It’s back – get 30,000 Avios for £300 if you know someone in Ireland!

AerClub, the new Aer Lingus Avios-based frequent flyer scheme, has brought back its generous Irish Independent / Sunday Independent offer.

You don’t need to be based in Ireland to join AerClub.  In fact, if you have an account, you are already half-way to being a member since your account number will become your AerClub account number.  You can register for AerClub via this page.

As the Avios from this offer will be dropped into your account, you will be able to move them across immediately to British Airways Executive Club.

What is the deal?

You will earn 30,000 Avios points when you take out a subscription to the Irish Independent or Sunday Independent newspapers for €349 (£300).

These are not digital subscriptions.  These are ‘we will push the newspapers through your letterbox’ subscriptions, which is why you need a friend or relative in Ireland – assuming you live outside the country – who would appreciate a free newspaper.

There are two options, both priced at €349:

Irish Independent and Sunday Independent, delivered daily for six months plus access to the digital edition, or

Saturday’s Irish Independent and Sunday Independent delivered weekly for 12 months plus access to the 7-day digital edition

You can sign up via this website here.

Sunday Independent

You will need to cancel your subscription before it expires, otherwise it will roll over at a monthly cost of €59 (7-day package) or €29 (weekend package).

Is 1p per Avios a good deal?

It isn’t a steal, clearly.  You need to have a clear strategy for how you would use them.

This is my general ‘what is an Avios point worth?’ article.  1p per point is too much for me to pay to add them to a fairly large existing pile.  If, on the other hand, you are not Avios rich and need to earn x,000 Avios per year to use your BA Amex 2-4-1 voucher then this could make sense.

Of course, if you are based in Ireland and would value the newspapers then it is a totally different proposition indeed.

The offer runs until 31st May.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Roger says:

    Amex offer
    £100 off £800 spend on Emirates
    On both platinum cards.

    • jamie says:

      Is that on the Amex Platinum? Thats annoying I just booked an emirates ticket last week Friday. I have reviewed my offers but I dont see the emirates discount available.

      • AndyGWP says:

        Was on my Amex Gold, but Roger states it was on his Platinum too 🙂

        • jamie says:

          Yikes. Do you think Amex will grant it to me although I booked some flight tickets last week friday and the fact that its not showing in my offers? not fair 🙁

        • jamie says:

          I have sent them a message… lets see what happens.

  2. the real harry1 says:

    if you want the newspaper deal but don’t know anybody in Ireland, you could ring up a doctor’s or dentist’s surgery/ hotel etc over there & ask them if they would accept ‘your’ paper getting delivered every morning – I bet most would be pretty happy

  3. Can anyone confirm if they received 20K miles following PRGC to Platinum upgrade link?
    I have already spent £1k and received my base points but have not received my 20k MR points yet.
    I might give it couple of more days before I start conversation with Amex CS.

    I had some refund on my PRGC hope that is excluded in counting towards the £1k new spend.

    • MarkH says:

      Yes I upgraded to Platinum via the link and got the 20k MR points once I hit the £1k spend

      If your refund came after you upgraded then it might well count against your spend

      • the real harry1 says:

        yep got mine a couple of days after hitting the spend target

    • Genghis says:

      It’s net spend on the account so the refund will have counted against you.

    • I received mine the next day when I hit the spend target. I never had a bar on the right showing progress towards spending target, so was a bit nervous, but they came through fine.

      Still waiting on my hotel status upgrades a month after sending through the requests though.

      • MattyS says:

        Mine came day after hitting £1k spend. Hotel status won’t now upgrade as I closed Amex account but didnt realise I had to link the card to Hilton account to get the status.

        • You don’t.

        • MattyS says:

          Had an online chat with Hilton just after cancelling card who told me I did need to register it to get upgrade. I had applied for the upgrade three weeks before cancelling and got confirmation email straight away. Still nothing (nor on SPG upgrade) three weeks after.

        • Did it for my wife last month, not linked

        • MattyS says:

          Will have another bash at them in that case as it seems very inconsistent from various comments recently. If not, will reapply in 5 1/2 months !

        • MattyS says:

          You are right Rob, as completely out of the blue and without contacting them, just had an email confirming my HH gold status !!

        • Roger says:

          I am waiting for my hotel status for almost a month too.

      • Good news. Given that it had been a month since I first applied for hotel status upgrades with the platinum account, I tried again yesterday (this time just for Hilton) and it came through today.

        I can confirm what Rob said – you do not need to link your platinum card to your Hilton account.

      • Crafty says:

        Hotel upgrades seem like pot luck. Did mine immediately, the one I needed (Hilton) came Quickly, but a month on nothing else has. 3 weeks later did my supp and all hers came within days!

  4. Im i the only one still having Aer Club issues?

    Despite being an Aer Lingus gold club member, pre registering for AerClub and the 250 Avios points…

    Still no avios
    Still unable to link to my

    Have phonedAer Club 3 times but response always the same “working through a backlog” and they dont have ticket numbers to track progress so it seems as if each conplaint just goes down a black hole.

