Bits: last day for 2,400 Avios from LEGO, see the French Open Tennis with Emirates Skywards

News in brief:

Last day for 2,400 Avios with £60 of LEGO Friends

Today (Monday) is the last day for the latest Tesco Direct / LEGO promotion.  If you still haven’t filled up every birthday wish list for the rest of the year, you will receive 1,000 bonus Clubcard points (worth 2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin miles) when you spend £60 of LEGO Friends.

The list of boxes available is here. You can find our more in this Shopper Points article here.

Roland Garros

Emirates offering French Open tennis tickets

If you’ve always wanted to go to Wimbledon but never managed to get tickets, Emirates Skywards members can now access the next best thing – the French Open at Roland-Garros in Paris.

Standard ground entry tickets costs from 7,000 to 30,000 miles per person depending on day.

Hospitality tickets start at 30,000 miles per person.

It is not particularly clear what is included, to be honest.  Whist the ‘General Admission’ tickets sound like Wimbledon general tickets – ie you can watch any game you like if the court if not ticketed – that wouldn’t explain why they are asking for 30,000 miles on the day of the men’s final.  Unless, of course, you are actually getting a guaranteed seat for the men’s final.

Similarly, the hospitality tickets simply say “Enjoy Emirates hospitality as you keep a close eye on the action with some of the best views in the stadium” which is not hugely helpful.

Emirates Skywards is an Amex Membership Rewards partner and points transfer instantly if your accounts are already linked.

Full details can be found on the Emirates website here.  Thanks to Rob.

PS.  It seems that Emirates had FA Cup Semi Final tickets available last week, although they went very quickly and I never heard about it.  This included both standard and Club Wembley packages.

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  1. Accor also offering Roland Garros tickets as of last week

  2. OT/ spent a fabulous weekend in London staying at the Hilton in park lane using the free night from Hilton visa card. Room on the 17th floor with great view. They also gave us lounge access with my matched gold status. (Canapés were more than enough for an evening meal) Breakfast in the restaurant was excellent. Thanks!

  3. Darren says:

    I have recently joined Skywards and have a few points which I won’t be using for EK redemptions. Is there a route to transfer them to avios?

    • No, your best bet is either Easyjet or Heathrow Rewards (but they’re flagged on the latter so that they can’t then be transferred on to Avios).

      • Darren says:

        Oh well, I was thinking of transferring some MRs into the account for an upgrade but I’m a little avios light at present. Also I wasn’t that impressed with business seats on their A380, much preferred the 777 arrangement.

    • Maybe via heathrow rewards?

      • Lol just saw your reply alan… there goes that then

      • Posted simultaneously 😉 but no, HR are wise to this and flag transfers in to stop you doing this.

  4. krys_k says:

    OT, some advise from those in the know please. I’m flying in F to Mexico, and J return, both redemptions. The F flight is during the day and J at night, and figured since id be mostly sleeping, business, which I enjoy on BA would be good enough. However, I can get F for an extra 20k Avios. Is it worth it? (no First lounge / Concorde room).

    • It is really a factor of how many Avios you have. 20k would be a good start towards your next redemption, so if you earn slowly then I would be tempted to say No. If you have a decent six figure balance then, yes, I would do it – life’s too short.

    • If you’re travelling with someone, I would do it just to avoid the insane seat reservation fee on CW if you aren’t Gold.

  5. LaserBeams says:

    OT, do HSBC Elite Mastercard regularly have their 50% bonus conversion of their reward points to Avios like they did last October/November? Just wondering if it’s worth waiting to transfer my points to Avios for the 50% bonus.

  6. rams1981 says:

    OT is there an easy way to see miles cost for flying with Etihad/Emirates? i.e. do they have a chart similar to Ba/Virgin?

    • Etihad doesn’t have a chart and the mileage tends to move around a bit for reasons no-one knows. They also ask for random amounts of miles like 67,481 miles where any other airline would say 65,000 or 70,000.

      Not sure if Emirates has a chart or not, although you can do dummy bookings without having the miles. We never go beyond Dubai.

      Note that Emirates especially is very enthusiastic with fuel surcharges, as is Etihad if you connect as they charge them by leg.

      • rams1981 says:

        thanks Rob. All part of a bigger thought process for me to see what to do with our Amex points. 140k or so sat in mine and my wife’s accounts. And thinking of cancelling them ready to churn.

        We have sufficient Avios and Virgin for now so trying to explore the other options.

        (Need to do a similar type of analysis for my HSBC points at some stage)

        • rams1981 says:

          looking through I can see why I placed value on the BA 2 for 1. Miles don’t seem to get you very far with Etihad or Emirates.

        • Depends.

          As a Saver reward, Dubai is 90,000 return in Emirates business class. BA is 100,000 off-peak or 120,000 peak.

          HOWEVER …. Emirates is a superior product. You also get 4 chauffeur cars (home to Heathrow, Dubai Intl to hotel, hotel to Dubai Intl, Heathrow to home) for free.

          Even if you have to pay ‘standard’ Emirates pricing – ie what they charge on busier days – it is 125,000 return. That is a better deal than 120,000 Avios given the chauffeur cars.

          The 2-4-1 obviously makes a big difference of course. Worth noting though that the first Heathrow flight to Dubai is Emirates around 9am. The first BA flight isn’t until 12.55 which means it doesn’t arrive until 11pm.

        • James67 says:

          I doubt avios gets you much value on BA either, even with a 2for1. Find the cheapest revenue fare you would use, subtract the BA fees/taxes + a realistic estimate of what the avios redeemed cost you + a realistic valuation of the avios/miles earned on the alternate revenue fare. Take the (likely paltry) sum you are left with, divide it through with the avios redeemed and the value per avio you arrive at will most likely shock you. I’m not saying using avios on BA is useless, just that in most cases the real value is poor and probably much lesd than most people perceive. I now see little point on redeeming avios on BA unless they cost notning or close to it.

        • Can you fly Manchester to Dubai direct using avios?

        • No, you could use AA miles for Etihad though

        • the real harry1 says:

          That’s why it’s tres important to keep the RFS fee fixed @ £17.50

          once that gets enhanced, BA have lost another 5 customers (50 flights a year in Europe)

          for now, Avios redemptions in Europe are still pretty good value for us

  7. the real harry1 says:
  8. Sheafpete says:

    My colleague at work received a targeted email regarding Semi Final tickets last Sunday (19th). I never got the chance to redeem. Was hoping to complete my ‘Road to Wembley’ (started back in August). I’ll have to take my chances with the touts!

  9. Alex W says:

    We’ve got our semi final tickets for £50 each. Being Wembley, the seats will be dreadful at that price. But I’d rather be there immersed in the atmosphere than pay a zillion miles for a free prawn sandwich and glass of warm cava.

  10. Chelseafi says:

    O/T but semi final related, got my tickets for O2 SPG Moments VIP lounge, Bruno Mars for Sat 22/4, doors open from 6.30 but football kicks off 5.15, does anyone know if I will be able to watch 2nd half in VIP lounge or will I need to stay in other bars around the O2 arena? My OH won’t want to miss out on the food & drink included in the VIP lounge but I’m going to want to watch the football!, might need to watch on iPad maybe