Rob gets paid for it as a referer/introducer. That is completely fair enough that Rob gets something out of this, no problem.

        If you get something as an introducer, don’t be surprised when those you introduced get hacked off if they don’t receive their rewards.

        Arguably, and morally, you should be chasing this up on behalf of your readers.

        However, this whole thing works both ways. As it stands, AerClub are probably X millions up on their expected Avios cost, have still got the join ups, marketing details etc, yet Rob dismisses it as an inconvenience.

        • Of course I don’t get paid for AerClub sign ups. If you’d booked a flight at the same time I would get a couple of quid but I doubt anyone did!

          Really, on the scale of 1-10 in terms of problems you get with missing miles and points in this game – factored by the effort involved – this scores about 0.5.

          If you’d paid £40 to hire an Avis car you didn’t need for 3 days on the promise of 18,000 Avios (as per the recent promo) and not got them then things would be different I promise you.

  5. Barry says:

    I live in Cork, Ireland so gave this offer a punt.
    Walked into Supervalu today and got a Rewards Card. Set up account online and registered card. Clicked through to their rewards partners, chose eBay. Min spend 1euro for the 250 points promo.
    Bought a few 1euro pens, free postage as separate transactions but from same supplier. Says it can take up to 35 days for the transaction to register with Supervalu from their rewards partners. So watch this space. I’ll update if worked and do more next time

  6. Max Mccain says:

    Is there anyone kind enough to pickup a new real rewards card for me in order to trigger the bonuses ? ( just send me the number ) I’m out the country for some weeks thx.

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