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Hilton’s new ‘points pooling’ feature is now live

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Hilton Honors has now launched the latest of the new features that were promised during the scheme relaunch in February – points pooling.

See here at for details.

This is, very simply, a way of allowing up to 10 people to transfer their points to you without charge. 

Whilst you have always been able to pay to transfer points to someone else, the fee meant it rarely made sense.

In theory, pooling is designed to allow groups of family or friends to merge their points in order to do a joint redemption.  The example Hilton is using is pooling points to redeem for a suite which may be a better deal than two people individually redeeming for standard rooms.

In reality, there are no restrictions on how pooled points can be used.  You can use them for anything, even a non-room redemption such as airline miles, or indeed not use them at all in the short term.

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This has a few implications:

there is no excuse any longer for having your Hilton points expire – you can just move them to a family member

it is worth badgering family or friends who may be doing a one-off Hilton stay to sign up to the programme, because they can transfer their points to you afterwards

this is a partial solution to the problem of Hilton only allowing you to earn points from two rooms per stay – if you need 3+ rooms, you can now book the rest in the name of someone else and then pool those points with your own afterwards

it presumably lets you get around the cap on the number of Hilton points you can buy each year, as you can buy via a friend or family member and then pool those points with yours

it lets you transfer points from a member without status to a member with status, in order to receive status benefits when booking redemption nights

You can transfer a minimum of 1,000 points into a pool with an annual maximum of 500,000 points, across no more than six transactions.  The total amount of points that you can receive via pooling is 2,000,000 per year.

Overall, I can only see positive benefits from points pooling.   You can find out more on this special page of here.

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Comments (61)

  • Adrian says:

    If the person I want to pool points with is my spouse then can I just use the transfer option? In this instance is there a difference which way I move the points between transfer and pooling (sorry I’ve never done this before), thanks.

    • mark2 says:

      the difference is that without pooling you will have to pay to transfer.

      • sarah dorman says:

        The charges have changed too:

        “Members may transfer a maximum of 500,000, and receive a maximum of 2,000,000 points per calendar year. A maximum of six free transactions may be performed per calendar year. Transferred points are applicable towards all Hilton Honors awards. Points transferred using this option will post within 24 hours. Transferred points do not count towards Hilton Honors status upgrades. All standard Hilton Honors program rules and conditions apply.”

        • mark2 says:

          Thanks, I missed the transaction limit. But you can have more than one HH account (useful for multiple e-rewards accounts).

          • John says:

            I’ve been happily transferring HH points from 5 e-rewards accounts to my single HH account, ever since they removed the once every 90 days limit. (The limit applied to the HH account number, not the e-rewards account – but it’s nearly impossible to get 8000 erw in 90 days anyway and gets boring very quickly if you are doing the same survey 5 times!)

  • Wobbly Wings says:

    is points transfer via pooling considered a transaction that will keep the account alive?

  • Matthew Brown says:

    Could open up a secondary market to buy/sell points?

  • JAXBA says:

    I’m glad the feature is here, but I was hoping for more of a BAEC Household account style pool, versus free transfers in increments of a thousand. I’m going to have 915 orphan points in my wife’s account, and no way of topping them up. Ah well, I’ve now got 2000 in my account that I didn’t have before.

    • Brian says:

      No way of topping them up? Hilton credit card purchase? Virgin transfer? Amex MR transfer? Surely you must have one of those three options at your disposal!

    • Funtime says:

      Hilton Honors Shop-to-Earn Mall

  • Nick says:

    OT but still Hilton

    Do all stays count towards Gold requalification nights/stays or just fully-earning ones? My corporate deal with Hilton doesn’t earn points on stays, only on incidentals (long story), but I do several nights a year and wonder if these will enable me to keep Gold…

  • Derek says:

    Having just joined Hilton Honours last month, I booked 2 stays and pre paid for them as a Hilton Honours member. However every time I receive a communication from Hilton, it shows my balance as NIL. I assume that after I have arrived and booked in to the hotel, my points will show after departure? Can anyone let me know if I am correct in this assumption please?

  • What's the Point says:

    A great development by Hilton.
    Nice to say that for a change regarding a Loyalty Scheme.

  • Jimmy says:

    O/T – Has anyone ordered the £29 (half price) DONALD RUSSELL steak pack Amex offer? If so, might you recommend it? Thanks