    How do companies get this type of thing so wrong in the age of the net?!

    • Nate1309 says:

      I struggled to get mine to link. But in the end it was the fact the password rules for and aerclub are different. my avios password was all lower case (and a number) and for aerclub it needed a capital letter, onvce I changed my avios password they would then link.

    • AndyGWP says:

      I tweeted Aer Club (as someone else suggested a week or so ago), and they credited the 250 avios the next day 🙂 – just send them your account number in a private message

      • Stu N says:

        Just given the twitter route a go, for 2 mins effort it’s probably worth a try.

        • Andrew* says:

          Never got any replies to emails or tweets – Facebook was my last chance saloon….

        • Stu_N says:

          Replied to my tweet asking me to DM them my membership number, done that and they replied saying they are looking into it.

          I can log into Aerclub and two EI regional flights have credited successfully, and I’ve been able to move the Avios to BAEC so I guess I am ahead of many here.

          I was pretty relaxed about the Avios when we had a 6 figure Household balance but now we are down to 4 figures again, I reckon it’s worth one pop at getting the Avios in…

  5. Aliks says:

    I haven’t got much time for Aerclub – I pre-registered both myself and wife for the 250 points and neither of us have received anything.

    We can both log in to the Aerclub front end OK, but when I phoned Aerclub they said our accounts were not linked. didnt want to know.

    Too much work for too little benefit.

    And one last whinge, I don’t see any mechanism to close Aerclub membership or kick them out of my account.

    • Andrew* says:

      Contact aer lingus on facebook if you use it… worked for me…

  6. Barry says:

    I’m living in Ireland and would be happy to provide my address and a few of family members, etc if anyone is interested in the offer

  7. Renwaldo says:

    My mother in law would love a subscription to this paper, and I really can’t justify spending £300 on 30K avios, so if anyone wants an address to use then please send me an e-mail or write here!

  8. Lennie says:

    Anybody wants to use my address I can gladly accept!

  9. Andrew* says:

    O/T: Avios superboost just posted…

  10. Penny says:

    This thread has reminded me that I haven’t received the 250 avios from AerClub.
    Has anyone ?

  11. Julian says:

    Surely this deal is only mainly of use to anyone who lives in Ireland and reads this newspaper anyway. In which case its a damn good deal much like my 50,000 Avios for moving £50k of investments to Nutmeg, who I had been considering using for a while anyway even with less generous promotions.

    But if you live in the UK and don’t don’t happen to have an elderly mother in Ireland who reads this newspaper anyway (and who would therefore be delighted to get it daily as a present or is willing to share half the cost with you to get the paper at 50% off her usual cost) then this seems an expensive rate at which to buy Avios.

    • Justin says:


      • Our Avios Ireland articles are generally ‘fourth articles’ which don’t get emailed, for this very reason. However, this offer is very interesting for anyone in the UK who knows someone in Ireland who might want some free newspapers and who wants some reasonably priced Avios.

        Remember that the Avios come as a voucher code which you input into – there is no risk that the Avios have to go into the account of the newspaper recipient.

    • Nope a promo is a promo and hardcore points collectors will find it of use. Similarly status match offers around the world are always of interest. I am still enjoying Gold status with Air Berlin thanks to a status match for Norwegian residents (where i have family), turns out it is one of the best status’s going (one world, Etihad and Virgin Australia status benefits)

  12. Sussex Bantam says:

    OT @ Harry – looks like sterling went past 1.30 this morning which I think means you win our bet ! Remind me where you wanted the money to go ???

  13. jamie says:

    O/T any news on any Virgin ISA bonus’… still waiting for a deal to come out so I can get the extra FC miles.

  14. Happy to provide an Irish address if anyone needs one to send papers to.

    • Julie A says:

      Hi Carl – yes please.
      Can you email the address to ju.akkers at talk21 dot com – thanks!

  15. If the Irish Times were on offer, I’d jump at this.

    The Indo’s a tabloid masquerading as a broadsheet – celeb tittle-tattle, horoscopes and fad diet coverage aplenty. Bleurgh!

  16. Canuck says:

    Reminds me: Do you need to cancel the Times Travel magazine subscription or does it not auto-renew, unlike this newspaper offer?

    • You had a choice – it was cheaper if you signed a direct debit, but you also had the option of making a one-off payment.

      • David says:

        I cancelled my direct debit as soon as the points posted. However, I’m actually thoroughly enjoying the magazine and will no doubt sign up again for another year!

        • Nate1309 says:

          Hopefully they will run a similar offer again. I am also really enjoying the magazine.

  17. Sohan says:

    Also happy to give family members’ addresses of anyone wants.

    sohanlon at yahoo. Co. Uk

    I’ve already signed up and got the Avios!

  18. Justin says:

    I dont think you need to have Aer Club account

    Once you get the voucher from avios you can choose to add the points to your ba exec account on

  19. Chris says:

    Anybody know how quickly the avios voucher comes through?

  20. Justin says:

    Anyone got the voucher yet? grrr